Day 44 Uplate

11:35pm: Ashley and Gaelan are lying on a bed in the bedroom. Dave, Rob and Krystal also seem to be in the room. Ash is talking about a really weird dream I think. We head to the kitchen where Jamie, Katie and John are. Jamie is going to have a glass of iced water “john style”. Katie and John whisper something and laugh about it. Claire joins them. They talk about little trivial things about things in the cupboard etc. Claire wants someone to come and do the dishes. Big Brother tells Krystal to check her transmitor. Jamie and Katie joke about finding 250 of some dishwashing liquid under the sink. They tell the people in the bedroom. Claire starts doing the dishes and instructs Dani to go into the bedroom to ask if anyone wants a glasds of water or something before she does them. Back in the kitchen, Claire says she can’t believe that Tilli and Elise were only in the house for two weeks. She says it wasn’t worth the effort. Dave says he got to know Jade well enough, way moreso than he got to know Tilli. Dave says that no one was competing for Jade so he got to spend heaps of time with her. Dave says that Tilli will be remembered because of her weird name, and the fact that she kissed a gay guy. Dani is back and asks them how many times they kissed. Dave says twice within 5 minutes. Comm break.

11:51pm: Claire and Dave are telling a few people about Queensland Day, which is apparently approaching. She says to the housemates that Big Brother said he would supply very little for the day, and Claire wants them to supply them with Cane Toads for a bit of Cane Toad racing. They say that BB told them it can’t revolve around food and alcohol, supposedbly because it’s Dani’s birthday later in the week. Claire says after the racing they can put the toads in the freezer so they can kill them! They talk about also asking for gumboot throwing and touch footy for the State of Origin. John says he’ll be a ref for the rugby game as he isn’t that much into it. On the couch Gaelan asks Krystal if she wants a cup of tea, and goes to make them for a few people. Rob comes out and Dave and Claire explain Queensland Day to him. Someone mentions Meat Pies and Rob or Dave shout “Meat Pies!!” Comm break.

12:08am: Krystal, Claire and John chatting on the couch. Talking about how BB used to give them another hour in the morning after farm animals were done – but now it’s lights on as soon as farm animals have to be fed. They talk about how the task will be tomorrow. Claire suggests that it’ll be a 24 hour task this week she thinks. Cut to Dave and Jamie talking in the bedroom. Jamie is concerned about how he talked about smoking a bit or something. Dave wonders if his family will be peeved about his Thailand stories. Jamie says they already knew. He says that he doesn’t know if it aired, and he thinks it hasn’t because of the way Rob has reacted when hearing it. Cut to an interview with Dino in the studio. Back to the house. Rob is talking to Camilla. Camilla is feeling a little old in the house nowadays. Rob says that he’ll still be very happy to sit down and have a drink with everyone when this is all over. Rob asks Camilla if she’ll wear a different dress this week. They wonder what Dave is doing, and Camilla says that he is having a serious chat by the look of it. Back to Dave and Jamie again. Jamie says his family would support him whatever he wanted to do in life. Comm break.

12:24am: Jamie is talking to Dave still. Talking about his brother I think, saying he is really unhappy at his work at the moment. He says he doesn’t shave and just doesn’t care about his work. Dave wants to know about him more. Dave says that he’s confused, trying to get others to suggest Jamie’s brother is confused about his sexuality. Jamie says he’s only confused about a career. Dani, Krystal and Claire are talking on the other side of the room. Krystal says that Dani should go in there tonight to talk. Claire says that she should as well. Krystal says she really racks her brains to come up with things to talk about in the diary room. Dani says she wants to have a great week just in case this week. They talk about how Claire’s birthday in a a week and a half. Claire is so excited because she knows she’ll be here in the house definately for it. Krystal says she would like to make her birthday in a month. Dani hopes both girls make it really far. Claire says the only time she had been up was with 4 others and she really wasn’t nervous. Gaelan is called to the diary room. Krystal says she was suprised with all the people calling out “Dino” in the crowd last night. Dani wonders if Camilla and Krystal had always been close. Krystal says they have really got on well since she returned from the revenge room. She says that she is really liking her more and more as the time goes by. Claire says the wants Dani, Claire and Camilla here for her birthday. Dani says that Rob is really interesting to watch. Gaelan comes over with batteries. Krystal counts something in French. Once Gaelan is gone, they return to talking about Rob. Claire says that someone said they would become a poker face player, perhaps Rob. I can’t tell! Comm break.

