Day 17 Uplate

12:02am: Several people out in the backyard minding the task. The task is called “Damn the task.” Apparently housemates must use body parts other than their hands to cover leaks in a glassed fish tank. John, Dino, and Michael are outside. John asks the guys what they have against the Crystal ball, referring to the housemate with the same name. Dino says that when he doesn’t like someone’s personality he simply can’t go any further. Dino says he doesn’t get the obsession with the big booty. John says he loves it. It sounds like Anna in the background laughing at that one. Dino says that Krystal’s ass is too big for her size. Dino also adds that without makeup she isn’t that good, and thats why he thinks she does herself up everyday. Michael says that she does wear makeup all day everyday. Dino says she looks different without it. Anna wonders if the guys would like her more if she wore makeup everyday. Dino says that Tilli looked like a boy without makeup! Anna says “Lets hope she’s not watching!” Dino says that Claire is lovely, down to earth and everything. Michael says he wouldn’t pursue a relationship with anyone in the house. Someone asks what about Dave. Michael says that he would have more hope than the girls. Michael says he can at least sit and speak to Dave. They move onto Elise. Dino says “C’mon, she’s from Sydney, she’s got the Asian background.” Michael interrupts and tells John that he doesn’t go for Asians. John calls him a racist bastard! They ask Anna who she likes the most out of the guys, excluding the guys out there. So it’s between Jamie, Gaelan, Ashley and Dave. She says at first she would’ve said David, but she says Jamie now. Mike cuts in. Comm break.

12:13am: Anna is saying it’s time to change the people for the task. She says that the lights are still on in the bedroom. Dion suggests that whoever comes should grab some food and then they’ll be more alert etc for the task. Karen has come out for the task, and they start sorting out how they will swap over. She is swapping with Dino. All of a sudden they let a heap of water out and everyone is yelling. Dino and Karen then use their hands to hold the water in. I’m pretty sure thats against the rules. Anyway, she finally gets set up so her feet are over the holes. It seems like it could be very uncomfortable for Karen, I don’t think it’s the same way Dino was doing it. Anyway, she’s in place now. Karen tries to get more comfortable and in the process loses a heap more water. The guys were just saying they only lost a centimetre. Camilla has changed over flawlessly with Michael on the other side of the tank. Karen complains that her legs aren’t long enough. The guys don’t think that Karen will be able to last very long. They consider waking Gaelan up. John thinks it’ll be a long task. He wonders who’s asleep. Karen says Dave is trying to, Claire is asleep, Ashley is snoozing, and Krystal is also asleep. It seems you can use your hands, apologies. Karen says that Katie would struggle doing this side of the tank. Anna says that she and John will do the shift after the next one. Gaelan and Ashley, or Gaelan and David will take the next one. John says “Imagine we all fall asleep out here and wake up and the tank is empty.” Anna says that there should always be at least one more out here ready to take over if something happens. Karen says it’s not as cold as she thought it would be. Comm break.

12:29am: Gaelan has come out and it seems John has left. They wonder how long Dino and Michael did their stint for. Camilla thinks they might have done an hour and a half. Camilla has had enough already and she had the easy side. Gaelan says that he just needs to go to the toilet. Michael shows everyone outside that he has a dollar coin. John thinks it’s against the rules to have money, but the others don’t agree. Mike cuts in. Uplate update, then into the bedroom where Dino and Anna are lying down. They contemplate when the task may end. Dino says it’ll go for more than 24 hours. They say that the Wednesday discussion may see an end to it though. But then they suggest a Friday finish, Dino calling it “Friday Night Live.” Anna says she hates this task. Anna asks Dino who he’d prefer; Ash or John. They both look up several times to see who is awake etc. Ashley is standing not that far away from them, and when Dino points this out to Anna, she says “So it’s Ash then?!” Mike just cuts insaying that Anna just told Dino that he was sexy. It wasn’t the case. Comm break.

12:44am: Ashley and Dino are talking on the bed now. Dino explains to Ashley what happened when Dino and Karen changed over. Ashley says he’s going to head outside in the hope he can get use to the temperature. We cut outside at this moment. Gaelan says he is glad he bought warm clothes. John says he didn’t bring any trackies or slippers. Camilla says she loves her slippers. Karen wonders how many days they’ve been locked up. About 21 in total, 16 in the house proper. Ashley appears and tells the other guys who is asleep etc inside. Camilla thinks the time has gone so quickly. John says it’ll feel like you’ve been overseas for ages because you’ll have no idea of anything. John talks about how they’ll all be famous. Camilla says that people won’t like her. John agrees, saying that people won’t like any of them. Karen says she feels rude with her legs spread and she can see Camilla’s face between them. Gaelan tells them that when the girls go, they should send out the crew that is taking over next, in this case John and Anna. Dave has come outside as well. Karen wonders if they can put a top on the tank so the water doesn’t evaporate. Cut to the couch, where Katie is sleeping. Jamie is there as well. So cute with their heads side by side. Back outside though. Camilla says she thinks she is falling in love with Karen. Dave wonders whether Tilli and Elise will be home by now or still doing appearances. Someone says that they will definately still be living out of a hotel. Camilla says she wants to ski in Canada, because she has heard it’s really great. Gaelan says he would love to go to the snow, but the price puts him off. He says he ends up going to Bali for half the price. Comm break.

