Day 24 Uplate

11:29pm: Rob (intruder) and Dave are talking on a bed. Rob says “Oh David, stop. He’s not” They are looking at someone in the bedroom. Dave says he thought that would be the next suprise. Cut back to Mike…Back again quite quickly. Rob says Dave must be an ok judge of character. Whoever they are talking about is from Melbourne. I thought it was Michael, but that rules him out. Rob asks Dave if he has asked him straight out. It seems they think that one of the guys from Melbourne might actually be gay? Rob gets up and shakes Dave hand, telling him that he hopes to run into him again. He goes off to help Katie or something. Dave sits on his bed by himself. Out in the living room it seems that the old gang is all hanging out together. Rob comes out and talks to Katie through the glass, as shes in the punishment room. Jade comes back out, in her pj’s. Back in the bedroom, Camilla says she can’t wait to get Rob to do her hair. Rob says he loves the bags that BB supplied for the suitcase, and he wonders if they will be able to keep them. Camilla thinks so. Camilla wonders where Rob wants to sleep. Rob is more interested in unpacking, and asks Camilla if he is allowed to put things along the ledge above the beds, to wish she says that he can do whatever he wants. Rob says that he can’t complain because he got his scissors into the house. They sing a song. Rob shows his hat to everyone, Timberlake style of a hat. Mike talks, but we see intruder Danielle in the revenge room watching a dvd. Comm break.

11:54pm: It’s time to see Danielle enter the house. She comes out of the revenge room. Big Brother tells the house that ‘there is an intruder in the house.’ Danielle appears, Krystal and Anna look a little shocked. They are the first to greet her. Danielle introduces herself as Dani to everyone. Katie watches on amazed through the glass of the punishment room. Dani says hello to her in the punishment room, saying she feels sorry for her. She says hello to Gaelan, saying “Your Gaelan?”, meaning she knows all the names. Krystal and Camilla take her off for a tour of the house. John says she was smokin! Michael tells John that he must become the new insider. The girls continue to show Dani around the house, showing her the bedroom/bathroom and then moving outside. They tell her that there is a ballet task this week. Dani tells them she works in retail and marketing. She says she is 18. Krystal likes this for some reason. Claire and Anna are also talking to Danni. Dani says she has a birthday in June. She says the 17th, but then quickly corrects herself saying it’s the 9th. Claire tells her that hers is the 18th June, so perhaps BB ‘moved’ Danni’s to avoid 2 parties in two nights. Dani wonders if Karen was evicted, and the girls say yeh. The girls then remind her that she can’t talk about anything related to her BB experience from auditions onwards. The girls tell her that Jade had been telling people how they were being perceived in the outside world earlier, and got in trouble. Dani wants to get changed. Anna says they were debating whether their would be a third intruder. Krystal wonders if Dani knows Jade, but she says she doesn’t. She wants to get changed, but Anna suddenly realises she doesn’t have her suitcase yet. She explains that she’ll be called to the diary room shortly to collect it. Dani tells the girls they are absolutely gorgeous. She goes and introduces herself to David. Dave thinks it’s so weird that she knows all their names! They talk about Dani being the youngest. Katie says hi through the glass, and asks Dani’s name. Katie says she looks gorgeous. John cuts into the convo saying that Katie called him gorgeous. Dani saysd thankyou to her with hand gestures. Dani wants a glass of water, so follows Anna to the kitchen. She points out some stuff for Dani to remember in the kitchen. Dani wonders who the cook is this week. Anna tells her that she is shopper/chef. They move onto talk about the task. Dani says she is bad at dancing. Anna tells her that the guys are better than the girls. Krystal and Jamie stop by now and Krystal again informs her that the guys are better than the girls at the task. Dani asks Krystal and Camilla where they are from, and says that she can tell Camilla is from Melbourne. Comm break.

12:11am: Claire, Dani and Anna are talking about going to the toilet. Dani is a little concerned about it. Anna tells her that they don’t think about it anymore. Claire tells them she still holds her mic in her hand when she goes. Claire says that you get use to the mirrors and such, saying to Dani that occassionally you will notice people behind them very rarely. Cut out to the couch where Jade, John and Ashley are. John is telling Jade about himself, that he’s 21, studying media, plays AFL, and he loves his sports. He says he loves golf. Cut to the dining room table. Michael and Rob are talking. Rob wonders how Michael is feeling about the big reveal. Michael says he is more concerned how Rob is feeling coming into the house. Michael says that they were just in the diary room when he came in. He tells Rob that they took it very badly, yelled at and tears etc. He says it wasn’t what he expected. Michael feels like he’s been a different person in the house because of his role. He says it’ll be interesting now he’s no longer the insider. Rob tells him not to be a stranger. Michael says that you can’t be a stranger in here, there is way too much time. Dave joins the discussion. They talk about how great the idea of being able to fly somewhere is in a plane. He explains the plane that he was on coming up to the Gold Coast. Dino joins the convo as well, and Rob tells him it was his first ever flight. Dino wants to know where Wollongong is, Rob saying that it’s south of Sydney. Dino is suprised they threw another one in this late. Dave says he knew it. He classes Rob as the poof, Jade as the antagonist and Dani as the hot chick. Rob thinks he called Dani the dumb chick. Dino says that he feels sorry for her because everyone is ready for bed. Dino tells them that Dani has told the girls she won’t be showering naked. Michael says ‘send her back!’ Michael says he wants a relationship, but none of the girls are his cup of tea. Comm break.

