Day 39

10.38am – Jade is called to the diary room. Inside she is given instructions for her new mission – to spread the love. She is given a buzzer. When it vibrates she must touch her heart to acknowledge the buzz and then tell the housemate closest to her how much she loves them. She must use the word love three times. If she fails the task she will be automatically nominated.

David comes to the girls quarters. He asks if there is anything they need (he is the cleaner). He sees if he can get a vacuum cleaner to use in there. He follows her to the bathroom and says she has done an excellent job with the girls quarters. He opens the door to the bathroom for her and then asks if she wants to go to the toilet. Jamie enters as well and needs to kiss Camilla on the hand as part of the task.

Outside Jade is buzzed. She immediately explains to Katie how much she loves how Katie can say whatever she wants and not hold back. The two then discuss how great it is to compliment each other. Jade makes sure to use the world ‘love’ three times.

12.16pm – David and Rob are in the hammocks, and David explains that half the house are in romantic relationships. Rob says they can’t be in a relationship because of social pressures.

Katie and Jamie are having a talk about their relationship. Katie says that sometimes Jamie is a little too sensitive sometimes. Katie is reluctant to say more, but she is really bugged by Jamie only letting people see the nice bit of him – its like a sheild. She doesn’t want to say more incase she offends him. There is an ackward silence, and Katie tries to talk but Jamie needs silence to think about what was just said. Katie offers him a drink – but he declines saying he will just lie down in the sun for now.


1.42pm – Jade is buzzed while sitting next to John. She explains how she loves how honest he was last night – how he accepted her and was honest when she first entered the house. John is a little uncomfortable but says its great she feels this way – but sometimes she dominates conversations and at times he wants to “SHH” her. He adds he is completely comfortable with her: there are other individuals in the house that he can’t have a talk with but Jade he can, and he has no real problem with her. He is touched by what Jade just said because he wasn’t really expecting it.

Jamie and Katie are kissing. They seem to have made up from their earlier discussion. Katie says he has a great body and great personality. Jamie adds there are insecurities going on in the house. Katie replies that if she was as good looking as Jamie she would be so up herself.

9.06pm – Danielle tells John there are three people she would consider being with in the outside world: Dino, Jamie and John. John is pleased. Meanwhile on the other side of the couch Claire can spot the “biggest love triangle” she’s ever seen. She hasn’t even seen this size on the outside world. Krystal agrees.

9.51pm – The HMs are in a group talking but Jade is focusing a lot of her attention on John. She says if she doesn’t get at least 5 guy’s numbers in one night of clubbing she feels its a bit of a dissapointment.

A bit later Jade and Danielle discuss who they like in the house. Jade says she would like to make out with John but he’s not showing any interest in return. Danielle says to just wait and see.

Jade: Well I’ve given him heaps of hints and heaps of clues… and he’s showed nothing at all.


10.01pm – Dino and Danielle kiss in the bedroom. They wrestle each other onto bed. They lie together and pash, with Danielle on top. They then lie next to each other and talk about Jade. Dino doesn’t like Jade at all. Danielle jokes that Dino thinks he’s indestructable.

The housemates are going to play spin the bottle, but Jamie is worried that Katie will get jealous if he kisses another girl. Dino explains to Danielle he would get jealous if he was in that situation. Danielle is confused – and explains she wouldn’t be jealous at all. Either way all the couples participate in the game.

The first kiss is Katie and David. They hold back a little and Jamie jokes that if they are going to kiss they should just go all out.

Jamie and Krystal have a pec.

John and Camilla pash.

John’s spin lands on Danielle. Dino watches as they kiss.

Camilla spins Katie. Jamie gets up to leave and Camilla says no they shouldn’t kiss because its annoying Jamie. Jamie says he’s not leaving because he’s annoyed he just has to go to the toilet.

Ashley gives David a pec on the cheek.

Jade leaves the room to talk to Jamie, who is standing around in the bathroom. He says what he was worried about initially that if some one kissed him that Katie would get jealous two weeks down the track. Jade asks if it would be Krystal in particular – but Jamie says no. Jade heard something from Krystal – who thought Katie thought she was trying to steal Jamie away from her. This annoys Jamie because he’s noticed she hasn’t been talking to him recently.

10.41pm – Jamie tells Katie he reckons that every guy would go for every girl and vice versa in this house. Katie doesn’t think so at all. Katie jokes about Claire getting with Jamie and her getting with John. No one finds it funny, and Camilla tells her off a little. Jamie lets Katie know that he wasn’t trying to imply they become swingers or anything. Camilla apologises to Katie, who is not very impressed.


10.41pm – Rob tells Krystal and Gaelan are a cute couple and he hopes they can keep it going outside the house. Rob jokes that he has to get along with Krystal’s mum. Gaelan thinks Karen is nice. Karen asks about Gaelan’s mum though – he says she would be fine with Krystal.

In the bedroom Danielle tells John she was jealous when he kissed Camilla during tonight’s spin the bottle game. John say she’s not going to cut friends out for a girl – he doesn’t believe that. As much as he finds her attractive he’s not going to kiss her because she is also involved with Dino.

In the lounge room Rob and David are waltzing, half jokingly. They end up hugging each other.

Danielle apologises to John for putting him in this situation. John repeat: he can’t ditch Dino for her. He appreciates how Danielle has been honest. Dino enters the room and asks whats going on. John dodges, asking if he wants a spa. Dino asks again – Danielle says they will talk about it later.

Rob and David continue to waltz, asking each other “do you come here often?”. They seem to be having a good time with each other.

Danielle, Claire and Krystal are discussing Danielle’s dillema. She likes both of them except Dino doesn’t see her like John does.

1.36am – John and Danielle are talking in the backyard. She thinks the whole situation is stupid and lets just forget about it and resolve it. John says thats probably the best, but doesn’t think she’s stupid at all – its unfortunate it has to be like this. He doesn’t really know what to say. Danielle apologises – she feels stupid – she shouldn’t have said a thing. John sits infront of Danielle now, and tells her to make up her mind on Sunday as it will probably be easier. John has a feeling he will be evicted which will make it easier for Danielle in the house. She wants to forget now that she mentioned it. They hug each other.

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