Day 45 Uplate

11:47pm: Dani and Dave are chatting on the couch. Dani is explaining an ex boyfriend and how great he was, but he just didn’t care enough about Dani or something. Cut to the bedroom where Katie is whispering to Galand and Krystal. Krystal wants to get something to eat. Katie is laughing because someone got up and started listening to a conversation and then realised they were talking about the person listening. No idea who it was though. Krystal has obviously decided against food and settles back down in bed with Gaelan. They seem a bit distracted. The task has started and it’s about BB trying to scare the housemates, so they are all a bit edgy and trying not to scream. Lots of whispering before cutting back out to Dave and Dani. Dani explains that all her second circle friends (not really close friends) were sent a text message from her saying that you have to tell people sometimes that you are thinking of them and missing them etc. She said the guy she is interested sent a nice message back before going into lockdown. Comm break.

12:00am: Claire seems to have just woken up. She has come out to see Dave and Dani. Claire says she hasn’t been scared yet; Camilla apparently has. Claire says she has a really bad taste in her mouth but she doesn’t want to be scared in the bathroom. Claire wonders how scary it would be if someone would just run through the backyard. Dani agrees. Cut to the bedroom where Krystal is putting a fake spider on Ashley. She puts it on his head and when he doesn’t react she walks it around his head. He finally wakes up and doesn’t even say a word. Just chucks it away! Krystal is back at her bed and says that it was crap! Back outside to Dave and Dani. Dani is talking about some friends of hers. Claire wants the lights to be turned out. Dani says that her friend would do anything for her, and she would do likewise. Dani is now talking about a male friend who she could always get to shed a tear. Dani says that she loves Krystal, but Krystal keeps telling her she hopes she stays this week because they want to get to know each other. Dani says she knows everything about Krystal though; it’s time for Krystal to start asking questions to her. Dave agrees. Rob comes out and says it must be really late. Dave says he came out here and thought it was morning. If only they knew it’s only midnight! Dave says that with Gaelan he doesn’t want to know some of his stuff, saying it sounds to serious. Comm break.

12:15am: Dave and Dani still talking. Dave saying the fact that Dani got with Dino could be a consideration. I have no idea what they are talking about. Perhaps why she was nominated. Dave says he had no idea when he was up. He says that in his week he hardly needed any votes because Michael took almost all of the 3 points. He talks about 1 points as well and this convo has got to be very close to crossing the line. Big Brother fines David $5000 for discussing reasons for being nominated. He tells him to come to the punishment room. Dani can’t believe it. OOOOH! Diary room convo, a very rare event on Uplate. He tells Dave that he has been in the house too long to not know the rules. He explains his punishment and sends him into the room. He has to seperate the different colour hair. Rob has come out and says to Dave to pretend it’s wool. Dani wonders why Big Big Brother is on now. Claire doesn’t think it was, but it was. Camilla emerges from bed as well. Dani says this must be the night where no one can sleep. Camilla says she is going back to bed though. Rob reckons it’s late. Dani reckons it’s 12. Rob thinks 1:30am or so. Rob decides to have some apples before bed. Comm break.

12:27am: Claire is lying on her bed. She says she doesn’t want to be scared. Someone asks for the lights out. Camilla yells out to someone to come and sleep with her if they get scared. Dani comes out of the toilet and Camilla wonders if she heard weird noises. She says she did. Dani talks about sleeping arrangements with Claire. Krystal comes over and says she would love to be the ninja on night duty tonight. Dani finally gets into bed and a weird noise is played into the house, twice. No one really screams though. Camilla thinks tomorrow is Thursday, but is quickly corrected. They are looking forward to Thursday for Dani’s party. Camilla says this really is the girls room. Camilla asks Krystal for a glass of water in a weird scotish accent. Camilla hopes the lights go out soon as well. Camilla says no wonder they are always tired during the day. Claire says “ain’t that the truth.” Comm break.

12:44am: After a long session with Mike, we finally reach the bedroom where Katie and Jamie are having a kiss goodnight. Jamie just makes a really weird strange noise. Comm break.

12:50am: Girls talking about microphone fines. They say it depends on how much you say, or whether they are listening right at that moment. Rob wants to know if the microphone makes him look fat. Camilla says they have to do a workout in the morning. They will forgo the showers. Rob says that he’s getting use to using the sauna. That was a really short segment. Comm break.

12:59am: Some kissing going on in the bedroom. Lights still damn well on. Katie and Jamie having some fun, and I think Krystal and Gaelan are as well. Back at 1:04am where it’s all silent in the bedroom. Lights are still on though. Jamie reaches for something and then starts playing with his downstairs area. Comm break.

1:19am: Rob and Camilla talking in the bedroom, but when we join they realise they are talking too loud and say sorry is whisper. Lights are still on, must be waiting for Dave to come back from the punishment room. Camilla and Rob are laughing about something. Now they kind of do seem to be trying to get to sleep. Cut to Jamie and Katie who seem to have been able to fall asleep. Gaelan is asleep, and looks to be sleeping by himself. Jamie clears his throat! Cut back to Dave in the punishment room before we cut to a comm break.

1:32am: David is still working sorting hair in the punishment room. Big Brother tells him he can leave the punishment room. Dave says yay. Big Brother wonders if Dave got scared by his announcement. Dave says he was just deep in thought. Dave asks Big Brother if there is someway of telling someone why they are annoying and try to get them to rectify their actions without breaching the ‘nomination talk.’ Big Brother tells him “Simple, you don’t. That is all.” Shocking answer in all honesty. Dave gets some water and heads to the bedroom. He mutters under his breath that the ‘fu*kin lights are still on’. He heads to the bathroom. Cut to Camilla and Rob trying to sleep while Dave is in the toilet, before Dave starts brushing his teeth. Comm break.

1:41am: Dave is lying in bed looking at a photo as the lights are still on. Lights turn off! He settles down to get some sleep. Big Brother says “This is Big Brother. Housemates; sleep time.” Someone says ‘*ucker’. Jamie says that he thinks that BB will try and play a few pranks tonight. Mike cuts in for a winner, which seems to go forever. Uplate update then comm break.

The next segment we see all the nominations. If only it all happened in 6 minutes like this package. At 2:04am, Dreamworld finally says goodnight.

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