12:27pm: Rob wonders how they can all sit here and talk like this 24/7. Michael says that this is an exciting moment and one that all the housemates will remember. Anna talks to Rob about the farm animals, saying that Gaelan is farm animals. Rob asks if he can go and help him, but they tell him you can’t ask him or give hints. Michael says the best thing to do is sit up in bed when he is called to do it, and then logically he would pick that person. Rob says he isn’t usually a morning person, but he wants to see the animals. Anna explains that a goat is called Tigga, and does a little impression of him. She also does another impression of the goats sucking the bottle, and it looks a lot like something else, and Rob says that he can show them how to properly do that. Anna asks Dave if he’s told Rob about his Lebanese thing. He hasn’t. After a lot of coaxing Dave finally says he has a real thing for Lebanese guys, so Rob says “Is this where we’re meant to hold hands now.” Dave says something rude which is beeped, then says ‘thats tomorrow.’ Thye change the topic to the aerobics that they have to do each morning this week. Dave asks about Rob’s parents. He says his Dad lives in Sydney, and his mum lives in Sussex Inlet or somewhere, on the NSW coast. He says he’s only just made the decision to move out of his grandmothers place (which could well be his) and lease his own house out and rent in Wollongong. Anna says she has a friend in Wollongong, and says the full name. Rob doesn’t know her by name, but says he would probably know the face. Rob starts talking to Jamie who is way over on the couch, supporting Katie who is still in the punishment room. Rob gets him to spell Katie’s name out with his hands (incorrectly mind you.) Anna says that he is good to be hanging around there supporting his girl. Anna tells Rob that before she saw him she was in tears, explaining Michael’s insider reveal really upset her. She says it wasn’t him exactly, it was his lies that bought up stuff that made her upset. She says they are cool now. Rob goes to get his slippers. Jade has come over to join them. She has something wrong with her finger. She mentions that all the girls have gone off to talk to Dani. Anna says that most of the girls are girl girls. Jade says she is more like a blokes girl. We head to the bedroom where all the girls are, minus Katie, and Gaelan. Gaelan is looking at Anna’s photos and she is explaining them. Anna talks to Dani about a friend or relative on the outside who is pregnent. They give Dani the option of sleeping with Anna or Gaelan, but she says ‘whoever will have me.’ Cut to the punishment room where Katie is still there sorting brown rice from white rice? Big Brother tells her that she is now free to leave the punishment room. She makes her way back to the diary room and sits down, asking “Am I going to be further punished.” Cam cuts away at that moment. In the bedroom, Claire, Krystal and Dani are looking at Rob’s photos. Krystal tells him he looks really hot in one of them. Comm break.

12:46pm: David comes out to the pool where Michael is sitting by himself. He says that Michael has had one of the most extraordinary life experiences. Michael sits there for a bit, and then says he did come here to play the game. David says that he’s done it well. Michael says that he stuffed it up a bit, he didn’t think it would last that long. He explains the first challenge, of wetting the bed, to Dave. He tells him he got a strike for that. He says he thought that they would be small little tasks like that. He says that he thought the Karen photos tasks was a bit mean, even though he doesn’t like her now. He goes onto the messing of the clown task. He says that the umbrella nearly stuffed his cover. He says that he decided to blame it on the wind. He says that BB didn’t help him out that wind was not the cause. He says he had to look as if he was about to crack at being questioned over that task. He says he had to make it look like he was about to flip. Dave says that they all thought that he had bipolar. Comm break.

1:00am: Katie is talking to Jade on the bed. Jade says she isn’t fitting in that great with the girls. She explains to Katie that Dani is a girly girl and that she has lost the other girls now. Jade continues saying that from what she has seen from intruders in the past, it’s either the guys or the girls who like you. Not both. Katie doesn’t seem to really agree with this. Jade goes onto say that as soon as Dani came in, the girls switched like that and basically said that your (Jade) not the girl they wanted. She says she isn’t going to change though. Katie says that she just has to be cool, and whatever happens happens. Katie says she can’t judge anyone yet, way too soon. Jade says she won’t beat Katie up if she doesn’t beat her up. Katie thinks that Jade will get on with Camilla. Katie is pleased she has her pj’s on already. Jade says she let her tits hang out, she wasn’t afraid. Jade says that at least she’ll lose some weight in here. Katie says she probably will. Katie goes and sits with other people and watches Jade do a little dance with the pole, before heading out of the bedroom. Cut back to Dave and Michael near the pool. Dino has also joined them. They tell Dino that Dave has more chance of hooking up with Michael than with Rob. Jade approaches and says that they’ll have to stop bitching about her now. Jade says that she is very adaptable and shes feeling fine in here. Anna is also there. Dino asks her how old she is, 19. She says she has her own business, she studies and has just got an office manager type job. Dave says he’s heard all this at the sitdown, but Dino says he wasn’t paying attention and wasn’t interested at the time. She explains that she has a tutoring company. She says she used to work for another one, and saw how much money there were making from her hard work, so she decided to break lose and start her own. She says that it’s not earning $50,000 yet so there is no GST involved just yet. Dave changes the subject for a sec, wondering if John Howard is stil the Prime Minister or if Peter Costello had taken over. Jade tells him Howard is still in charge. Dino is a little confused, because he’s wondering when the election is. Michael explains there is no need for an election, they can just switch. Michael thinks that it should have happened by now. Comm break.

