Day 14

10:20am: Big Brother tells Dino and Claire that their breakfast is served. They laugh at how good it looks and wonder if they will be able to eat it all. Meanwhile in the house, the housemates wonder if there is enough eggs. They decide they’ll have pancakes and eggs for breakfast. Jamie has just finished cleaning the bathroom and toilets, and throws the cloth onto the kitchen bench. Big Brother soon calls all housemates to the living room. Dino is asked to allocate the household chores. He gives the housekeeper to Elise, Kitchenhand is Tilli, Claire gets farmhand again, Dino take groundskeeper for himself, Anna is the baker, Krystal shopper/chef and Karen gets the janitor job.

12:29pm: Krystal is in the kitchen, saying that they are like a family in here now. Krystal picks up the cloth that Jamie used in the toilets, wipes her hands on the cloth, then puts her hands on her face. Big Brother announces the fact to the house, and Krystal says “Yuk… which cloth did I use.” Tilli wonders who put it back in the kitchen, but Jamie says it wasn’t him. He picks up the cloth, but says he didn’t put it back in the kitchen. He decides to throw it out, while Krystal washes her face. Outside in the garden, Camilla gets a $5000 for talking without her microphone. Housemates wonder how much they’ve lost now.

1:10pm: Dino, Ashley and Michael are talking about the amount of food that Karen eats. Dino says that she is greedy. Dino says she stays up late just so she can make pancakes for herself. They say she uses sugar in every cup of tea, and porridge every morning. Ashley says she doesn’t care about anyone. Dino says ‘good riddance to her I reckon.’ Claire makes a song in the hope of Big Brother deciding to donate the money taken by fines to a charity. Ashley wonders how Dino is getting on with Claire in the rewards room. He says really well, getting to know her heaps more than he would if she was in the normal house with him. Dino says that he thought she was silly and dorky, but he’s changed his mind. He says he even finds her attractive now. In the sauna, Camilla and Dave are bitching. Dave says that Dino disrespected the women in the house last night. Camilla says she saw it as well. Back out to Dino, he says that if felt like a little holiday being in the rewards room last night. Back in the sauna, Camilla says you don’t grab a guy like Dino grabbed a girl last night. She says she wouldn’t do it. Outside, Michael lets Dino know of Karen’s opinion about his antics from FNL. He goes onto say that Krystal too felt it was disgraceful. Michael says that he asked the girls if they had bought it up with Dino. They said that it was that bad that it doesn’t need to be bought up at all. Dino says obviously it didn’t come from nowhere, but Dino says he was hungry for it, and as far as he was concerned she is a sore loser. He calls Karen a self obsessed ****.

5:46pm: A carnival sound comes into the house, and housemates soon realise that all of them must get dressed for this final part of the task. Katie lines up without her shoe, as Michael hid it overnight. Big Brother says it’s time to test all their performances. Go through a heap of performances, with housemates laughing on. Big Brother eventually tell the housemates to return to the line. Big Brother tells the results of this weeks task are in. He goes through the rules of the task. Big Brother congratulates housemates, telling them they were entertaining. Housemates cheer, and Michael mutters under his breath to himself (He’ll be automatically nominated if they pass this week’s task.) Big Brother then says however, clowns had to be fully dressed. He says that someone didn’t have a shoe on, therefore housemates have failed this weeks task. Katie can’t believe it, saying that Big Brother was always going to fail them. She apologises. Michael comforts her, saying it’s not her fault.

6:53pm: Big Brother has bought the punishment room curtains up so it’s viewable to the housemates. Tilli is the first to realise, saying “oh my god, people come here.” Jamie says “Do you reckon thats like a punishment room?” Big Brother gathers all housemates in the diary room. He tells them that one person stood to win $1 Million when they walked into the house two weeks ago. He says that is no longer the case. $340,000 has been lost in fines. He goes through each person’s fine tally, Jamie being fined $35,000. He starts laughing! Dino has lost $40,000, and Katie $50,000. She says that Big Brother doesn’t know how to count. Big Brother makes the point that that money has gone and will not back. Big Brother warns them that they could well win nothing if this keeps up. He tells them that this isn’t a holiday as some people obviously think it is. He makes mention of a fine Michael received only a short time ago. Big Brother send Michael to the punishment room. Michael smilies. A lot of housemates seem very excited. Once inside, Michael is told to sit down. Big Brother tells all housemates that they can be called to the punishment room from now on if they are fined. He tells Michael that he must seperate 5000 pins from 5000 needles. The housemates watch on through the glass from the couch.

8:34pm: Housemates in the living room are discussing whether some of the stuff they are fined for is actually wrong. Anna says they are losing money, and they have to be taught to curb this. She says that BB has told them a thousand times. Camilla says she is trying to keep within the rules, but it’s like Big Brother is making up rules to lose money. She references one rule being “You are not permitted to talk over Big Brother”. Anna says that it is all in the guidelines. Camilla says she can’t control herself. Anna says everyone hates them, but they have to do it. In the bedroom, Anna and Tilli talk. Anna says that Michael being punished is good, it’ll teach everyone a lesson. Tilli wonders how Camilla and Anna got in the revenge room. She says they got on ok, but she had to bite her tounge once. Anna says that just before Camilla walked out the door to end the argument.

Tilli comes to the diary room. She says she thinks it’s awesome that Michael has been in the punishment room. She says that Michael has gotten on her nerves all week. Just got under her skin, someone she wishes she could ignore. Tilli says that he is playing the game the most. She says it’s almost embarrassing watching him, saying that he is very attention seeking. Krystal and Claire sing a song “Let it all out”. The song makes fun of Ashley, who laughs at it. In the punishment room, Michael tells us that he’s enjoying the task, and that he’s probably not meant to be enjoying it.

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