Day 13

9:25pm: Ashley and Gaelan are out at the barbecue cooking the evening meal. Ashley tells Gaelan that there is one and a half sausages for each housemate. Over in the rewards room, Dino and Claire are feasting. Dino wonders what the next twist will be. Back outside, Ashley says that one person actually gets two sausages, and the rest get one and a half. Gaelan wonders who to give two to. Dino says that winning FNL has made it easier for him to accept the eviction if he has to leave. Claire agrees. Claire says she has given her family something to watch this week, so she’s happy. Outside, David is talking to Karen saying that he would’ve liked to have won tonight. Karen asks him who he would have taken. He says it would’ve been between Karen and Tilli. Karen asks him if he thinks Tilli will be going on Sunday. David says that if she went it would completely change the whole dynamics of the house. Karen says Krystal would be lost without Tilli, but then adds that she has found a friend in Camilla as well, so she’s happy for that. Inside on the couch, Krystal is wondering why Katie and Jamie aren’t an item yet. Katie seems to think Jamie has eyes for someone else, but the other girls reassure her that he only has eyes for Katie. Katie says that Jamie doesn’t go for blondes. She tells the girls that she told Big Brother that she was stupid because she was following her heart and not her head.

Back outside, Dave says to Karen that one of the most dangerous things that can happen in the house is a relationship. Karen agrees. She says the more she things about Katie and Jamie, the more she thinks it could become a catalyst for the breakdown of relationships. She says that Katie should be able to let go though, and have some trust in guys again. Back in the rewards room, it’s time for Dino to pick one of three boxes, each containing a prize. He reads the rules. One has cheese, one has a digital camera, and the final box has a holiday. He chooses box number one, and is instructed to open it. He picks the cheese! Dino jokes asking if it’s too late to chance. Over in the house a little later, a sound goes off and they soon realise it’s for the task. It’s Jamie and Katie’s turn. Big Brother requests to be entertained via “the tightrope”. It’s a small pole across the pool that the housemates must walk across. They keep falling off the tightrope, but Big Brother tells the house that he was entertained. Katie and Jamie jump back in the pool and start kissing.

11:59pm: Michael and Elise are on the couch. Michael asks her if she is worried about the eviction. He says he is. Elise says she isn’t worried, rather nervous. She says she’ll be dissapointed if she is evicted. She says she has things to do on the outside though. However, she wants to make friends inside the house so she wants to stay. Michael says he came in to understand himself better and to make some friends, and to find a relationship. Elise says it’s up to each of them to make the most of the time, something she says she hasn’t done yet. She says she has been too shy, moreso than what she thought she would be. Elise says shes annoyed because she has felt second rate from the moment she walked in. In the bedroom, Tilli & Krystal are in the bedroom. Tilli asks Krystal how she would feel if Michael left. Krystals says she wouldn’t care too much. She says it’s funny, because she thought he was so hot only days ago. She goes onto say that Michael has been getting on everybody’s nerves the past few days. Krystal says that Michael is 26 and only had one relationship which lasted a year. She goes onto say that he is probably a player, and if so, he deserves everything he gets. Over the other side of the bedroom, Jamie & Katie are talking. Jamie says he wanted to win today, referring to FNL. Jamie says he would probably take a guy in there if he won. Katie says she would be bummed if he had taken another girl. He says he can understand that. Jamie says “What if I had said, Yeh Anna.” Katie then suddenly realises she would care bigtime, laughing! Jamie says that last weekend he kept thinking that Gaelan & Katie were making out. Over in the rewards room, Dino and Claire are getting ready for a bath. Dino reads out some soaps or massage oils. Claire starts what she calls ‘sandpapering’ Dino’s feet.

1:19am: Michael goes outside in a final attempt to sabotage this week’s task. He hides some clown shoes before heading back inside.

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