Day 9 Uplate

11:32pm: Finally get a glimpse into the house after Mike has finished with his speel. Jamie, John and Elise are outside. Seems they are doing some kind of clown task this week. They seem to be putting the costumes back on the rack. They all head inside. Heaps of people standing around the stripper pole in the bedroom. Lots of conversations, hard to make out. Katie seems to be explaining some show where someone plays Chopper Read I think, I can’t pick it up. Tilli has obviously seen it, and she starts imitating it as well. Claire sings “We are in Big Brother, and we always wait…” Gaelan is playing with one of those light cubes. Krystal offers to put one in her mouth. Mike cuts in, back a bit later. A lot of singing going on in the bedroom, they are making it up as they go along. The girls mainly singing it. Cut to the revenge room. Talking about some show they have seen, and they say it’s awesome. Camilla says 1 more day. They are talking about piercings or something. Saying how it can hurt for up to a year. Anna looks majorly bored. Camilla says “Welcome to the revenge room.” Cut back to the house. Michael, Dino and John are in the kitchen. Michael thinks they will easily pass the task. John agrees. They say that the hard part of it is to get ready in the time period, once you start performing, Big Brother simply wants to be entertained! Dino thinks that they might have to complete a balance beem a number of times, but Michael thinks they have to just entertain. John is concerned they will never know when BB is happy. Michael says they might have to fall off on purpose to create entertainment. Dino doesn’t like that idea. John and Michael are creating a plan to fall into something to do with the task. Michael says it’ll be really funny. Dino has read the rules for the task. They go through all the songs and sounds to do with this task. They seem to be in some disagreement over what sound means what to do. They find the other rules with more info on it and check that out. A fair bit of silence follows.

11:57pm: In the bedroom. Housemates look to be playing charades, although I can’t see the housemates in question. Perhaps not! Back to singing, and their made up song. It seems to have progressed well. At least one verse sounds ok. Someone mentions Uncut on Thursday’s though. Someone says it could be midnight, and it is exactly midnight. Lots of laughing going on. Cut to the revenge room. Camilla is squeezing her zits. Lovely. If you’ve seen Camilla, she has lots of work to do with her zits. Camilla wonders if people are getting scared because it could be their last week. She says it people wouldn’t effect Dino and those types who don’t care. Anna tells her to stop picking her face, then gives Camilla some more advice on what to use to get off her makeup. Anna says that some makeup attracts pimples. Camilla says this one was the one she was using when she didn’t have pimples though. Camilla washes her face. Back to the house after an Uplate Update. Someone says they look like an egg! Comm break.

12:12am: Still all in the bedroom mucking around. Dave tells Tilli she looks like a tosser. Dave asks her how she would feel if she was evicted on Sunday. Beeps start going off, and they quickly realise it’s Dino and David’s turn. They quickly get into costume as others watch on. Next it’s onto the makeup. They stand and wait for Big Brother’s instructions on a yellow mat. Big Brother tells them that he wants to be entertained by the….Big Splash Relay. Another sound goes off and time commences. Apparently they have 60 seconds. Dino is first and he jumps into 3 different small pools filled with coloured stuff, not water. They easily finish the task in their alloted time, then do the clown High 5 routine where they miss each other. They wonder whether BB cleans up the mess or whether they have to. Dino thinks it’s up to them. Ahh it’s actually jelly, and Dino jumps into it again, then starts splashing it onto the other housemates, who are not impressed and start running. Big Brother tells them he is entertained. Jamie says the rules don’t say anything about cleaning it up. Dino says it was fun. They all head inside now. Mike cuts in for a few. A little bit later, David and Dino are getting changed outside, no talking though. Dave says it was very funny. Back inside, almost everyone hanging around the kitchen. Claire and Katie are laughing trying to figure out what are under jocks! They say they are doing really well in this task so far, 5 of 5 they think they have done correctly. Comm break.

12:30am: Jamie, Tilli, Krystal and Claire are talking in the bedroom. Tilli says she wants to go into the rewards room. Jamie says he’ll take a fall. Claire says they all don’t have a clue how they’ve been shown on TV out in the real world. Jamie says it’ll be interesting to see who goes. They can’t wait to hear a crowd. Jamie talks about a guy who he see’s in a local BP all the time. Claire says customers from work or anything. They say it’ll be so weird to go back into the real world. They start talking about some accounts they have, perhaps myspace internet accounts. A lot of bleeping out. Tilli says that she loved one of her teachers. Krystal says teachers really didn’t get along with her. Katie comes over. She talks to Claire for a bit. Katie starts taking her top off. She says she’s going to have a shower. Jamie says he wants one too. Katie looks in the mirror and says “Wow. I have cleavage.” A moment later she says it isn’t that much. Krystal is playing with Katie’s wig. She says it gets messy really easily though. Jamie puts it on and gets a few laughs. He starts saying something, but they bleep it all out, so we have no idea. Jamie says “What if cat really spelt dog, man!” He takes it off and asks the question again. Still no answers. Tilli wonders how Katie wears her heels. Katie says she can run in them now. Comm break.

