Day 25 Uplate

11:19pm: Dave and Michael are talking in their spot near the pool. Dave admits that anyone in his position would’ve had to accept the role of the insider. Dave says that Krystal apologised to Michael tonight. He didn’t realise this, and asks Dave to explain. Dave thought it was a complete apology. Michael says that he did try to get her offside as part of the strategy, so he’s partly to blame, but she failed to realise that Michael too was playing a game like she was in week one. Dave says she did realise this tonight. Michael says it’s important for her to realise that. Michael says that he made adiary entry last night saying that he didn’t like himself becoming aggressive and that he wanted to leave. Obviously he didn’t. Ashley comes out to tell Michael something, and he says thankyou. Dave says the insider thing went on for so long. Michael tells Dave that there are many more people in this house playing the game than he thinks. Dave wonders how he is portrayed seeing he fell for his insider story. Michael says that the public would see him as a sincere, honest person who is willing to believe people. Dave says he is dreading going out into the real world. He says if he stays past this week he wants to really start playing the game. Cut to the girls, Krystal, Claire, Camilla, Dani and John. Two different conversations going on, so it’s hard. Back to the pool. Michael says that if housemates do interesting stuff inside the house, people will want to speak to you when you get out. Michael says he is shocked that people who want to go on and use BB as a stepping stone to something big are to lazy to do anything interesting in the house. Michael says he would like to go down as an interesting character. Comm break.

11:33pm: Jade and Rob are talking outside. Jade says that if someone eats a peach in here they must go and workout. She says she isn’t like that, and even though she is trying to learn stuff in the gym, she isn’t really needing the gym. Jade says that she like Camilla and Claire. She wonders if Claire sleeps so much as an escape from the rest of the housemates. Jade doesn’t think she really has a connection with the rest of the group. Back over to the pool. Michael thinks that if Dave and him put their brain together they could stir some really good shit in the house. Dave says that would be good. Michael says that BB wouldn’t speak to him about the insider missions, he had no one to talk to at all about this and thats why he was stuffing up. He tells Dave that the pole was purely an accident. He says he kicked it purely as an accident. He says he couldn’t believe it when it was knocked over. He says it didn’t help that BB double crossed him by telling the housemates there was no wind overnight (sounds like something I wrote last night!) Back to Rob and Jade. Jade says she needs time to herself. She says she doesn’t like talking to doctors or Big Brother, she would rather just be by herself. She says she deals with things on her own. She says she is fine, she just needs 5 minutes along and she’s back to normal and ready to go again. Rob needs to go inside to fill his glass, and leaves her alone. Back to the pool. They move onto the intruders. Dave says that it was exactly what he wanted. Michael wonders if Dave would sleep with Rob. After a long time, it’s a no. Dave says he seems very nice but there isn’t the attraction there. Michael says that as part of the game, intruders know that they know that usually the housemates decide whether they stay or not. Dave says that they all know about his time in the house. Dave says that they are talking to him about things that are important to him and that he finds interesting, and he thinks that is no accident. Michael says it could be a coincidence. Dave says it could be, but he doesn’t think so. Dave goes onto say that he has seen Rob try and spend time with Katie, and he infers from that that she is well liked and a major player in the game sense of the show. Michael agrees with his theory. Michael wonders if they were in lockdown or not. Dave tells him they couldn’t have. Comm break

11:51pm: Lots of talking going on in the bedroom. Camilla and Claire are talking to Dani, and Rob is sitting on a bed nearby talking to Gaelan. They all seem to be talking about the ducks that were used in last week’s task. Cut to Jade lying down in bed not really saying much at all. Back out to the pool. Michael is saying that some people don’t think of the bigger picture and hold back. Dave says that you wouldn’t act the same in here compared to a nursing home. He says the fact that Rob is here, he’ll act differently now. He says he’ll joke more now. Michael really wants to join up with Dave and stir some action in the house. He again brings this up. Michael thinks it’ll be a way to forget about the outside world. Dave doesn’t want to do anything just yet, and Michael agrees that he needs to let this Insider thing subside a bit. Michael wonders why Camilla was crying tonight. Dave says it was simply a grab for attention. Dave says that she gets upset and angry at the people closest to her. Back to the bedrom where it seems everyone else is now. Camilla is holding a vibrator. Gaelan gets it and wants to start a relay with it, but doesn’t get much support from Rob. Back to the pool conversation which I’m sure is still going around in circles. Michael is further explaining on of his tasks, but I’m unsure which one it was. Michael says that if someone was going to find out, it was going to be Dave. He says he could’ve got deeper into the role, but when he saw Dave’s inital reaction he couldn’t go too far down the road. Comm break.

