Day 11 Uplate

11:19pm: I join Uplate a few minutes late. Lots of people in the kitchen, and lots of different conversations. Jamie is cooking something. Someone asks if they are cooked yet. Jamie says they aren’t, and Camilla asks them to turn the heat up higher. Launch into the song “Turn it up so high”. Cut to the bedroom because of the singing. Karen and Katie are on a bed. So is Krystal. Mike cuts in for a minute. Katie is wearing a “I love Frankston” t-shirt. They are talking about Ashley. Krystal says he talks about V8’s all the time. One of the guys say (I think it’s Dino) that he’s actually changed a fair bit in the past few days. Krystal says she likes people out at clubs who are not talking to anyone, because she can latch on and have their complete attention. Comm break.

11:30pm: Still in the bedroom. Katie is telling a story about a family they know. Karen asks Dino what the longest relationship he’s had. He says it was about a year, but he says it’s hard with school and work. He says that girls don’t realise that he has not time. He says when he goes out he trys to make the time with the girl really special, but then it could be a week, 10 days before he has time to see her again. Krystal says that when she has a guy, she is the type that see’s the person everyday, but then wants to ditch him on the weekends and go out with the girls. Dino says he thinks it ruins a relationship when early on you see the person everyday. He says at the 6 month stage you should move it up to seeing the person every single day. Krystal says her 3 longest relationships, a year, 8 months and 7 months, she saw the boy everyday. Dino says that guys get sick of it seeing them everyday. Krystal says not with her! Dave and Tilli join the convo. Dave says when he has someone he doesn’t want to spend a second apart. They start talking about how it’s only been 10 days. Katie says that they all feel so close. Dino disagrees, and he goes as far to say that he in fact doesn’t really know each other. Karen says that it freaks her out that people think they are so close to others when they aren’t. Dino says that just because you crack a few jokes, you don’t know people. Karen says in the outside world she has spent heaps of time with people and still doesn’t really think she knows the person. Dino says they should keep it in perspective. Katie says she puts herself out there because she wants to love everyone. Cut out to the boys in the kitchen, John, Asley, Gaelan and Michael. They talk about farts for a bit. Comm break.

11:46pm: Anna has joined the boys in the kitchen. John and Michael both think they’ve lost weight. Anna says she has had a hard day today. She starts doing push ups. Ashley joins her. They tell her that it’s a massive improvement on last time. Dino comes out to talk to them. Dino says that this house is a little too full on for him, and he never has any rest. Michael says that when he sits outside for some alone time, people think something must be wrong. Michael says that he can sit on his own for hours on end each day. Anna says she has the house to herself from 7am to 6pm at night each weekday. Anna says she is sorry if she cause any uncomfortableness for anyone today. The boys all thought of it as entertainment. Michael says if they show it on TV, you’ll see him and Ash in the back laughing and high fiving. John wonders whats going on in the bedroom at the moment. Dino says that they have raised the white flag for the moment and stopped their bitching. Dino says he had to leave because of Camilla, who he describes as far too full on. Dino says he just doesn’t want to bitch, or sit there listening to it. Michael is ‘losing it’ Dino thinks, as he keeps repeating “I’m Dino the Dinosaur.” We seem to have audio from the bedroom out in the kitchen. Back now. They are talking about Coco Pops. Anna says she always has a heap of variety for cereals. Uplate update. Back into the bedroom. Karen has just said that she lost her virginity with 3 other girls down in a barn when 4 blokes came into town or something. Comm break.

12:01am: Dino is cooking again. John is eating on the couch. Tilli is out in the kitchen now too. Lots of talking off camera by Michael. Jamie says he is damn bored. Anna says that they were massively bored for the two days in the revenge room. The boys wonder if they masturbated. Anna says she played bocce with stones. Michael is wondering if anyone has woken up with a boner. He says he hasn’t. Gaelan starts singing. John says he will have a bat one day. It seems no one has yet. John thinks he’ll be first. Gaelan says 14 years was his longest. Uplate update. Back into the bedroom we go. The girls are talking about their hair. Elise says she used to have extensions. Krystal seems to know a fair bit about extensions. Karen and Krystal says they got obsessed with eBay. Elise says it cost her $300 when she got it done. Krystal says it costs heaps in Sydney. Back to the kitchen. Big Brother calls Tilli to the diary room. The boys still seem to be talking about wanking off. John says he trys not to so he can save himself for the weekends. Michael laughs. Jamie and Katie are talking to, but it’s difficult to make out. Comm break.

12:19am: Living room. Almost everyone must be out there. No way in the world you can concentrate. A huge bleep over the words, and apparently a sound for the task came on at the same time. They seem very relaxed and in control as they get ready for the task. Tilli and Karen are doing this task. Big Brother tells them he wants to be entertained via the “Head duck”. It seems to be the worst, cause there are a few groans around. BB tells the housemates to stand back from the tank. Housemates say it’s pretty cold tonight. Mike cuts in and tells us that they have to get 6 apples from the tank in 60 seconds, using just their mouth I think. Waiting for the start siren. They can get them alright, but can’t put them into the bucket properly. Michael keeps telling Tilli to get the last one, and others shout at him that Karen has to get the last one. The housemates are laughing at the girls as they try to get this last one. Tilli’s hair is completely wet. This is the longest 60 seconds I’ve ever seen. Tilli picks the ones off the ground with her mouth too. Big Brother finally tells the clowns that he has been entertained. Most immediately head inside. The girls are freezing as they get out of the costumes. Dave offers to get them some towels. Inside the house, Krystal comes out of the bedroom, but then follows Tilli back in there as she comes inside. She wants some blu tack that Tilli has, but Tilli doesn’t respond. Ashley and Krystal talk about how it’s getting colder. Ashley says WA is really hot during the day but freezing at night. Out to the living room. Ashley comes out, and has Hard Yakka socks on and demostrates a run and slide with the socks. He almost runs into a bench, but recovers nicely. Comm break.

