Day 10

3:40am: Michael, having been given a new task as the insider, to fail this weeks task, is outside throwing props over the fence and breaking an umbrella.

6:30am: Anna and Camilla have been woken up early and are watching footage of the house. They tell Big Brother to wake the housemates up. Circus music begins playing in the house and the lights are turned on. Everyone jumps on, realising they all must perform the task. Camilla says it’s all worth it. Housemates line, and they must push a cream pie in the face of the person to their left. Elise gets Michael really well. Big Brother tells the clowns they can stand down. They all head back inside. Camilla says she is glad they can laugh about it. Anna goes straight back to bed.

10:41am: Jamie notices the umbrealla is away from it’s proper location. Karen thinks it must have blown away. Jamie says it’s ‘absolutely ruined’. Karen agrees. Dave thinks it was windy earlier this morning. Jamie decides to go and tell Big Brother. Meanwhile in the bedroom, Tilli wishes John a happy birthday. He comes out of the diary room and goes into the bedroom to tell the other housemates. He says that Big Brother asked him how he could be sure it was wind. Jamie told Big Brother that he just had to assume. Big Brother then told Jamie that there was no wind last night. They decide it might’ve been a mole. Michael is still trying to sleep under the covers, and the boys go over and tell him that the umbrella has been cut. Dino whispers to the gang (without Michael) that “someone’s awake and he’s not saying anything.” He immediately goes and jumps onto Michael’s bed and asks him why he went to bed so late. They start asking questions as to where he was at 2am on the 15th.

1:20pm: In the revenge room, Anna wonders whether it would just be better to be evicted and not worry about it. Camilla thinks it’s a new start, and she wants the oppourtunity to start again. Anna says you have to feel comfortable though. Back inside the house, Katie asks Michael if he is the mole. Michael says it is 100% not him. He says he would be pretty stupid to stay up late everynight as it’s a blatant giveaway. Jamie says there are no other times to sabotage things though. Dino says that if the group is wrong, Michael shouldn’t be taking this personally. Elise wonders who Michael thinks it is. He says he couldn’t guess. Over in the rewards room, Anna again makes mention that even Camilla voted for her for two points. Camilla apologises again. Anna says she knows she is. Camilla says she doesn’t know why she nominated Anna. Anna says that if she has forgiven Camilla and is happy with her, does she have to be happy with everyone else? Camilla says no. Anna says it’s double standards. Camilla says that she wasn’t rude and didn’t call her names like others did. Anna sighs. Back in the kitchen, Michael is trying to convince Dino that he didn’t do it. He says that there is no way he can prove it, so he doesn’t know what more he can do. Dino wonders why he is getting so worked up about this. Michael see’s it as everyone is attacking him. Dino says they are playing the game as well. Michael says that he didn’t do it, and it’s as simple as that. Dino can see it could be annoying. He goes into the bedroom and talks to Jamie, protesting his innocence. Jamie listens, but we cut away to the diary room where Anna is crying. Big Brother speaks to the girls and tells them that they have had 2 days to exact their revenge and prove themselves worthy to return to the house. Big Brother has made his decision. He says that they have passed their task and they will return to the house tonight for a party. They are to dress in the clothes they stole the previous day. Camilla is jumping around, but Anna doesn’t seem particulary pleased. Camilla gives her a hug. In the bedroom, Tilli says that “they’ve taken my shoes.” Michael says there is a shoe over there, but it’s not the one. Tilli says she can’t trust anyone. Camilla says it’ll be so funny to return in Tilli’s dress. Comm break.

7:54pm: Big Brother calls all housemates to the living room. All housemates sit on the couch. He instructs John to open his present. He decides to open the biggest one, and as he does, Camilla and Anna stand up and say “Suprise!” Katie runs and hugs Anna. Karen says oh my god. Tilli looks godsmacked. David hugs Camilla, saying he knew they would be back. Tilli realises that Camilla is wearing her clothes. Anna tells them about the revenge room. Camilla says they know who nominated them and the reasons for the nomination. Krystal and Tilli talk amongst themselves, Tilli saying that they will be hating her. Tilli asks Dino what he thinks of it all, and Dino think’s its great. They sit down at the table. Karen wonders if they took her photos, but Camilla says they didn’t take photos or mess up the backyard. Housemates sing “Happy Birthday” to John.

8:28pm: Krystal, Tilli and Michael are in the bedroom. Krystal says that Anna thinks she can get back in the circle because she’s got the looks. She says that Anna hasn’t got the personality to go with it though. Tilli tells Ashley who walks by that the girls both hate Krystal and herself. Krystal says of Anna, “She’s a beautiful girl, it’s a pity she can’t adopt the right attitude to get anywhere in life.” Michael says the fighting has began. Anna comes to the diary room. She says it’s very weird. She says it’s hard to be chubby and nice to everyone when she knows who nominated each other. She says it’s harder because Camilla voted for her as well. Tilli asks Dino about his thoughts on what has happened tonight. Dino acts as if it’s pretty cool, but Tilli is so worked up, so he agrees to talk about it. Tilli says that she is concerned that Anna and Camilla will try to turn the guys against Krystal and herself. Dino tells her that other people don’t influence his voting or decision making process. He says that if she has acted normal towards him in the past few days, she shouldn’t have a problem. Comm break.

10:57pm: Michael, Tilli and Krystal are in the sauna. Karen comes in as well. Tilli says she wants to get back at them, and that they should be gone. Krystal says that they shouldn’t have received a second chance. Tilli says that some of the others might not have been nominated if they were still in the house. Everyone agrees. Out at the spa, Camilla, Anna, Elise, Katie and Jamie are out around the spa, or in it. Camilla says that Tilli and Krystal are very bitchy people, and they think it’ll all come out now that they have returned to the house. In the sauna, Karen says she took Anna under her wings at the beginning, but realises now that she has no morals. Tilli hopes they can all last two weeks in the hope of evicting them. Back at the spa, Jamie says they should play some games. They play truth or dare. Anna dares Katie to kiss Jamie. They go on for quite a while, with others egging them on.

1:25am: Karen says she wants to go home. Krystal says “No mum”. Krystal trys to get Gaelan to swap beds with Karen for the night so she can sleep with her. Michael tells Krystal to go and talk to her mum who has moved down towards the end of the bedroom. Krystal comforts her mum, and Tilli comes over as well. Karen says she feels like she wants to protect her daughter. Krystal tells her she doesn’t need to be protected, and Karen should be concerned about herself. Anna catches wind of the move of beds, and says “Are you kidding me?” Anna says she knows the reasons for it, and it’s pathetic. She says, “Game on mole”, with a grin.

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