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11:19pm: We cross straight to the house where David is pashing Camilla. Apparently quite a few have been playing spin the bottle tonight. Anyway, Mike cuts in for his usual stuff, and by the time we return, we’re in the bedroom with John and Katie. John says that Jamie would never hurt Katie. Katie seems to be concerned at his drunken behaviour. John seems to be passing it off as a once off and trying to reassure Katie that Jamie is really a nice sweet guy. Katie says she isn’t gullable anymore. Katie says that Jamie has cheated on past girlfriends before. Katie wonders whether she should be less involved with him because then it wouldn’t be like this. John says it’s a bit late now. Katie says that everyone is horny when their drunk, and she doesn’t have a problem with that. John says that Jamie himself has told John that he is more arrogant when drunk. Katie is concerned that if she is evicted first she will not play up on the outside and not have 100% while she waits for him to come out only to find that he isn’t the guy she wants. Ashley comes in and he has mascara on, and Katie notices it. John says “Your dad would be proud!” John exits the bedroom, and Ashley sits down next to Katie but we cut to a break.

11:37pm: David, Rob, Camilla and John are in the spa. David says that outside the house he is a blokey bloke, but not quite in here. Ashley comes out and talks to them, but not in the spa. Cut to the sauna where Katie and Dani are. Actually sorry it’s the bathroom. Katie explains that she is a bit confused with Jamie tonight. Dino comes over and he says people think there is a conflict going on but there is really not. Back outside, Camilla says she is a door bitch so she can tell people to go away. Gaelan and Krystal have come out to watch the spa people. Claire is also around, lots of people there now. Claire and Krystal say it’s really cold. Ash heads inside as others discuss whether water expands more when it’s hot or cold. We cut back to the bathroom where Dino, Dani and Katie are still. Ash joins them and ruins their conversation. Jamie comes into the bathroom too, but we cut back to the sauna where Claire and Krystal have decided to go back inside because it’s too cold. Gaelan heads in with them, and it’s back to only the four in the spa again where we began this segment. Now we cut back to the bathroom. Jamie is saying that someone said that Katie was pissed off. Jamie says all he gathered from the whispering outside that Katie was a bit upset. Katie is angry because someone called her “self destructive.” More people come into the bathroom now. Ah it was Camilla who Katie is pissed with, saying once she has a few drinks shes not a nice person. Krystal says that she hopes that Jamie and Krystal kissing didn’t annoy her. Katie says that she doesn’t care because it’s a game and they could have made out and she wouldn’t have cared. Comm break.

11:52pm: John and Jamie are in the sauna. John is explaining where Katie’s head is. John says that Katie thinks that Jamie could perhaps lie about anything. He says that Katie didn’t seem that upset about it though. John says he feels weird now. Jamie says that he thinks she is being really sensitive, and he’s going to leave it unless she comes and speaks to him about it. Cut to just outside the sauna and Krystal, Claire, Dani and Katie are there. Ashley is also there and they launch into song, so we go back to the sauna. Jamie says she’ll soon realise she is just being silly (Katie). John agrees. Dino has joined them and he says that just talking can get people into trouble nowadays. Dino sets himself the challenge of not talking about his thoughts on other people for a whole twentyfour hours tomorrow. He says that from now on he’s going to try not to share his thoughts as much. Into the bedroom, Galean and Krystal are talking to Ashley. They talk about threesomes. Ash and Gaelan say they have been in them. Krystal says she never has, and also never has had a one night stand. Gaelan wonders if they got together for a night after they got out if that would be classified as a one night stand. Krystal says it wouldn’t because they have been kissing each other for about a week now. Back to the boys in a sauna, Dino wants to have a shower and just go to bed. Cut back to Katie and Dani out in the kitchen. Talking about smoking and ex boyfriends or something. Katie says that it’s fine that he smokes and she can’t help that, even though she doesn’t like it. She says thats how the lying has started with Jamie. OMG going around in circles, getting dizzy. Back to the boys in the sauna. John says that it showed tonight how the house is changed, and that Dino did well to stay out of it. John says he did as well to a certain extent. He says he got sucked into it tonight. Comm break.

12:08am: Gaelan and Krystal settle down into bed. Gaelan finds a toothbrush and toothpaste in his bed and tries to figure out who’s it is. Cut over to the other side of the bedroom. Dani finds a top for Katie to put on, then puts trackies on herself. Cut to the dining room where Jamie is eating by himself. Jamie gets up and gives John some of whatever he made. They offer some to Rob but he says he can’t because he’s on Jenny Craig! Rob starts doing some washing up. Jamie says he had to cook something because he was so hungry. Cut back to Dani and Katie who are still figuring out what to wear! Dani says that it looks cute on Katie. Katie says that Dani shouldn’t flirt with Dino at the moment. Dani says she just wants to be his friend. They decide to put some deoderant on. Big Brother calls Dani to the diary room. They suspect battery change. Jamie is sitting on the couch and keeps offering his food to everyone else saying he doesn’t even really want it. Krystal and Gaelan are having a little kiss, but the bedroom door is open and someone keeps looking in. So Krystal gets up and tries to close it. Comm break.