12:36am: Living room. Ashley chucks a pillow at Anna, who is occupied elsewhere. Anna and Katie do an impression of people in Frankston. Anna tells a story from her school-life. She says that they had a mental institution around the corner of their school, and this guy would catch their bus and ask them all for ciggies, and when none were offered, would find butts on the ground and smoke them. Cut to the bedroom. Jamie and Tilli are talking. Tilli says “God she is working the guys” referring about Anna. Dave is also in the bedroom. Karen says they were at least entertaining. Krystal goes into the bathroom. Jamie hums a song or a TV theme, I can’t tell. Tilli tells Jamie to have a serious conversation with Katie. She says that Katie doesn’t know how to bring it up. Jamie goes back to his humming. Elise walks by and says thanks to Jamie for cleaning the floor in the bathroom. David hops into bed. Jamie says that this environment is not conjusive to long term relationships. Tilli and David both agree. Krystal comes and joins the conversation. Almost everyone piles into the bedroom. Camilla comes over to Dave. The boys can smell Mint Listerine from someone. Someone else says they want a haircut. Gaelan starts sqeezing one of his pimples. Ash and John start throwing a ball to each other. Cut to the other side of the bedroom. Tilli, Krystal and Karen are over there. Krystal tells them that she stole some M&M’s during the latest task only a little while ago. Michael comes over and has a look like he wants to give Krystal a cuddle, but her mum is only a metre away. He says he likes everyone in the house. Krystal and Karen says they do too, and Michael laughs to that. Comm break.

12:54am: Gaelan is trying to be a goalkeeper, while everyone throws cushions at the main bedroom door. Gaelan isn’t ready and they all throw them at the same time. Lots of laughter in there tonight. It’s turned into a massive cushion fight. Something finally sounds as if it’s been broken, and they all stop. Gaelan and John check it out. A lamp has been broken. John says that was a nice end to the game. Gaelan says that Dino has the best throw of a pillow, the hardest he’s ever seen. Dino says that Anna gave as good as she coped it. They say they have broken 2 lamps and 2 vases in 2 days. Katie wonders if they will get in trouble. Comm break.

1:06am: Over to Krystal’s side of the bedroom, where it’s a bit quieter. Jamie wonders where Karen is sleeping tonight. Karen says she’ll go back to her own bed. Karen must share with Anna, and wants to sleep in the bed to let it be known that she will still communicate with her. Karen says she would rather be over here though, it’s too noisy over that side. Out to the kitchen we go. Gaelan and Dino are out there washing up. Gaelan says the beans are good again, but they throw oil everywhere. Ashley also comes out to help. They wonder who made the chick peas. Ashley says that Dave has heap of lollies. Dino calls him a shifty little prick! They continue doing the dishes. They wonder if it’s a late night. They think it’s 11pm. Ashley says the clown thing will be during the Uplate show. Gaelan gets a sardine on his finger, Ashley says you just can’t get rid of the smell. Ashley points out another sardine on the floor, and Gaela is forced to go and pick it up. Dino says that they thought Tilli might complain of sexual harassment earlier. They don’t go into what happened though. Krystal has come to help with the dishes now. Krystal drys them, puts them down, and Ashley starts drying them again. He soon realises. Comm break.

1:20am: Back to the quieter side of the bedroom. Karen says “listen to them. They all yell over the top of each other.” Tilli seems to have somehow fallen asleep during all this. Karen wonders if Jamie is circumsised. He says he isn’t, and that it generally doesn’t happen anymore nowadays. He says he has one friend who is, but he’s jewish. Jamie says he doubts there would’ve been enough skin to perform the task anyway. Mike cuts in. Back fairly quickly though. Jamie says he would like to go to bed. Jamie offer his bed, with Katie, to Karen if she would think she would sleep better over there. Karen thinks it’s better to move into this side of the room. Jamie says that Gaelan has been sleeping by himself. Karen says that Gaelan is quite happy to move into the other side of the bedroom. Jamie tells her to do that then. Jamie says that it’s certainly changed things with the girls coming back. Both the girls agree. Karen says it’ll be interesting to see who goes this week. Krystal thinks it’ll be sad. Almost screaming over the other side of the bedroom, which we cut to now. Move into the bathroom, where Ashley pulls his pants down a bit and opens the door. He comes out moments later, very strange. He says it hurts!? I don’t know what was going on. Ashley says he is tired now. (Aah he put his fella between his legs and pretended to be a girl.) Comm break.

1:32am: Still on the louder side of the bedroom. Gaelan is talking about a friend of his who had a sist down below or something and it looked really stange and huge. He says it’s all fixed now and the guy won’t care becuase he’s a great looking guy who has no problems finding chicks. Katie is talking to Anna about sex. She says it should be really passionate. Anna agrees, and say she is right to be waiting. Anna tells a story of a girl who had to break up with a guy who had a really small penis, and because he had a small one, he had issues with himself and in the end the friend of Anna’s just had to leave him. Katie starts talking about the sperm whale. Anna says that when the whale ejaculates, it doesn’t go into the female whale, so Anna suggests thinknig about that next time they go to swim at a beach and think about what kind of water they are swimming in. At 1:40am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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