Day 22

10.26am – The girls are up discussing how great Katie looked yesterday at her wedding. Katie announces they agreed to be officially boyfriend and girlfriend. The girls all cheer in excitement. Katie says “its so preschool!”. Anna runs around the kitchen counter and gives her a hug, then plants a whole lot of kisses on her. Camilla goes to the bathroom, where Jamie is and says she’s heard they have decided to be a couple – Jamie doesn’t say anything about it though, but walks out singing to himself. Outside Katie tries to get Jamie to do a Patrick Swayzie move where she jumps into his arms.

Michael keeps whining about how he’s going next week. Claire tells him pretty much to shut up. Michael tells Claire his fake son story. She says “really Mikey?”. Yes.. he will turn 9 on June 30. His son speaks English, Italian, French and Spanish, apparently. Talk moves to potential partners, and Michael suggests Claire and Gaelan. Claire says outside the house it would never happen but in the house he’s a nice guy. Dino would probably be the option, but she is unsure.

Jamie, John and Dino are in the sauna and Jamie asks if they have been told Michael’s “problem”. They have. Jamie doesn’t know but guesses – he got a girl pregnant but doesn’t know if its actually his son. John and Dino say thats it, and Jamie roots for himself for guessing correctly. They tell him not to go talking about it. Jamie feels bad for what he said in the diary room earlier being critical of Michael for using an empty excuse to justify his bizarre behaviour. Dino says Michael wants to leave but he doesn’t want to do it on his own. Dino thinks its a tactic – but none of them think he’s making it up.

In the kitchen David and Katie make the comment that Krystal has been talking to Gaelan quite a bit. “It is so intense”. Krystal insists she knows when some one is into her, and this is not the case. Katie doesn’t think so – Krystal is like Katie.. secretly thinking “I hope he is”. Krystal says no but smiles and looks away which sends Katie into a flurry.

Krystal: “I think he’s alright… alright”.


4.43pm – Claire, Katie and Anna are lying on each other on a bed to pass the time. Anna pushes Katie off the bed and they all have a laugh.

Michael is outside telling Dino that Clarie expressed some interest in Dino earlier in the day. Dino says she’s pretty much the only one he’d be interested in now. But it wasn’t like that at first… now that he’s gotten to know her more she is more attractive. Michael doesn’t find Anna attractive at all now. Dino says she has put on weight and she’s immature – a good girl for a fling or a night out but needs to sort some things out.

Michael predicts couples:

Krystal and Gaelan
Jamie and Katie
Dino and Claire
John and Anna
and then intruders.

The girls are putting on makeup and doing up their hair for the eviction. Karen bites Camilla’s head off for touching her comb.

7.47pm – It’s time to go Karen. She jumps up and screams “yes! I’m excited I’m going home!”. Katie hugs Krystal and says “you still got us kiddo”. Camilla tells Michael her resolution for the week is to lose a few kilos because she will be up for eviction again next week. Ashley comments that Krystal cried when Tilli left but not her own mum. Anna thinks Krystal can be herself now that her mum isn’t here. Camilla will take this week as a gift. Anna says it’s fantastic Camilla is still here and they hug.

Camilla: You drive me crazy but I swear… there’s not enough real people in this house, you know?

Some HMs are outside and Gaelan explains Krystal’s relationship with her mum is so far from his relationship with his mum. They don’t have the friendship thing going.

Inside Dino is complaining yet again.

Dino: I’ve never had anyone rub me up the wrong way as Krystal is right now. She’s not even doing anything to me directly shes just annoying. … The 5 hour makeup session.

And yet again Michael is agreeing. He says he’s in the same boat but has his own reasons.

Meanwhile Katie and Jamie are playing outside. She is spanking him on the bottom playfully with a spoon.


8.06pm – Camilla is telling Michael how lucky she feels. Michael says he’s glad Karen has gone. “I’m surprised she wanted to go, she was so financially motivated, I’ve never met some one so worried about money”. Camilla says her position was her time away from her kids needed to be compensated. David comes over and jokes that Michael will be the new mother figure.

Michael proudly says that everyone will have a better time now that Karen is gone.

David is now the oldest person in the house.

10.10pm – David comes to the diary room. He is definately going to miss her presence, more than anyone except for Krystal. “I think she’s happy to be out but I’ve really lost a good mate and… not the happiest little camper”. He thinks he will have to change as a character because he won’t have the ability to talk about the things he wants to talk about. BB asks if he is happy in the house. David says it is very strange – there are farm animals here but its so far removed from his outside happiness, which is being on his farm and the joy he gets every day waking up and knowing he’s making a difference.

David: Each day is good but.. definately I’m not happy.

Krystal is changing her clothes when Camilla comes over and reports that Michael was saying things about Krystal’s mum within 2 minutes of her leaving the house. He’s happy that she’s gone, money hungry etc. Krystal says that her mum has not had anything all her life, so why not wanting to have something. Camilla felt Michael’s actions were like dancing on the grave before it had even been layed. Camilla says Karen is a good person – for some one her age she has been through a lot. Krystal thanks Camilla for her honesty.


10.42pm – John talks about Claire getting with Dino while she is within earshot. Dino says the opportunity is there but he doesn’t know if they will take it. He’s been thinking about it. Claire meanwhile is telling Michael she is so big on personality when it comes to relationships – 110% loves guys coming up to her and commenting on her personality rather than (and uses Dino in an earlier instance as an excuse) just saying she looks pretty. Michael says Dino’s personality is shining through.

John explains he thinks Anna is the hottest girl in the house. Dino does not admire the situation Jamie is in. “She’s a fun girl but when it comes to boyfriends she’s a headcase”. John is starting to see insecurities in her.

Jamie and Katie are outside in the hammocks lying together.

Dino keeps on going – she has latched onto Jamie and has high expectations. David says they are attracted to each other but on the outside he doesn’t think it would have happened.

Jamie meanwhile is telling their relationship is working out quite good together – he wants a girl who is also his best friend. Usually he has a girly-girls.

2.53am – Anna questions John’s comments yesterday that he would never have a long term relationship with her. John says he is the kind of guy she wouldn’t want anything to do with. Anna knows. John isn’t looking for a relationship and Anna is looking for love.

Anna: Thats ok because I don’t like you anyway, reguardless of what you’re looking for.

John says that if she made a move on him he would go for it but he wouldn’t want to persue a relationship. Anna sarcastically says thats fantastic. John explains its because she is not exactly what he’s looking for in a partner.

John: Anna, if you came up to any of these guys tonight and said I want to spoon with you, they wouldn’t say no.

Michael: Um… I would.

Dino doesn’t believe him. Anna has had enough and says goodnight, and moves towards the bedroom.

Ashley lifts up his legs and farts.

Ashley: Thats the first fart I’ve done all day. It was a bad fart it didn’t smell.

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