1:16am: Dani has got her clothes and is changing into something a little more comfortable. Cut outside where Jamie and Dave have just got into the hottub. Jade comes and sits near it. Dave wonders if Jade has a guy. She says she doesn’t, but she has a friend with benefits kind of scheme going with a friend. She says that he is getting on though and he might want a relationship as he is 31. John gets in now as well. Jade says she isn’t ready or wanting a relationship at the moment. She says she has had a couple of serious boyfriends. She was 16 and had a 2 year relationship with him. She says she has a checklist for guys. She says it’s like a final hurdle before taking it any further with guys. Jamie says that he met the right girl at the wrong time when he was 17. He says that he isn’t seeing anyone now. Anna comes out in a bikini and gets in. John wonders if Dani is single. Anna tells them she is. She goes onto say that the guys lucked out with this lot, 2 single girls and a gay guy. Comm break.

1:29am: Heaps in the spa now. Krystal, Dani, John, Jamie, Dave, Anna, Katie and Gaelan. Jade is still spa side. They all tell the girls that they must be buzzing now, but for everyone else 3 weeks in, they are sooooo tired. About 3 conversations going on, too hard to make out. All of them talking and laughing except Jade, who heads inside after a while. John and Anna, sitting next to each other, both come to an understanding about trying to keep their hair dry. They say they feel bad for Rob because he’s in there doing dishes, but some of the boys say he doesn’t have to do them. They start singing, so we cut to the bedroom where Dino and Claire are lying on a bed facing each other. They seem to be talking about Rob. Claire says that his mum had to put him on the bottle early because he wouldn’t feed off the nipple. She goes onto say that his first sexual experience was when he was 18 and that he has never been with a girl. Dino says he came out in year 7. Claire says it’s so early for intruders. Dino says 3 more girls. Claire laughs. Jade comes over and offers tampons to anyone. Once she goes to the bathroom, Claire laughs. She says “She is out” numerous times. Michael and Dino talk about someone molesting Michael (one of the new intruders), but it’s a weird convo and I can’t work it out. Big Big Brother obviously has because he gives Dino a $5000 fine for talking in code. Claire is a bit suprised, saying it was harsh. Michael tells him not to worry about it. Back to the spa. I think they are wondering how Dino got the fine, and they think they have it sussed because he used some code in his goodbye message to the house and thats probably why they know what he’s talking about. Gaelan says that the goodbye messages would be really good to do early on because there are more people. He says he would like to make a heap of jokes in his. Anna says that she was trying to think of things to say last night in bed. John just wants people to remember he’s in the house! John says that when Dani rocked up she said hi by name to several housemates with him watching on and then when it got to him it was simply a “Hi, how ya going?!” John says he’s only mucking around and doesn’t care. Danielle says she was just really nervous waiting around to go into the house. They say that it was early for intruders. Anna thought it would be week 6, John thought it would get down to the final 8 or so before it was done. Gaelan says he told someone earlier tonight that it would be week 4 or 5. Gaelan then says they’ll be more in week 8. John says he hopes there is more. Comm break.

1:45am: Back in the spa. But we cut to the bedroom even quicker. Rob is saying that he can’t believe he bought shoes from Kmart. Claire agrees, but they are comfy. Back to the spa. Only Gaelan, Katie, Dani and John are left. Gaelan is talking about a time when BB caught him snoozing. He says he went to the diary room, and BB said ‘Gaelan, you were snoozing.” Gaelan replied by yawning and said “Nah, nah I wasn’t”. Sorry Jamie was also there. He gets out now though. They tell Dani about the names for the farm animals. Back to the bedroom, the girls and Rob talking about bourban and coke. Rob thinks Jade must have been working in a bar, but she says she hasn’t. Jade talks about an award she won at school or something, and then says she wants to start a charity where she takes care of underperforming or underpriviledged kids and gives them a job in her business so they can get something to put on a CV. She says they need food etc in the short term, but they need a long term goal as well. Back to the spa again. Gaelan is telling Dani about the jobs around the house. Comm break.

1:57am: Jamie is sitting up in bed. Jade wonders who she is sleeping with. She says she can’t sleep with everyone because she’s not a slut. Camilla then says she’ll sleep with anyone. Camilla says that Jade has slept with 6 people. She then asks Rob how many he’s done. He says somewhere around the 20 mark. Jade wonders about the finer points of gay sex. BB cameras head back to the spa. Gaelan says that Tilli fell asleep halfway through the most intense story he’d ever told. They talk about how there is not much more to do during the day but sunbake. At 2:02am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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