Day 2

10.42am: Camilla is telling Claire and Krystal about a dream she had during the night which was about David. She says they had a fight in the dream. The girls wonder if the two have pashed yet, but Camilla says they’ve only cuddled. She’s says that David is beautiful and genuine, yet he probably wouldn’t go for the Camilla type, as she is the ‘chubbiest girl here’. Krystal says she has chubby legs too, and doesn’t care. Over in the gym, David stays on the treadmill unaware of the conversation.

12.03pm: Karen, Krystal and Tilli are in the backyard sunbaking. Karen tells the girls they should have a hat on. Till says “Thats such a mum thing to say! How cute.” Karen says she was looking at them before and thinking that the girls would get sunstroke.

7.21pm: Michael is the diary room, being informed that he has to accept the role of the Insider or immediately be evicted. He accepts. BB tells about the relationship of the house, but to test his resolve, sets him another task to be completed within 2 minutes. He must pour a bottle of supplied water over a bed to disrupt two housemates. He leaves the diary room, and Gaelan comments that he was quick. Michael just says “Yeh.” He pours the bottle of water over the furthest away bed on the side where only 3 double beds lie. He only pours have the bottle on there though. Not long later, Gaelan inspects his bed to find the water, and says “It’s soaked”. He strips the bed and turns over the mattress, then comes to Dino to ask him if he can borrow a sheet. Dino and Michael tag along to see the mess, Dino asking if he wet the bed. Gaelan says he was doing the dishes and came back to find that there. Michael goes onto say that crazy stuff happens whenever he’s in the diary room. He walks out to the living room, and begins laughing, saying “It’s too funny.” COMM BREAK.

7.49pm: Karen comes to the Diary Room, telling Big Brother that living in the house is a double edged sword. She says it’s nice, but she really enjoys being a mum, and she wants to nurture Krystal and spend time with her. She is looking forward to when it’s revealed so she can tell all of their stories and just spend time with her daughter. She tells BB that she is being realy quiet because she thinks if she talks to much she might stuff up and say something to reveal the secret.

Meanwhile, outside, Michael is talking to Krystal near the gym. He wants to know what the world first is. Krystal tells him that she is pregnent and that she’ll give birth on the show, and adds “didn’t you know?” Krystal moves onto suggest that perhaps there is a couple inside the house. Michael agrees, and asks if she thinks it’s a couple or just people who are friends. Krystal says she thinks it’s a couple. Michael says he hopes Krystal isn’t actually seeing someone. Krystal says she could be with Ash, but then rolls off the other guys names. Michael replies by saying “You’re not with anyone are you… Oh, this is going to do my head in!” Back in the diary room, Karen says that once the secret is out, and once others know they are working together to win, the others might come after them with nominations. Meanwhile, Krystal & Michael have moved inside and met Ash in the kitchen. Ash wants to know Krystal’s family background. Krystal says her parents are still together, and that her dad is a plumber and that her mum’s an accountant.

Big Brother calls Michael to the diary room, and several people shout out “Again!” BB informs Michael that he failed his first assignment as he only put the water on a bed which was being occupied by one person, and furthermore, didn’t use the whole bottle. Michael tries to plead his case, but BB interrupts and says “That is all.”

10.38pm: Michael is in the backyard talking to David. He wants to know who David is getting along with. David says “obviously Camilla”. He says he is struggling to get on with Anna, suggesting that “theres just not too much there”. Michael tells David that there has to be a secret or some twist in the house, as it’s all going along a bit too well. David agrees. Michael says that he doesn’t think David is holding back at all. David says he wants a twist to happen, suggesting a couple are in here or possibly married. Michael likes this idea, and instantly strikes Karen out because of her age.

11.00pm: David comes to the diary room. Voiceover tells us that David has been keeping a secret from the house. David says he feels bad for not revealing everything from the outset. He says that while he is holding back a bit of major information about himself, he still thinks it’s the right decision. He thinks once it gets out that it’ll bring a bit of excitement to the house. He moves on to say that he is getting really close with Camilla. He says that there is a great connection between the two, but he can tell that she likes him a bit more than on the friendship level. He is concerned that because she wants something more, that when the secret is revealed, it might pull her feeling round the other way and she might be bitter towards him. (Note: No actual mention of what the secret he is keeping from the housemates is.)

11.16pm: Camilla gives David a neck massage. Camilla says she feels like she has been David’s lost puppy today. David says he’s been getting to know the other girls for the task. Camilla says it’s a good idea if he wants to find love in the house. David says he’s waiting for an intruder to enter the house. He says it’s difficult to know what other people are feeling towards himself as well.

1.06am: Heaps of people in the bathroom. BB jumps in and tells Katie she isn’t wearing her microphone and fines her $5,000. He informs the house that they have now lost $100,000. They can’t believe it’s been that many fines in 2 days! Katie says sorry.

12.51am: Dave and Camilla are about to go to bed. Camilla asks if he wears jocks to bed. He tells her he normally wears nothing, but under the circumstances, he’ll wear something. Camilla agrees saying it’s a bit soon for nude. She says she missed him nude in the shower. David says he was trying to be quick so the females didn’t feel uncomfortable. Camilla doesn’t think the girls would’ve.

Meanwhile, Michael has come to the diary room. He tells Big Brother that while he loves being the insider, he thinks the odds of guessing correctly are extremely slim and that he probably won’t get it right and thus be nominated.

Back in the bedroom, Camilla kisses Dave goodnight, and the lights go out. They share a cuddle, and Camilla says that David is weird. David comes back with “I’m lovely!” and Camilla agrees. Back with Michael who asks Big Brother if there is any chance they can come to an understanding and perhaps not get put up for nomination if he guesses incorrectly. Big Brother suggests to him to stop trying to negotiate with Big Brother and use the time to learn more about his fellow housemates. He wishes Michael good luck on his way out, to which Michael replies “I’ll definately need it.”

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