12:44am: Jamie tells housemates that Katie called him a ‘fat mouse’ only an hour ago. They all have fun playing with their noses and pushing them up to make themselves look like Pig noses. Apparently Jamie does look very much like it. Krystal does to. Claire, Gaelan and Dani are also there. Jamie, Camilla and Ashley also come round to the smaller bedroom and Katie is saying something about looking at people’s fingers or something. She says that she has seen hot guys but they’ve had really bad hands or something so she has gone right off the guys. Comm break.

12:57am: Still in the smaller bedroom. Camilla is talking about a past relationship she had with a guy 10 years older. Over on the other side of the bedroom it’s Dave and Rob. Dave says he’ll have a beer with Ash when he’s in Perth. He says that Ash is someone you can lose 2-3 hours talking to. He says he’ll see Krystal but thats moreso because he wants to see Karen. He says he’ll meet up with Tilli, and he says that Rob never met her. He says Anna could be a bit of trouble. He says that that is half of them. He then says that he’ll definately hang out with Danielle, saying that she is someone who you can talk to for hours. Dave says that Jade would even be good to talk to. Rob says that he would go out with Dino. Dave says he wouldn’t go to a straight bar with Dino. Rob says he would. Dave says that he thought he would definately hang out with Michael but not now. Jamie comes along and they say they were talking about who they wanted to root the most! Rob says that he thinks things will be different tomorrow. He says that he thinks he’ll have to be cheekier tomorrow. Dave says he’s not going to be doing it, saying he’s done his nudie runs. Comm break.

1:15am: Katie is giving Gaelan a massage. Krystal is talking to Katie about pressure points. Krystal wants to know where some scars came from, and Gaelan says skating. In the background Camilla wonders where someone’s local pub is. I think it’s John who says “The Iris.” Over on the other side of the bedroom, Rob and Dave are still talking. Lots of beeping so I can’t work out what the heck they are talking about. Dave starts looking at some of Rob’s moisturiser or something and reading the label. Back to the smaller bedroom. The massage continues, then we have a comm break.

1:29am: Claire is giving Katie an arm massage. One of them says that their arm is red or something, and they make a joke about shooting up. Lots of convos in there now because Dave and Rob have joined that side of the bedroom. Camilla says she flashed some guys in the Burnley Tunnel when it wasn’t moving. At that moment the lane and car she was flashing started moving, so the car was still looking at Camilla and didn’t realise that they had stopped again and she in effect caused a 4 car pile up. It forced the Tunnel to completely close as well because of Melbourne’s stupid Citylink system. She eventually passed and says “hhahaha suckers” to the car as well. Comm break.

1:39am: Gaelan and Krystal are playing tonsil hockey under the covers. Back 6 minutes later we join them with Rob saying to Claire that he thinks she has lovely breasts. Gaelan and Krystal are talking amongst themselves in bed. Krystal is worried about how something would’ve looked like about Dino. Gaelan says not to worry. More small talk before Mike interrupts probably for the last time (last time we go to the house). Comm break.

1:53am: I was wrong. Gaelan and Krystal still talking in the bed. Lots of laughing. Krystal says she wants to keep a goat. Gaelan calls Krystal “My girl.” Talking about the flouro lights. Over to Dani and Camilla. They are talking about being up for nomination. Camilla says she is dealing with things with no one else around. Camilla tells Dani to be strong and be independent in here. Camilla and Dani talk about the groups. Camilla thinks that Dani is close to Krystal. Dani says she thinks Camilla is close to Dave and Rob. Camilla says she isn’t as close to Dave anymore. Back to Gaelan and Krystal. They are talking about rewards room now. Dave says he wants to win. They just hope that Camilla or Rob get to go in this week. At 2:01am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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