Day 38 Uplate

11:40pm: Jamie is talking on the couch to Dino and John. Jamie is doing all the speaking at the moment. John says that he doesn’t like boasting, he likes to calm down his answer to try not to boast. Jamie agrees, and he says he tries to do the same thing. Dino says Michael is the opposite, and he says he doesn’t like that. He says that why he didn’t go to the gym until 6 months ago because he didn’t like people walking around saying that they look so good with their muscles. Lots of beeping with talk about stretch marks and steroids. Jamie says he is meant to be quite skinny. They go as far as saying (Jamie) that they think Michael might have had some assistance to get his body that way. Back after a few minutes with Mike. Still talking about Michael I think. Dino says it was a bunch of lies he told. Jamie always said ‘do you reckon’ to Mikey and his theroies. Dino says that he thinks he dislikes him moreso than others because he thinks he is closer to Michael’s level. They talk about how Dino knew what happened last year and he visited websites etc, although he says he knew when to stop wheras Michael went too far with thinking about how it would turn out. Comm break.

11:56pm: Boys still on the couch. Everyone else in bed I think. Jamie says that he’s going to go to the diary room soon. Dino thought he would be in the spotlight a lot more in this house. He says that he gets jealous and envious when people start yelling at Gretel when she comes on the TV. They say the hogs are Rob, Camilla, Claire and also Krystal. John says the only question he ever got asked someone talked over the top of him. They say that Ashley just sits back and says nothing. They say they hate people commenting on Gretel’s dress or something. Mike cuts in. Back and John has gone somewhere. Dino says that he’s seen an instant change in Gaelan and Ash towards the boys since Michael left. Dino says he gets a coldness from them though – esp Gaelan. Jamie says that he understands, but it won’t be long before he’s comfortable with Gaelan. He thinks he’ll get there. Jamie says that Ashley is starting to figure out Jamie, and Jamie has figured him out. Jamie says he doesn’t think Ash knows many people like him. Jamie says he’s more comfortable around both of them as John rejoins the convo. John says he’s always been comfortable with Ash. Dino says that he likes Ash in the way that he’s always entertaining. He says if Ash is having a bad day you just have to talk to him for a sec and he’s back in full strenght. They comment that the farts are getting ridiculous. Dino says that he hopes it isn’t a big thing when he gets out. John says there are better things to show than farts. Jamie says he sends one out every now and then. Dino says people giggle at Jamie’s but are sick of his! Jamie says that if Ash farted people think it’s gross. Comm break.

12:14am: Still on the couch. John says that the World Cup is on very soon. He says he is looking forward to have something else to watch something besides BB when he’s evicted. Dino says it’ll be hard for him to watch the show when he goes. John says that if they didn’t have this ‘under the radar’ shit, he would have been around a lot longer. Jamie says that if he survives (John) this one, he’ll be here for a long time. John agrees. Jamie says the people that are up could change this house dramatically. John says that Dani would still hang round with Dino and Jamie if John left. They say they would still hang around her. Jamie says that John would be well liked on the outside world. Dino says that the under the radar term is not quite right. He says that it would be quite a compliment to be termed UTR. Dino explains how he think the vote was asked. John says they should change conversations. Dino is asking something about Jamie and Katie, but taking his time to spit it out. He wonders if it’s more coming from Jamie or whether it’s even. Jamie says that he thinks it’s even. Jamie says he doesn’t get insecure or anything. Jamie admits that he brings up the future for the two of them more than he does. He says he would meet the levels though, he’s fine with it. Jamie says he always takes it day by day anyway and never thinks too far ahead in relationships. Jamie says that the interview on Saturday was a bit tricky though, and he says he hopes all his answers came out true. Comm break.