12:44am: Katie says it would suck if you were one of those people who couldn’t handle their alcohol. Krystal says she has to be with someone when she’s drunk. She says if she’s alone, she starts messaging people and asking them questions at ridiculous hour. Krystal says if she is alone, she tends to climb into her mums bed. Jamie says he will try and find his mates if he loses them while drunk. Katie starts telling a story, but we cut to the guys in the kitchen. They start talking about Lost. David says he loves it, and he watched it in lockdown with his mate, cause he bought all the new episodes in with him (his mate). He says his mate downloaded them off the internet. I really doubt this convo will be screened for much longer! Gaelan says the best is Prison Break. David says its good too. Gaelan says that with Lost, they are still lost. He says it goes nowhere. Back to the bedroom! Tilli says that she told her mum that one night she would be home by midnight, and wouldn’t drink. She got home at 5:30am that night, and couldn’t open the door. Tilli says her mum opened the door and it was totally the silent treatment for the whole next 24 hours. Tilli says it was the best night though! Outside we go to the gym, Elise and Ashley out there. Ashley is holding the punching bag for her. She says she could do this for ages, but Ashley says he’ll have a short go. He doesn’t want the gloves, but it only lasts for a few seconds before he says he can’t be bothered. Elise goes back to doing it. Elise asks him how he is coping with the nominations. He says he’s in the same position as Elise. He says he wasn’t thinking he was playing the game, but he obviously is by doing everything the same as the others. He says it’s hard. Elise says they have to look at it not as a good, but a way to reinvent herself and look at her life. Elise says that she is a lot louder in the outside world. She says she feels like she doesn’t talk in here. Ashley says he doesn’t want to get into arguments in the house. Comm break.

12:59am: Still out in the gym. Ashley says he doesn’t think that he’s not liked, but some people have found something to use as an excuse. Ashley says that even if she is evicted this week, she’ll have so much fun on the outside. Dave comes out. Elise says that it’s not just a game. She says it’s a study on people’s behaviour inside a confined space. Elise says she doesn’t think it’s a game at all. Ashley says that you can be nominated everyweek but you never get evicted. Dave says exactly. They are all doing some gymwork, and not much talking. Elise says she loves Dave, she says he has a gorgeous heart. Elise says she would marry him, but not his lifestyle. Dave says he loves his farm. Elise says she is going to get her water. Dave wants some chocolate, and Ash says he might need to go to the toilet soon. Ashley says that at least they have given them a variety in the staples at least. Dave says the prunes are all gone or something. Elise says she doesn’t care about the food, it doesn’t bother her. Dave says that they better pass the task, seeing they bet 100%. Michael has joined them now. Michael says he really needs to food to do a proper gym workout. Dave says that everyone had meat tonight, and they all feel really good. Elise says the task is pretty easy, it’s the getting changed into uniform being the hard part. Michael says he knows he can all of the things needed in the task. Michael says this task is entertaining. Michael says the lineup was pretty boring in comparison. Michael seems to be on his own in this task. He says he would’ve liked to do it with someone else to interact at the end and have a bit of fun. Dino says that the emergency door in the toilet was left open and he could see into the hallway outside. He also says Ashley’s name has been mucked up a few times. He says from the outside it looks like a flawlessly run production, when in reality it’s not. Michael says this is a massive operation though, and there are bound to be errors. Comm break.

1:17am: Housemates in the bedroom. Only stay there for a second, and we’re back outside. They seem to be heading inside! We follow Ashley into the bedroom who has a change of batteries. They seem to be talking about the pill or something, period stuff! John seems to be trying to learn. Krystal says she hasn’t got a boyfriend so she’s not having sex (so smart!). Katie says she wants to go on the pill to get bigger boobs. Mike cuts in. Back to the bedroom again. Tilli is still educating John on the pill. Krystal is talking about when someone asked her to put on some weight. Cut back to Tilli, who says she would get bigger if she went onto the pill, but shes not at the moment. John asks Jamie if he’s on the pill. Jamie wants to get man titties. Comm break.

1:30am: Dave, Ashley and Elise are in the living area. Ashley is saying that his father was always anti gay. He says his father used to tease Ashley and his brother. Ashley says a mate of his told him in Year 11 he was bi. Ashley says he stayed mates with him, and that he is now in the Navy. Dave laughs, and says ‘typical.’ Ashley says he treats everyone the same. He says just because someone is different you shouldn’t hate them. He says he was teased and hated through high school because he got really bad acne. Ashley says he was a bit overweight as well. He seems to have dealt well with it all though. Elise says she got teased a bit in primary school. She says she didn’t have any asian friends. She says that in high school she had heaps of asian’s at her school. Elise says she had great friends in high school. Ashley says thats where he stuffed up; he had dickhead friends through high school. He says before he came onto BB, he had to get rid of them all. Dave agrees, saying just because you were friends in high school doesn’t mean you have to stay friends with them. Ashley says that his friends used to trash his house. David says that he thinks of guys the way that Ashley thinks of girls. Elise wonders if Dave is attracted to all men, or just gay men. Dave says that he’s really thought about it being in the house, and he thinks that he’s only attracted to gay men now. He says because there is a connection between gay men. He says it sucks because it’s such a tiny portion of the population. Elise says she never had a boyfriend in high school, but she was never teased, and she is thankful for that. Tilli appears and they ask her if she was teased. She says when she was little because she had nerdy glasses and her hair was a big boof. In high school she wasn’t though. Tilli says that her school was all girls, so that probably helped. Comm break.

1:43am: John, Katie and Jamie are talking on one bed. Lots of laughing going on. OMG. Mike cuts in just as Big Brother wishes John a happy birthday. And he doesn’t realise. So annoying. Everyone jumps on John. Everyone yells out thankyou Big Brother. Claire says that Big Brother is never emotional. They all sing “Happy Birthday”. Lots of the normal songs follow. John says alright, back to positions! John says she was so sure he’d done something wrong. Some housemates sing “Johnny, it’s your birthday!”. Over to the bedsit. Anna seems to be crying a bit. Camilla says she doesn’t think it’s really personal though. Camilla thinks that they voted strategically. They sit in silence for a bit. Just realised Anna is in the bath, but she is still upset. Back to the action though. They are saying people’s name in the bedroom, so heaps of bleeping.Back to the revenge room. Anna is scrubbing herself clean. Camilla keeps saying “Golliwog hair.” Back to John and Katie again for a second, before Dreamworld says goodnight at 1:52am.

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