12:26am: Gaelan and Krystal are in bed laughing. Dave comes in but he says he is going to the sauna so they can continue doing whatever their doing. Gaelan decides he needs to go to the toilet. Krystal says they need to talk when he gets back. Ashley comes in and Krystal wonders where Claire is. He tells her she is in the living room. Krystal needs a drink. Ashley says he better mop the floor in the bathroom soon. Gaelan says it looks pretty good. He settles back into bed and now waits for Krystal to return. Ashley says that he would like to be back in his corner. Gaelan says he would too but apparently it’s gone. They start kissing after a while. The door opens and they get Rob to shut the door. They joke around in a lovey dovey way for a while. Krystal jokes that Gaelan is nearing 30. They start talking seriously but we get cut back to Mike. Comm break.

12:40am: Jamie and John have joined Krystal and Gaelan in the bedroom. Jamie says there should be a rule that your not allowed to reheat whatever he reheated because it didn’t taste good. They talk about what food they’ve got left. Krystal says that stuff came out of Dino’s nipples when she squeezed them, and she calls Dino into the bedroom to try again. In the kitchen people are washing/drying up. Not much talk of anything exciting out there. Apparently there wasn’t anything in Dino’s nipples this time round. Cut back to the other side of the bedroom where Katie and Camilla are talking. Camilla is saying that a whole lot of crap went on last week with her including the dare. Camilla is saying not to compere something. I don’t know. They are both getting worked up, Katie saying that Camilla doesn’t know everything about Jamie and Katie either. She apologises for earlier. Katie says just to leave it. Katie says she isn’t good at talking about conflict. Camilla says her cry was a lot more to do with Mikey and the toothbrushes rather than the dare last week which was looked on as a joke. Cut out to the living room/kitchen, everyone is singing the national anthem. Rob and Dave actually do a great job on the second less known verse. Comm break.

12:55am: Rob and Katie are in the bedroom with Krystal and Gaelan. Katie is standing on Rob’s back. The love noise sounds and everyone runs out to the backyard. The noise finally sounds again two minutes later and everyone heads inside. Dino and Dani have a kiss in the living room before heading to the bedroom to have a spoon. Dani says there are no beds though! Rob runs into the smaller bedroom which his bum hanging out of his pants. Dino comes into the room as well and says the place is packed. Dani and Dino have a cuddle. Dani says she wishes it was lights off. Dino says he’s scared of Dani in the dark because he thinks she has some scary intentions. Lots of yelling out in the bedroom so I can’t really hear Dino/Dani’s conversation. Comm break.

1:08am: Stacks on in the corner of the smaller bedroom. David is talking about going to talk to Big Brother to make sure they have a big party for the queen. Big Brother calls all involved in the stacks on fight, John, Ashley, Rob and Camilla, to the diary room. OK apparently they found some lollies. Katie is also called to the diary room. Camilla says it was so worth it. Krystal and Gaelan seem to be playing around under the covers a bit. Krystal says it must look a bit suss. Gaelan says it’s a bit late now. Kissing sounds now. Cut to Dani and Dino in bed just lying there. Dani says she is boiling. Someone says the 5 of them are in the punishment room. Krystal and Gaelan go to look. Camilla comes and tells Gaelan that they are dobbing him in because they were found behind his bed. Gaelan says he’ll wear it. He says they were his anyway. Comm break.

1:23am: Krystal has come over to the smaller bedroom now that Gaelan has gone into the punishment room. Claire and Dave are also talking on that side of the room. Dino is lying there without Dani it seems. Apparently Dino had a hard on or something. She whispers to Krystal. Krystal goes to see if they are all in the punishment room. Claire says to come and get her if they are. They stop in the kitchen for some food. Krystal whispers about an earlier conversation she had with Gaelan. They both say it’s pretty full on. Can’t quite work it out – he either wants to take it easy when they get out and just have fun or wants to really give it a go when they get out. Claire says that Krystal will have so many guys after her. Comm break.

1:37am: Dani is talking to John outside. Dani says she does really like Dino. John says that he doesn’t think that Dani is stupid at all. He doesn’t know what to say. John says he is fine with it (No idea what they heck they are talking about!) John says that if she waits till Sunday to make her mind up it might be easier. He says he’ll probably be gone on Sunday. John says it’s smart that she actually is talking about it. My feed crashes for about 10 seconds. John says she should keep it quiet if she can because on Sunday it’ll all be easier. Dani says she feels like a dick. Dani says there is so much she could say but she can’t. John says he’s pretty sure he knows where she is coming from though. He tells her that if she can’t hold it in any longer to then tell the whole group. Dani says it’s ridiculous; a kiss is like having sex in this place. Dani says she felt silly being jealous tonight. John says he feels jealous of lots of things, he includes jealous of Dani but he says it’s over it now. He says he is jealous at times of Jamie/Katie. Dani asks if he was jealous of Dani/Dino. He says he was but he says he would never feel differently towards the two of them ever. John says that she shouldn’t feel weird; it took him 4 weeks to get comfortable in this house and Dani has only been in there for two and a half weeks. Thats the end of the show, Dreamworld says goodnight at 1:46am

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