Day 16

6.16pm – We’re starting late tonight. Krystal is in the bedroom putting on makeup and comments to Camilla she’s glad she actually returned to the house. Ashley is outside cooking dinner but is only the kitchenhand so can’t taste any of the food – he does. Shopper/Chef Krystal is still putting on her makeup.

Dino is called to the diary room. Big Brother asks him who he appointed Chef – he answers. BB asks why Krystal is inside while Ash and other housemates cook tonight’s dinner. Dino replies “Ash is her helper”. He asks which rules they have broken. Big Brother mentions “a housemate” tasted the food, but won’t tell Dino who. BB then instructs him to collect all the food and bring it to the diary room. Dino doesn’t look happy and sarcastically says:

“Feeling a bit hungry?”

Dino is fuming. He goes outside and collects the meat off Ashley and brings it to the diary room. Word quickly spreads to Krystal via Camilla and she is not impressed – she jumps up but is only told the reason for the confiscation is because Ashley cooked – not because he ate some. Krystal goes to enter the diary room but Dino stops her and explains some one sampled the food and other housemates assisted in cooking – he suspects that was him and Michael handing Ashley forks and utensils. Krystal can’t be bothered cooking the rest of dinner now, but Karen says she has to finish it so they can all eat.

Camilla suggests they all go into the diary room and ask to trade hot water for the food back. Not many housemates are eager to go though with it. She has to prod them a bit before they get up.


6.37pm – All housemates are in the diary room. Ashley says he knows he tried the food, he tested it to see if its cooked – Krystal was cooking in the kitchen (or so he claims) – are they able to bargain hot water for the food? BB asks Krystal if she asked Ashley to taste the food – no. BB gets the HMs to repeat the rules about tasting the food. Camilla gets angry and says they know the guidelines and they know the wrong thing ahppened but they are asking if they can apologise and bargain so they can have meat tonight.

Big Brother’s decision is final. That is all.

Camilla explains she just feels good about making a stand.

8.31pm – The housemates up for eviction this week are Karen, Krystal, Camilla and Dino. Of course Dino saves himself, leaving the three girls nominated.

Krystal says “thats pretty good”. They are annoyed another girl will be evicted. Some of the housemates run for the toilet.

The nominees and David are outside discussing Dino. Karen says he was looking at her funny, and they all agree Dino is weird towards females. David agrees, and adds he has a very negative attitude towards females in general. Camilla comments she’s not trying to be self centred but she feels Dino is always looking at her in a seedy, dirty way.


9.13pm – Dino comes to the diary room. He explains he felt resentment from the others for saving himself from nomination. He thinks there are people out there out to get him – Karen, Krystal, Camilla, Dave.

In the bedroom Krystal tells Michael he’s playing the game the most – for example when they were in the gym and talking about Dino pushing girls at the games, and then Michael went and gossiped it to Dino. Michael says they should have gone and talked to Dino straight away, and he was doing the right thing. “You guys made a blatant attack about the way he interacted with Anna”.

Back to the diary room Dino says apparently he was a bad sport on the friday night games. It makes his victory sour that people are out to get him “just because I won”. “Its getting hard to control my temper with them”.

Michael is still ranting onto Krystal, and Karen is now listening in. They argue over the Dino incident. She says he went straight to Dino to gossip without a second thought – and didn’t give them a chance to express it. Michael says he doesn’t need to ask them permission if they wanted to talk do Dino first.

Micahel: You have no bearing on what I am going to say. I am a grown man and I can do what I want.

In bed Karen says to Katie he’s so argumentative and just wants to create drama.

Krystal tells Michael they should agree to disagree, but Michael disagrees with that. He doesn’t understand.

Krystal: We’re on different wavelenths with … everything. You aren’t happy to listen to what I’m saying you’d rather talk over the top of me.

Michael: Thats a negative attitude to take about it.

Krystal: Well I feel I can talk to anyone in this house except for you.

Michael keeps talking. And talking. And talking.


10.42pm – Dino walks into the bedroom and asks the girls “is there anything you want to say to me about Friday night”. Camilla says she is upset about the way he pushed Anna around – Anna isnt’ really upset about it but she has her own voice. Karen shoos Michael out of the bedroom so they can have a discussion with Dino. Michael goes out and says they are gossiping about him.

Karen explains she would hate if it got aired Dino pushing Anna because it would make him look bad. Michael can’t help himself and walks back into the bedroom.

Dino didn’t like the fact that the girls didn’t come and talk to him. The girls gang up on Michael and accuse him of dramatising the fact. Karen attacks Michael saying he likes to cause drama and didn’t give them a chance at all to talk to Dino about it. Camilla reminds them Dino got a fine for being a bad sport, but Dino doesn’t think he did anything wrong.

Krystal: It’s been blown out of proportion because Mikey is a drama queen.

Dino explains he has felt bad about it, which is good news for Karen. But Dino doesn’t want people to hate Michael because of a simple mistake he made. Everything seems to be sorted out… for now.

Michael: I still feel, with the way you’re looking at me, you’re not sorted out with me.

The discussion is left with tension in the air.

Big Brother calls Michael to the diary room. He explains that 8 housemates must nominate him for his next task. Michael is all smiles and says this will kill him.

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