Day 1

5.58am – David is up and about, the first housemate up and probably the earliest riser in the history of BB Australia. He walks around the backyard for a bit while the other housemates sleep.

6.32am – David throws a ball around.

7.03am – David does pushups.

7.34am – David lies in the hammoch and says “oh my god” in boredom.

8.35am – The first other housemate is up. It’s Anna who goes outside, much to the delight of David. She says she usually gets up at 6am and David is glad becuase this is when he gets up too.

Later on Big Brother announces the hot water is now on. Tilli screams “yes! yes!”. She’s the first person in the shower. Other housemates are outside. Michael is in the gym with Elise – he explains there are people in the house who are there on purpose to annoy other housemates. When tasks and more fines occur, it will cause friction in the house – their true personalities will start to come out.

Claire comes to the diary room. She explains she thinks Michael and Elise are a couple – and when Elise says she is single she can’t directly look at people. Everyone else Claire explains, is really fun. Krystal comes over to Karen (her mum) and asks her if she wants some baked beans. Karen doesn’t want to, but Krystal insists she have some.

2.02pm – Michael, John and Ashley have formed a club called the Doctors Of Care (DOC). They put women through pyschological evaluation to try and improve their lives. The girls aren’t convinced but Michael insists they can provide emotional growth.

2.19pm – Karen explains when she seperated with her husband she spent a good month being really depressed. Everyone would say “oh in a couple of months you’ll meet some one, it’ll be good”. And she thought “no this is it – I didn’t think I’d get past this, then all of a sudden you do.. it seems to far away that I can’t feel it anymore”. She asks David where he’s at in relationship status. He says he doesn’t know if he can find some one that he likes and that he can be happy with. Karen realises it might be hard for him because he lives out in the middle of nowhere but there are people who want to do that. David looks uncomfortable and says “maybe… maybe”.

David says he loves his life and loves his farm but when he wakes up in the morning alone it hurts. He wants to roll over and say to someone “how good is this?”. After Karen leaves the room David looks at a photo of two people on horseback and gets upset.

4.18pm – John, Jamie and Elise talk about Anna… without naming her. Jamie says some one can be really good looking but not sexy… and some one who is not physically attractive but appealing. Elise says he’s being really harsh.

Krystal and Katie come to the diary room and asked Big Brother for sugar for porridge and apple crumble. Big Brother just says “no”. The others laugh nervously, and leave to report the verdict to the other housemates. They are barred from sugar and butter. They think it’s bootcamp. Claire is in the gym with John and thinks there is a secret relationship in the house – she think it’s Elise and Michael though. John hasn’t really noticed it. Elise meanwhile is in the bedroom with Jamie.

Inside Ashley explains to Krystal he can’t believe everybody is single. “I wonder if anyone is lying about it”. Karen says “mmm” and looks away suspiciously.

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