Day 21

10.16am – Big Brother announces the hot water is now on. Katie and Jamie wake up to face each other in bed. Claire, Anna and Gaelan are up in the kitchen cooking pancakes. Katie gets up to do some laps around the backyard. Anna says “she wouldn’t be running if she wasn’t upset”. After a few laps by Katie Anna goes outside to talk about her – but Katie doesn’t really want to talk about it right now, because she doesn’t know whats happening. Katie goes back to really sprinting around the yard. Anna reports back to Gaelan and Claire: she thinks its off and the relationship is just splitting.

In the rewards room Ashley is up and comments he will just sunbathe today. They wonder if the wedding will happen today. Michael comments the couple are pretty full on.

11.58am – Katie, in the bathroom, says her legs are so hairy – she can’t remember the last time she shaved. She tells Anna the wedding will still happen because Claire is so set on it. Katie doesn’t think the whole thing will blow over, and Jamie is pretty pissed off.

In the sauna Karen tells Krystal the situation and how Katie is jealous of Jamie flirting with her. Krystal says she didn’t do anything, and Karen agrees. Krystal says that Anna is the worst because she’s all over Jamie, and everyone else, but Katie isn’t jealous of her.

Karen: The boys… they’re such suckers.

Anna goes outside and relays the situation to Jamie in an attempt to remedy the situation… or not? Jamie wasn’t happy that Katie accused him 2 minutes after he went to the effort of proposing. Anna has changed her tune and says Katie was stupid for doing that.

Katie is in the diary room – she is confused and it still hurts a lot and she can’t get away, which is what she usually does in the outside world with guys. In here she can’t, and she has to sleep next to him. “We have to sort something out… we’re going to get married so we have to talk before this afternoon.. my god.. pressure!”. BB asks her if she still wants to get married… she does jokingly, but its just really weird.


1.36pm – The couple finally talk outside. He explains how he feels about the abrupt accusation. Katie thinks she should just leave it then.

Jamie: Is your standard mechanism for relationships just to back off before you get hurt?

Katie: Pretty much.

Jamie doesn’t want to be with anyone else, he’s not going to try. Katie says they should just leave it then. He thinks she’s overthinking all of this stuff. The two discuss their relationship further and end up at a resolution. Katie says if she ever gets like this again, tell her to shutup.

Jamie: You’re my best friend and more in here.

They hug.

Later the two go to the diary room and announce to Big Brother they have reconciled their differences, and plan to press on with the wedding. They as Big Brother if he can help them with the wedding with food or flowers or decorations. Big Brother says he will get back to them.

Later on and the housemates have set up an aisle in the backyard with towels, pool toys and whatever else they can find. The alter is the the outside deck.
Katie inspects it, and skips back inside.


5.07pm – Housemates are getting dressed for the wedding. Gaelan is the celebant, Ash is father of the bride (as in mafia terms), David is the token gay cousin and Karen is the ooka mother in law. Camilla is going for a Kath and Kim themed character, and jokes about bringing her slippers to the wedding. Karen says its all good because they’ve organised it themselves. Katie is getting ready in the bathroom and Anna helps her with her veil.

The boys are all outside and Jamie doesn’t know what to say – he has wedding jitters and is jumping up and down. Katie is finally ready and Ash walks her outside. Katie walks down the aisle and the housemate all cheer the organ music, clapping as well. Gaelan welcomes them all to the wedding and reads the opening speech:

Gaelan: Well, it seems like years ago, but it was only but 3 weeks when we first walked through those doors and into this house. Thats when they boldly layed eyes on each other and asked, do you have a bed partner? And hooked up.

Gaelan says a prayer, that is incomprehensible. Jamie asks what he says now, and Gaelan isn’t so sure – she Jamie wings it.

Jamie: I pledge for the rest of my time in the house I don’t mind being little spoon or big spoon. Reguardless of what you’re like I will do my best not to leave my underpants in various locations around the house and I will concentrate all my boy bouncing on her for the rest of our time in the house.

He the sings “oh Katie you’re my giiirl… you’re the only girl for meeee”.

Katie: I remember the first time I seen ya, when you walked in I just knew I had to be your bed partner. And I can’t wait for tonight you know what I mean! Yeeeah!

Jamie then puts the ring on Katie’s hand while the other housemates sing a song led by Gaelan.

Gaelan: And now you may kiss your bride.

Jamie: sick!

They kiss. All the housemates cheer. They then run down the aisle. Later Katie throws the bouquette and they have a small wedding cake in the living room. Big Brother announces his congratulations to the bride and groom.

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