Day 37 Uplate

11:38pm: Into the bedroom, Dino and Dani lying on a bed. Dani tells Dino that he shouldn’t stress. He says that she likes listening to him taking charge in the house. Dani says she doesn’t think about the game. Dino thinks that others sit there and not say anything on purpose. Dino gets Dani’s feedback about something he said to David in the spa yesterday. Dino says he can’t stop and he doesn’t know when people have said enough. Dino says that he offers more to conversations that he gets out of them. Dani says she would hate it if Dino left before her. Dino says that the whole thing is a popularity contest. Dani says he got through one. Dino says if he had been evicted he would’ve committed suicide. Cut out the living room/kitchen, it seems almost everyone is out there. Lots of talking. Gaelan and Krystal are rating Rob and David. Gaelan gives Rob a 7 and David an 8. Krystal gives Rob a 7.5, and I can’t hear her score for David. She tells him that he’s hot though. Back to the bedroom. Dani doesn’t think that David is playing a game at all, she says he is very genuine and sweet. Dino says that he doesn’t care about too many people in here, and likewise not many care about him. He says he obviously like John and Jamie, and also Katie by extension. He says that Katie and he are different personalities, but they get on alright. He says that Camilla frustrates him, but as well someone he can have a decent chat to. He says that Dani is obviously one he gets along with. He says he does with Krystal and he doesn’t. He’s not a fan of Krystal, but if he puts his issues aside, she’s fine. He says it’s the same with Claire. Comm break.

11:55pm: Dino and Dani still talking. He says he can’t wait to see the people’s confessions in the diary room once he gets out. Dani says that aside from anything else, she thinks that Dino has made some good friends in here. He says that Michael was the first one that left a decent message for him. He says it’s a bit of a bummer that he turned out to be so fake. Jade who seems like she has been asleep, gets up and leaves the room (room has a door now). Dani says that she loves learning new stuff about Dino everyday. Dino says that he likes hearing stuff about himself. Dani says that before she came in, she thought that she would never get to know Dino that well. She says that the day he came to sit next to her out on the grass she realised that they think similarily, and that she would get to know Dino the best out of all the girls. She says that if Ash and Dino said the same thing, Dino would get twice the laughs. She says she wanted to be around him more because she has never met anyone like him yet in life. Dani says that she loves his different sides. Dani says he has an argumentive side that he uses even if he doesn’t realy believe it, he’ll stress the point for fun. Dino agrees. Dani says she loves his affectionate side. She doesn’t think he is clingy though. She says that she wouldn’t want anything like Jamie and Katie have. Dino agrees, saying they can’t ‘not’ sleep in the same bed anymore. She says he has a playful side as well. Dani flips the coin and asks Dino what he thinks of her. Dino says that he hardly knows her, but he says thats not a copout. Comm break.

12:09am: Still with Dino and Dani. Talk about the eating disorder and the night where she was crying. He says he took notice of her that night. Go away for a bit with Mike, and then it’s back to the bedroom. Camilla is in the room talking to them. She says Katie’s party was pretty good. Camilla says she has to go into the rewards room before she leaves. Dino says that he wants to be able to say he’s done everything in the house possible. Camilla says she wanted to get drunk and spew in the house, and she managed it. Dino says that he wants a crazy drunk night before he leaves and stay up for sunrise. Camilla says she wanted to get to the six week stage. She says thats this week, so she’ll be happy with that. They talk about Mikey, and Dino says that he’s gone down a few notches in his mind. Dino says he wants to scare the absolute crap out of someone in the middle of the night one night. He says he would like to chuck someone in the pool one night. They make mention that they aren’t allowed to call Dino ‘berito’ anymore. Camilla mentions the rewards room again. Dino says that she is trying to get him to take her in if he wins. Comm break.

12:26am: Heaps of people in this side of the bedroom (orange side) now. Dino walks outside and heaps follow. He walks outside, stands there and yells something “big brother”. He is immediately fined for not wearing his microphone and told to come to the punishment room for deliberately not following the rules. He waits outside the diary room as others come out wondering what is going on. John says that it was the funniest thing he’s seen for a week, so it was worth it. Dino runs to the bathroom. Dino seems to have been locked in the air lock between the diary room and the house for the moment. Claire says that the money goes to charity for the fines. Boy is she mistaken. Mike cuts in and talks to Michael the latest evictee for a bit, before we head back. Talking to Ash and Rob i think is Claire. Claire is saying that they could auction everything in this house, even the stool she is sitting on. Dino returns from speaking to BB, and with hand movements, the housemates guess that he can’t speak for the next two hours. He heads straight to the bedroom and goes to the bathroom.

12:41am: Krystal and Gaelan talking. Krystal is saying that she used to be really good at school, reeling off A+’s etc. Cut to the bedroom, Katie is talking to….Rob. They seem to be talking about the questions big brother asked over the weekend. Rob wonders if he can tell her the questions he was asked, but Katie says you can’t. A tune is played into the house and everyone runs outside. They all have to stand on a pretty small love heart. They struggle but eventually get there. A lot of yelling! Someone wonders where Dino is, and asks him to yell! The music is played again and everyone heads back into the house. They tell Dino that he should go to sleep, but he doesn’t seem like he’s in the mood. Dino suddenly starts speaking, saying that there is no 2hr no speaking rule. He says that BB told him off and then told him he could rejoin his housemates until BB was ready. Dino thinks that he is just setting up the punishment room. Dino says that he doesn’t even think it was that funny. John says it was. Claire wonders what they ate today to all be so gassy. Dino heads to the bedroom. Ashley knocks on the door of the bedroom to the smaller half, and Dani says he can come in. Dino says that his stint in the punishment room will be huge. Comm break.

1:01am: Jade, John, Dani, Dino and Ashley are in the living room. Half decide they are heading to bed though. John and Jade are the only one left. Jade says that if people had been keen to do something with her in the house, she would most likely do some stuff with people. John says he is willing to bang on this show as well. John doesn’t know about Camilla. They both say that sex is a big part of their lives. Comm break.

1:11am: John and Jade still out in the kitchen. Jade says Michael has stuffed her up somehow? They head to the bedroom where lights are out and all seems pretty quiet. John wonders where Dino is, and Gaelan says he’s over talking to Dani. Gaelan says he’s quietened down a lot since wanting Dani. Krystal says that Jamie and Katie are in there as well, it’s turning into a couples room. John says that Gaelan and Krystal should head in there. John leaves the bedroom door open so there is a lot of light in the room for the moment. Cut to a week in review clip package.

1:29am: Dani and John chatting on a bed. Ashley is also very close. He talks about talking to Big Brother and showing him the rulebook. Ashley says that BB told him that he is never a nuisance and he is always welcome in the diary room. We cut to Rob playing on the pole dance. Dani thinks Rob is good at it. John says he’s not bad either. Dani is whispering to John, saying that she is more his friend that a friend of Krystal. Rob gets those little ice cube lights and puts them up his shirt so they look like nipples. He gets back onto the pole. Comm break.

1:45am: Jamie and Katie are talking on a bed. Jamie says that he thinks he’s one of the most open people ever, and he doesn’t hide stuff. Jamie says he better go to bed, he says he wish he could stay. They whisper very softly so you can’t hear then kiss. Still kissing! They start whispering and then it’s a comm break.

1:56am: Dani is on the ground and most of the boys are pillow hitting her. Dino and Dani then have their own little fight on a bed. Pillows are being thrown around the room everywhere. Lots of laughs. Someone says that they need to get up early tomorrow, perhaps Jade. She says whoever is up longest she is going to take for farm duty. A bit more fighting then everyone seems to settle down again. At 2:02am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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