1:02am: Dave and Gaelan have taken over doing the task. Ashley is watching on, keeping them company. Dave talks about his time over in Europe. He says he had heaps of fun over there. John comes out and talks about the task tactics with the guys for a bit. Ashley says that he is wearing heaps and it’s still cold. They talk about how the weather is just going to keep getting colder now. Dave says he feels as if he’s pushing the tank towards Gaelan, but they all agree that it must weigh a heap. Anna has joined them out there. Uplate update, then back out to the task. Gaelan looks over at the hottub and makes mention of all the steam rising from it. Dave asks Gaelan whether he needs to go left or right more to cover the hole. He tells him, and then it’s off to a comm break.

1:16am: Back outside. Gaelan and Ashley are trying to figure out the time. Gaelan thinks they had dinner around 6pm. They try to figure out the time according to the moon, but Anna lets them know that the Moon moves it’s position all the time. John wonders who was doing the task when it started to get dark. A heap of names flying all the place. John thinks that it’s about 1am now, which is damn close, and he says that it averages a 50 minute shift, and about 6 hours to go through everyone. They say that Michael and Dino seem to go the longest. Camilla comes out and suggests that people who are awake should do it, and not wake others up. Basically everyone disagrees though. They say you should stick to routine otherwise people will just sleep all night. They make fun of how this much look when people ask them what they did on Big Brother “Oh yeh, just filled holes.” Anna says that everything out here is starting to stink. Ashley says that it’s more like a bit of fresh air appearing amongst the farting. Someone mentions the word ‘cameras’, and someone else very quickly tells them to “don’t talk about that.” Someone mentions Jeff Farmer, a Freo footballer. Ash and Gaelan both like him. Anna wonders if it’s a footballer! Ash climbs on top of Anna on the hammock, and says he’s not staying, he just needed to fart! Anna wonders if they could put a blanket into the hole and call it a night. Comm break.

1:33am: Back with the task. Anna says she should be considered one of the guys now. Ashley starts singing the boots song from Dukes of Hazard. Anna wants him to sit still for a bit! They start talking about places where they don’t want to do farts, but sometimes they just do. Someone says the gym is a great example. They move the topic onto the water level, and Ashley suggests they get the hose to keep it filled up. We cross back to the couch where Jamie and Katie are still sleeping. Katie stirs, but settles back down. Back outside, the guys are saying that their hands are dead. Gaelan says it would be good if their were fish in it. It would give them something to concentrate on. Dave says you would wait till a fish was just hovering over the hole and let go of the hand! John suggest you put a penis in there and get a semi, and then someone suggest getting the ball sack in there. The boys suggest they should time their farts to see how long inbetween each one is. Back to the couch, Jamie and Katie are still cute, and still asleep. Comm break.

1:49am: Gaelan says that once you get in position and relax, you could go for hours. John agrees. They can’t believe how the food makes them fart so much. They realise that the pool is even steaming. Dave and Gaelan both say they will go to bed after this. Dave says he’s not looking forward to getting a wake up call though. John says he’s tempted to sleep in the hammock, but then he says it’s more of a nightwatchmen position. Cut back to Mike for an Uplate moment. Back to the task, they’ve just changed over. Anna is lying down, John has the other side. Ashley asks Anna to come over to the hammock. Gaelan and Dave head inside and tell them they’ll wake up Jamie. Comm break.

2:03am: Ashley is singing. At least he’s making them laugh! David has gone into the sauna, and Camilla stands at the door and talks to him. She says she doesn’t want to go home, but she’s kind of excited and feels she might be going home. Dave says he has a feeling who will go, even before nominations were announced, and the person he thinks will go is nominated, so he’s sticking with his theory. They both agree that Karen would be happy to go. Dave asks whether Michael will be around when she gets out. Michael must be a boyfriend. Camilla says that he won’t be happy with the flirting with Dave at the start, but hopefully he can get past all that and give Camilla a go. Camilla says that he’s great, because she didn’t even think of cheating on Michael at all when she was with him, which she says it’s a first for her. Mike cuts in for a competition. Back to the sauna now. Camilla is still talking about Michael, the outside boyfriend, who she says is shy. They move onto talking about Dave’s friends now. I don’t quite get the convo yet. I think they are talking about who they put down as family or friends who they could invite to the evictions. Anyway, moment is ruined when we cut to a comm break.

2:14am: Jamie has made his way outside, Ashley is still there, and obviously Anna and John are there. Ashley is making some joke, saying he smashed 14 beakers and 7 measuring cups or something in a sceince class. He says the teacher went beserk at him for costing the school soo much money. He says they tried to get him to pay $160. He says he jumped on his desk one day and flashed a moonie at the teacher. He says he calmed down in Year 11 because he had a girlfriend. Cut back to the sauna, Dave and Camilla still talking. Camilla says she has some friends who do some modelling. Dave says he wants to get back to his farm and be happy. He wants to be an example for others guys. Camilla mentions the suicide rate that Dave mentioned ages ago. Cut back out to the Ashley show who is still talking. He says that a lecturer found Ash and some mates having a few beers, and he offered him a beer, but the lecturer said he couldn’t because he wasn’t allowed. Ashley says he passed the subject though. Anna wants to stop, but John doesn’t so they continue. Ash and Anna have a bit of a friendly argument. Anna says her feet are in pain. Jamie and Ashley talk tactics for their stint. Back to the sauna, Camilla says that she makes strange eye contact with someone in the house. Dave says he knows what she means. Camilla says she is used to guys taking liberties like give her a cuddle or anything. She says the closest is when Gaelan has patted her on the back a few times, but thats it. She says the girls make up for it though. She says that Dino has cuddled her twice perhaps. At 2:23am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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