Day 20 Uplate

10:37pm: Michael and Ashley are in the rewards room. Michael says that Ashley has always been friendly with him. Ashley says there are shallow people in the house. Michael says that many haven’t taken the time. Ashley agrees, saying that he was so peeved when he found out that Karen was only here for the money. Michael agrees. He says that they are all here for the money at the back of the mind, but they are trying to make some friends as well. Ashley says that when she’s talking about refinancing her house and all these things, it makes him think about doing the same thing when he gets out, and says to Michael that it probably makes him think about Rueben. Michael says it does, and says that Karen is setting a bad example for Krystal, and together they set a bad example for all teenage female girls. He goes onto say that he doesn’t think they provide anything in this house. He says that Camilla, even though everyone can’t stand her, she offers something to the house, and that woman can assert themselves. Ashley agrees completely. Comm break.

10:51pm: Ashley says he gets bored very easily, and if he stuck around a long time, he would be over it by the time it gets down to low numbers. He says he would love to win though. Ashley talks about his bowling victories and coming second numerous times in other sports. He says it would be a dream come true to win this game. He says that after BB he’s up for anything; he says that nothing comes to him, he’ll go back to laying bricks. He says if he has to go back to TAFE he will, but he’ll wait and see. He says he’s excited. Michael says he’s injuured. They talk about how the rewards room is setup for Guy/Girl action. Ashley says that you can’t expect anything in this house. Michael is a bit worried he spoke to BB a bit rudely the other day. Comm break.

11:05pm: Housemates seem to have just received some alcohol, and are sitting at the dining table. Seem to have audio from Ashley as well, so it’s a bit hard. He’s asking Michael what number he thinks he should choose for the boxes. The girls say that the alcohol is good stuff, and thank BB. Krystal says she would’ve preferred Cruisers. Ther girls talk about a mock wedding they’ve been planning all week between Jamie and Katie. Mike cuts in for ages, and we go to a comm break.

11:13pm: We join Michael in the diary room. Big Brother is telling him the rules for choosing one box of the three. He makes sure that Michael will read the rules out loud once Big Brother tells him to do so. He is sent out to the rewards room. Mike cuts in and talks as Michael makes his way to the rewards room. He reads the letter out loud as Ashley watches on. While he waits for Big Brother’s instructions, he prays. BB asks him which box he wants; Michael replies 3. He opens the box to find he’s won the laundry service for 3 housemates. He checks the other boxes, fortune cookie in box 1, and the trip to China in box 2. Big Brother congratulates Michael. He says out loud “Oh well Mum, we don’t get the trip.” He says he won’t pick Ashley because he’s in here with him for the laundry. Ashley says he should pick Johnny. Comm break.

11:24pm: Most housemates are outside sitting down. Very hard to make out any conversations. They talk about how people use the phrase ‘cutting my lunch’ or ‘grass’ to describe people stealing boyfriends/girlfriends. Katie and Anna argue over who hasn’t had enough wine yet. Ashley has joined them, it seems Michael is the only absent member around the table. Someone farts and heaps of people call out ‘chick peas.’ They ask what Ashley had for dinner, and he tells them Chinese. Comm break.

11:37pm: Everyone still sitting around the outside table. Ashley and Claire are talking about the rewards room. They talk about the shampoos, and then Ashley tells Claire about a cannister she never found in there. Claire tells Dino that they found the tea in the rewards room. Anna and Katie still arguing about alcohol. Another comm break!

11:46pm: Anna gets up from the table and goes inside. She soon comes back out. Dino tells a story from tonight’s FNL. He says he knocked other people over when they were in those big massive head things they had to wear. Michael is now at the table. Katie is talking to Dino, they continue talking about FNL. Still way to much shouting and conversation to make any sense of it. Camilla has bought out a heap of glasses for some reason. But that ends the program. Dreamworld says goodnight.

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