Day 9

8.23am – Big Brother calls for the farmhand to feed the animals. This week it’s Claire duty and brings Gaelan along with her. Gaelan pats the lambs. In the revenge room Big Brother tells Anna and Camilla the hot water will be turned on in the house soon. The girls can choose a housemate to have a cold shower. They choose Krystal. Anna wants to sabotage the housemate’s shopping. Krystal and Tilli enter the bathroom and Camilla and Anna watch from the revenge room. Krystal turns on the hot water but when she gets near the water it stops. The revenge girls laugh at her. Krystal tries again and again, but the hot water always shuts off when she gets near it.

Camilla: It’s spoiling Tilli’s shower too which is gold.

Anna: She didn’t wash herself properly, thats gross.

Camilla: Tilli looks like a man

Krystal ends up retreating from the bathroom. Camilla says they should target just Krystal and Tilli – Tilli is on the verge and is about to break out into her true colours.

10.47am – Elise has a letter detailing their first shopping task.

Camilla: They are going to learn to never, ever double cross us again, suckers.

The shopping budget has been reduced by $195 for 39 breaches of the rules. Their budget is $146.25. Krystal goes to do the BB shop and starts collecting. 19 minutes later she is done. On the outside, she explains half of the money had to go to toilet paper – a 12 pack cost $20 and each roll was $1 extra.

The revenge girls are still scheming, and suggest taking some food from the housemates.

Meanwhile Katie is trying to wax herself under her blanket as not to expose herself. Elise comes in and asks if she needs any help. Katie says she’s ok now… “going down!”.


3.21pm – Jamie has a letter from Big Brother. The housemates emerge from the bedroom and find an obstacle course set up in the backyard. Jamie reads the task out: housemates must dress up as clowns and pair up. Big Brother interrupts and says housemates must get into their clown outfits now. Each outfit has the housemate’s names on the back. Each outfit is complete with face powder and makeup. BB calls the clowns to the diary room.

Gaelan and Krystal are called to the diary room. They are played their theme which they must dress up when heard. The other partners are:

Karen and Tilli
David and Dino (Dino says their horn sound is making him horny)
Jamie and Katie (they sway to their clown theme)
Ashley and Claire
Elise and John

BB then calls all housemates to the diary room at once and plays their group clown theme. Meanwhile Camilla and Anna are watching and are given an opportunity to reek revenge. They leave the revenge room and enter the main house while the group music is playing. Anna and Camilla steal clothes from the bedroom, and on the way out Anna comments she wants to steal their food.

Michael is the odd housemate out and must do his part of the task on his own – he has his own theme which is a clown screaming “yippie”. The housemates decide to bet 100% of next week’s budget. Camilla is looking at a dress she took from Tilli, saying Tilli will be furious when she finds it gone.


5.29pm – Elise and Michael are outside doing situps, and David asks her what she thinks of Anna and Camilla going. Elise thinks they were both the most geniune girls, and she was closest to them. David says if they had an issue they would let people know and then get over it… “top girls”. David says the last thing he wants to do is be kicked out and then be called fake. Elise says he’s not fake, but asks if she is. David doesn’t think so. Elise gets a little upset and starts crying. David comforts her and asks whats up. Elise says she’s just so bland in the house but David tells her not to be so ridiculous. David says Elise is “the soy sauce in the rice… the wasabi in the sushi roll”. Elise doesn’t think her time to come out will come – she thinks she will be leaving too soon.

In the bedroom Krystal notices her skirt is missing, and asks if anyone has seen it.

8.34pm – The housemates up for eviction this week are Elise, Ashley and Tilli. Gaelan is called to the diary room and takes 3 points off Ashley. The nominees are now Elise, Tilli, Claire, Dino and Michael (automatically nominated for failing insider mission). Michael jumps up and says “bang bang”. Katie and Jamie hug and the housemates comfort each other.

In the bedroom Krystal says to Dino that the situation feels real now that nominations and evictions have started. Dino says he doesn’t agree but is pissed off being nominated now because of the points shift. Krystal says maybe she doesn’t want to win FNL anymore.

Outside Tilli is hugging Jamie on the hammoch. She says it sucks and she can’t believe Dino and Claire are nominated. They contine to hug – Jamie looks distracted.


Back in the bedroom Krystal asks Michael how she has changed. Tilli asks if they would like her to leave the room. David says she should because these two “have issues they need to sort out”. When they leave, Michael says yes she has changed – but not for better or worse. “You’re a different person because you can show who you are, because now you can acknowledge your mother”. Krystal says “ok”. Michael continues: “it was something that was a surprise and hurtful, I became close to you and trusted you and we were chatting and from my perspective you have to understand why I would feel different”. Michael contines to talk (a lot!). Michael says he’s a fool for not figuring it out – “sleeping with the enemy”. He says he was dating some one and he had been cheated on. He nervously smiles. Krystal says she’s sorry, gives him a kiss and a hug.

Outside Elise is boxing and is joined by Ashley. She kicks and punches the punching bag very hard which surprises Ashley.

Inside Dino says he feels uncomfortable around Elise because she walks in on coversations. The housemates suggest they spend some time with her, but Dino says he already tried to do that. Dino relays that Elise had a cry earlier. “I think girls take it harder than girls”. Outside Elise says she loves punching the bag – Ashley says it lets all your anger out. Elise replies she isn’t angry she just needs something to do, and asks Ashley how he feels after today. Ashley tries to grab for a response and says the game has started. Elise doesn’t see it as a game, but rather a way to test herself and see what type of person she is.

In the house Elise says she’s not a different person in the house – she’s just a little toned down. She continues kicking the bag.

In the bedroom Katie asks if they liked Camilla. Dino says she could dish it but couldn’t take it. They all agree she was too intense. John says he will miss Anna but not Camilla. Meanwhile the evicted girls are in the revenge room a little bored.

Big Brother calls Michael to the diary room. He says his new insider task is to make sure the other housemates fail their weekly task. If he passes he will be immune from eviction next week.


Anna and Camilla are in the revenge room, being bored. Anna says they choose Elise and John to walk the tightrope. Their noise plays throughout the house, and they jump to get into costume. Camilla and Anna watch the house from their plasma screen and Camilla says they are all so annoying to watch. Anna comments Elise is taking her time.

Camilla: They are so going to eat dirt

Big Brother tells Elise and John to walk the tightrope – which is actually a bridge across the pool. Elise and John make it across. Elise says “I can’t believe they made it – ohwell!”.

Camilla: We’ll get them later.

John is ontop of Katie on bed blowing her belly.

This is Big Brother. John, happy birthday.

All the housemates cheer and pile ontop of him for a group hug.

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