12:28am: Rob comes out to the kitchen. He says he can’t sleep. He apologises for interrupting the conversation. Jamie thinks they should try to sleep. Dino says that BB perhaps turned the lights off a bit early in anticipation that there will be a full day tomorrow. Dino says he gets to lead the discussion for dinner tomorrow night. John says he’ll guarantee that there will be shit questions in there. John says that his question has made it every week to be read out. Jamie says that people try to be more pompeous with their answers to try to be better than others. He says the first 8 answers are fine, but going through 13 people can get repetitive. They talk about Jade trying to get everyone to wear pajamas to nominations. Dino says that someone Jade did the other day was the most selfish thing he’s seen in this house. Dino says that she reminds him of an ex of his in the way that she tries to get away with doing nothing. Comm break.

12:45am: Jamie comes out of the bedroom with batteries. John and Dino are debating when people would find a joke funny or something. Rob has gone back to bed. John says that sometimes he thinks Dino is more paranoid than he is. Dino says he thinks about things way too much. Dino says that everyone loves John in the house. John doesn’t think so. John says that Claire and Krystal he thought we’re enemies in the house. Dino wonders if they say things they don’t mean to Dino to come across that they like John. Dino says that Krystal is cautious of the boys because of the bad experience with Michael. Dino says that Jamie and John are people that he strives to be like. John says he agrees about Jamie and Dino. Dino says that when they both talk to Jamie he quieten’s down a bit – and they comment that the things they said before about Katie he’ll go away and think about it now. Comm break.

12:58am: Jamie has just come back to the couch. Talking about a mess in the bathroom, and talking about how the janitor will have to clean it up. Katie comes out and says she just had a nightmare. Dino talking to John saying that he let Michael into their little group. He says that he shouldn’t have let him in thinking about it. He says last nights nominations still did hurt though. Jamie says he’s going to bed. John says he needs to see Big Brother. Katie says he saw a mars bar somewhere and said it out loud in the hope the person would offer her some. She says that she was offered some. Jamie and Katie dissapear to the bedroom. John is saying that he understands people don’t like Michael, and he understands that they have a right to be upset, but he thinks Michael is getting a bit too much stick. Katie and Jamie say goodnight, but Katie talks about a nightmare she had. Jamie goes to bed and Katie talks away. She says that she was trying to crawl away from something, and then she acted as if she couldn’t move and was dead so someone wouldn’t eat her. She says the monster ate her anyway. Dino says that he has a good ghost story about snakes and a chair. Katie heads to bed as the boys keep talking. Dino says that he reckons he knows Anna or Anna’s friends within 2 or 3 degrees of seperation, and he talks about where he heads out to with his mates etc. Comm break.

1:15am: John and Dino still up. Dino says that he’s not friends with people like Michael. He says that he would think he would listen to Michael and say ‘yeh yeh’ to him, and he thinks Michael would’ve gone over to someone else and said “Dino and I think…” He says that within the first 5 minutes of that rewards room he knew that Michael was too full on. He says he thought it was strange that Michael liked staying up by himself. He says that he mentioned Uplate and all that, he says he had too much energy. He says he could tell it was all unnatural. He says he felt closest to Gaelan and Michael in the first week. Dino says he was glad Tilli was there at first, but he says he picked the wrong one because she turned out to be bitchy towards all the other girls. John says that Dani was drawn towards Dino, but she told John that she didn’t really go for guys like Dino. Dino says that he wasn’t attracted to Claire at all. Comm break.

1:32am: John and Dino still on the couch. John standing now. John says that he always used to hug Katie all the time. He says when they started getting together (Jamie and Katie) he didn’t know how Jamie would take it to Katie giving him a massage or something like that. Dino says he wishes he was a bit more emotional like Jamie. Dino says that he needs to go to the toilet. John says he needs to go and see Big Brother because he needs to find out something. They say they had a good chat. They say goodnight, and we cut away for a nomination package. Comm break.

1:56am: David gets up and walks around the living room. Perhaps waiting for the diary room, John might still be there. At 2:04am, John gets into bed. At 2:05am Dreamworld says goodnight.

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