Behind Big BrotherBehind Big Brother

Day 88

3 August 2005

Posted by Tim

8.41am – Greg and Vesna are getting up to feed the animals. Vesna complains about the chain between her and Greg, and Big Brother. She complains the entire way outside. In the games yard Vesna tells the animals to shutup multiple times. A goat jumps on Vesna, pulling down her pants and she screams melodramatically. She is “attacked” by one of the larger goats. In the bedroom Tim is making the beds obsessively. Back outside Vesna is walking the aplaca and tells it “don’t gallop, you aren’t a horse, you’re an idiot”. Vesna and Greg start bickering as they circle the yard. She accusing him of making a scene, much to the astonishment of Greg. Melanie and Tim try to make the beds together, still chained together. The animals have been fed and walked and Vesna wants to pop some pimples on Greg’s face. He keeps pulling away and she says she will get them later… Greg says no. Vesna asks “Greg… what is with your attitude!?”. BB calls them back inside. Just as they go to leave a goat attempts to jump out of it’s pen and enter the house. The HMs run back inside.

10.16am – Around the table Vesna says this chain business is demoralising… degrading. The other housemates throw in some D words… demeaning… devilafying… Tim says delicous “oh sorry that’s not right”. Vesna has a theory Big Brother is trying to kill her. They start making arrangements for Vesna’s funeral. She suspects Greg will be standing very far away from her gravesite incase she touches him. Tim mentions group hug again… and Melanie says “can it.. it’s not going to happen. Tim suggests a group song, and starts singing Botany Bay. No one joins in… Vesna starts fuming.


10.23am – Vesna says “life does not exist in this house if I’m not allowed to touch the opposite sex”. Everyone looks uncomfortable. Vesna is annoyed Greg doesn’t display much physical contact (nonsexual) to her. Tim outlines that if he doesn’t want her to touch him she should respect that. Tim uses her and Melanie as an example… and sexual touching can become harassing. The conversation hits a stalemate.

12.04pm – Vesna is brushing her teeth and Greg asks why they don’t have fun together. Vesna blames the chain…. they can feel each other’s frustrations. Greg can see a humourous side to it but would like Vesna to see that too.. all she sees is the world against her. They move to the bedroom continuing the conversation. Vesna feels like an idiot and has never been chained up like this. “I’m going to be selfish and I hate being selfish”.


4.45pm – Vesna asks if the other housemates are happy continuing the task. She feels its a big damper on their time in the house – the winning result doesn’t seem worth it. The other housemates are keen on finishing, and think they will regret ditching it. At this point Vesna cannot hold back her anger and says she is going to have many outbreaks. Tim says she should try to deal with it because everyone else is. Melanie and Tim go into the bedroom and Melanie closes the door so she can have a rest from Vesna. Back in the kitchen Vesna explains she hates being this way, and starts crying. Melanie tells Tim she likes Ves but she’s not prepared to unclip just because Vesna can’t handle it. Tim can’t see why she’s not making any effort with the task – it’s all about respect.

7.05pm – The housemates are all on the couch. Melanie is annoyed where Tim has his arm – the chain is uncomfortable for her. Melanie stands up really fast and the chain becomes unattached from Tim’s arms. Vesna screams and they quickly put it back on Tim’s hand. Vesna and Greg don’t look impressed.Tim goes to the diary room and Melanie sitting on floor screams “I hate this task!”. In the diary room Tim explains to Big Brother the velcro ripped out, and wants to see if they have now failed. BB says the results will be read out later. BB tells him to “never lose hope”.


9.21pm – The housemates are bowling. Big Brother announces there will be a tournament. The winning team will win lots of chocolate. Melanie screams in excitement. Vesna is keen to win this one. Melanie and Tim begin by getting a strike (on her first shot). Vesna and Greg roll and get a gutterball. Melanie bowls and knocks down 8 pins. Another gutterball for Vesna. Tim and Melanie get another good result. Greg bowls and knocks down all but 1 pin. Melanie and Tim have won the tournament, and dance around together. In the diary room Mel and Tim find their chocolate. BB repeats that they must not share their prize with the other team. When they leave the diary room Greg says “well done!” but Vesna is jealous. She says she will steal some later. “I never win in this house… “. Greg says it was just a bit of fun. Tim and Melanie eat some of their chocolate and biscuits in the bedroom. She enjoys winning. Vesna explains she isn’t getting what she needs emotionally in this house and has no chocolate to comfort her.. she has nothing. When leaving the bedroom Tim and Melanie agree not to talk about the chocolate. Greg wants to go the diary room to ask a question. Vesna suggests he ask BB why he is such an ass.

In the diary room Greg asks: “is there anything I can trade in to give some chocolate to Vesna?”. Greg says it would make his life easier if she has some chocolate. Big Brother says no.