12:06am: The pool. Dave tells Michael that Krystal does now understand why he did what he did. Going round in circles! Michael says Krystal is a beautiful girl. Michael says Karen was his main concern. Dave thought that Karen was fasting in the house. Michael says he doesn’t want to get into it because Karen isn’t here to defend herself. Dave says the point he was trying to get across tonight was to get people to not say they are fat, because if someone is fatter than you, how would they feel? He says if it’s for attention or fishing for a compliment he hates it. Michael wants to ask him something. He wants Dave to keep an eye on him and make sure he’s not doing something stupid or spending too much time by himself or something, to pull him aside and just tell him that he asked to be pulled up. Dave agrees, and says vice versa. Michael has a blackhead on his forehead, and Dave tries to get it for him. Dave says ‘your right, it’s a freckle!’ Michael says that there is not too many true honest people in this house. BB calls Claire to the diary room. He says that he has a friend at work who also pulls him aside if he’s being an idiot or something, so he wants someone like that in here. Dave says he might be back on the horse come next Monday. Dave says he couldn’t have asked for a better month. He says it’s been so exciting. So not in control. Claire comes over with batteries. Dave and Michael meet her halfway. Michael says that when he first got in the house he thought he would miss the mics when he left, but he says he is over them now. Claire goes off to the other housemates, and Michael wonders where everyone is. Dave says there are all getting romantic. The boys head inside. Wow, over in the gym lying on the ground are Anna and Katie. Katie tells Anna that she has beautiful eyes in this light. They seem really bored. They bitch about having to get up and do a workout first thing, then move onto talking in song. Katie sings “Don’t you want to sleep with me”, and Anna replies “What about Jamie”. Cut to the bedroom. Michael has made his way in there, and everyone else is changing batteries. Cut back to the gym where the girls are laughing. They are dong push ups but Katie is moving up and down perhaps a few inches, and Anna isn’t moving at all. They collapse in laughter.

12:25am: Michael has somehow got Krystsl out to the pool area for a big D&M. They are talking about Anna crying about her dad the other night. Krystal says she knows how she feels because Krystal is kind of in the same position as Anna. Michael says that Krystal has double standards because she did something very similar; he says that the last time he really spoke to her she had given him a story of a fictious father. He says that at that time he thought Tilli and Krystal were his closest friends in the house. Michael says that he was very short with Anna when he told her the story about Rueben. He did this on purpose. He says that he probably lied to Krystal for a total of 3 minutes, while she lied to him for a week. Michael said that when the relationship was revealed, Michael specifically told Krystal that she didn’t need to apologise because she was playing the game. Krystal says that he didn’t say that till the next day. Krystal repeats what she said earlier over dinner, saying that she understands that Michael had to come up with a much more outrageous story than that of her own. Michael says he disagrees with a lot of things that Karen and Krystal did in this house. He says that the insider role tarnished his relationship with Krystal, her mother, and to a smaller extent, Tilli. Comm break.

12:41am: Krystal is still talking to Michael. She says that Michael took the news of the world first as if to say ‘was that it, thats not exciting.’ She says she felt great to be a part of something exciting, and to a small extent, Michael took her happiness away from her. Michael admits that he made a f***up there. He says that he jumped the gun and thought that their relationship had progressed further than it had. Michael says that he has said bad stuff about Krystal, but it doesn’t need to be bought up again. Krystal says that she had tried to stir him up. Michael refers back to a disagreement the other night saying that Krystal won that round and came out on top. He was referring to the ‘Is that why you don’t do any work?’ argument after the insider was revealed. Krystal says that everyone had wondered why he hadn’t done any housework. Michael apologises for the way he treated her in that argument, saying he later went to the diary room to apologise saying that he was very angry. That was a really short segment. Comm break.

12:55am: Back to Michael and Krystal. Krystal says that Michael always gets people one on one and questions them. She says she is annoyed by it. Krystal says she thinks he prefers having serious conversations, saying there is nothing wrong with that, it’s just the way he is. Krystal says she is over it and she doesn’t want to dwell on it. Michael thinks that her feelings are far from resolved. Krystal says she is never going to be best friends with him again, but they have to live together and she doesn’t want it to be awkward for them. Michael says that thats not the resolution he was after. Krystal says she isn’t going to avoid him anymore like they’ve been doing. Mike cuts in again :( Comm break.

1:07am: Inside in the living room. Camilla asks Michael about sleeping arrangements, and he’s cool either way. Jade and Claire are talking. Jade says she would go as far to say she loves him, but she doesn’t date the guy. She says it’s just for sex at the moment. SHe says she really likes John and Ash in the house though. John hears his name, and Jade covers well by saying they like his hair. Sleeping arrangements continue to be discussed. Very boring. Comm break.

1:17am: John and Dave are talking on the couch. Dani is also there. Dave is talking about the languages he knows a bit of from his travelling. John says his German is pretty good, but he’d struggle watching a film. He says that he would struggle with his Portugese though. Dave says that he’d move about and just completely get confused with all the different languages. Dani says he would love to learn Italian or French. John reckons Italian is better than French. They ask Rob is he knows Lebanese. He says enough to get him into a fight, and also to get him out of a fight. Dani doesn’t know any languages. She says she learned Indonesian. Dave says it was Japanese in Queensland in school. Michael comes out, and John wants to go to sleep, so he asks if it’s noisy. Mike says it’s very noisy, so John says he’ll stay put for a bit longer. Dani says she was so tired. Michael says the first few nights he was sitting outside thinking why was everyone asleep. John says he knows why people are drained now though. Dani explains to them that she fell in love with a guy who she never really dated for 3 years, and she was sad because it turned out the guy was taking advantage of the fact that she cared for him, and she realised he was a bit of an asshole. John says that she is only 18. She agrees. John says that he really didn’t think much of this Adelaide girl until she visited and went back and he missed her like crazy. He says he’ll see what happens when he gets out. He says he is so inexperienced with this whole love game. He says he can’t wait to see her when he gets out, and then goes onto say that he probably sounds like a fool only having seen her twice. Comm break.

1:29am: Dave and Dani are talking on the couch. They talk about goodbye messages. He says the girls always say nice stuff. He says he’ll have to do it this Sunday. He says that when Tilli did hers it was emotional for him because he says they had a real connection. Dani says she is a really emotional person. Dani asks him if he think he’ll go, but Dave says he has no idea. He says either way he’s happy. He says the last day has been great for him. Dani asks him who is looking after the farm. Dave says heapss of people are. He says he’ll be really happy to get back to the farm and plant stuff and keep an eye on it all. Dave says it must be so weird for the intruders. Dani says that she wouldn’t have been able to enter day 1 anyway, she had plenty of stuff to do family wise, she her dad and also send off her sister overseas. Dani says she was upset earlier at the table because of the whole people are fat issue. She says she had bilemma when she was younger. She says people used to think she ate so much, but of course she would just bring it back up. She says she had it because she was so depressed. She says she got down to 43kg, and now up to 55kg again. Cut to Michael and John. Michael says this house is changing. He tells John that he considered leaving. John says you can never understand how your being perceived in the outside world. They start talking about one of the girls in the house, but in code, so I’ve got no idea. Perhaps Claire. John says she is a great chick but he compares her to Elise a bit. At 1:43am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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