Day 87

10.23am – Melanie is up in the kitchen, and asks Vesna whats she’s doing – she’s going to get dressed. Meanwhile outside Tim is doing pench presses and Greg is spotting him. Tim is still thinking about his actions and explains to Greg he didn’t mean to bring everyone down yesterday. Greg says if there’s a problem its better if he talks to the group rather than Big Brother. Tim says no matter what you do it seems you are going to hurt some one. Greg agrees, and takes his turn at bench press. He does 12 reps of 15(whatever that is). Vesna is deciding what to wear in the bedroom. She tries to fit into a skirt, and comments where he fat used to sit. Melanie says not to worry her body will get back into shape. Vesna says none of her clothes fit her anymore. Outside Greg tells Tim he is up for getting to know people at some times but at other times he likes to be by himself. Tim said he’s probably being too hard on Greg – but Greg disagrees. Tim likes to explain everything but Greg has more of an ability to “suck it up” and keep it in. The two aren’t talking to each other directly, but rather talk at each other’s reflections in the outside windows.

Greg goes on to talk about his associates – blokes he knows and has a drink with but is not friends with. He doesn’t have that level of friendship with his mates and wants it – and being in the BB house with Tim has made him realise he doesn’t have those friendships (aw). Vesna is putting on earings and says at least they still fit her. Tim is explaining he believes Greg’s situation probably stems from his boarding school background. Greg totally agrees – and says there are habits you pick up in boarding school.


10.54pm – Housemates have a new task. Vesna reads it out. They are to be chained together. The partners are Tim and Melanie, and Vesna and Greg. Greg moans in annoyance. Housemates grab the chains out of a box, which link their wrists together. Greg and Vesna go into the bedroom together linked and Greg jokes that this will be exciting. He starts undressing his underpants and Vesna looks away. Greg laughs and puts on some pants without undies. Melanie is concerned the arm bracelets will start rubbing and hurt them. She hates this task. Tim says she will have to sleep with him now – and he snores. Melanie hates snoring. Melanie wants to brush her teeth so they go to the bathroom. Vesna and Greg are already there. Vesna is burshing while Greg pulls faces. Tim and Greg start play fighting each other, much to the annoyance of Vesna who screams “Greg, pay attention! Greg, Greg!”. Melanie and Tim leave.

12.21pm – Tim and Mel are outside on the beanbags sunbathing. Melanie explains she gets intimidated easily by personalities in the house which makes her shy away. In the house at the dining table Greg says maybe they should get to know each other. Vesna says Greg is so hard to get to know. Greg explains the other three like to talk so much but he doesn’t do that much talking. Vesna says she would have already guessed that. Greg tells Vesna to let him finish because he knows she interrupts people. Vesna looks annoyed. Greg explains he was very annoyed when Vesna told him to comfort Tim because “you don’t do anything to comfort people in this house”. Vesna finds that a lot of the time Greg will open up a lot more when its some one else’s problem and not his. Greg says for so many years he had to deal with his own problems – he had to learn to be independent and he generally comes out on top.


2.21pm – Housemates are having lunch outside. Vesna says this task is going to get very annoying – because if you want to be by yourself to cry you cant. Tim wants water, and Melanie tells him to go get it. However Vesna and Greg end up leaving to get water – but they go into the bedroom and wonder where people are going to sleep. Tim and Mel collect the plates and take them inside. In the bedroom Greg and Vesna are lying on a bed and Greg says they were put together because she’s been drooling over him for a while. Greg says he doesn’t find Vesna attractive. Vesna says that’s a first, and asks if he likes Mel. He does.

4.20pm – While Tim is in the diary room Mel must be chained to a pole outside the diary room doors. Greg and Vesna are on the lounge and Vesna asks again why Greg doesn’t find her attractive. He says she just doesn’t have that “bit of bang” that would make him want her. Vesna needs confirmation of sense from Mel. She says it makes sense – he’s attracted but there is no chemistry. Greg hasn’t had an impure thought about Vesna in the house. He had a lot of them about Christie. Vesna asks who else. Greg says Kate, Mel. Vesna says he’s attracted to body, and adds Michelle to the list. Vesna needs to go to the toilet so they go into the bedroom, and unclip. Greg must wait by the toilet. Inside the toilet Vesna starts crying. Greg can hear and asks if she is ok. He says what she’s looking into is… Vesna says she isn’t looking into what they were talking about just now. He asks if they want to go outside. She doesn’t. Greg keeps asking what is wrong but Vesna doesn’t want to talk about it – he says she has taken it the wrong way, but Vesna doesn’t think so. Greg says he’s not that shallow as Vesna described just now.


5.54pm – The housemates are in the bedroom. Vesna says Greg called her fat – sorta. Greg says she knows damn well he didn’t call her fat. Vesna explains she had weight issues for the last 20 years. Mel says she can’t carry issues for that long. Vesna says Mel can’t see that when she’s been skinny all her life. Melanie says you can lose weight but you cant take away broad shoulders. Vesna explains she was told she couldn’t be a model because she was too fat. Vesna is upset at the girls in magazines like Cosmo (and Ralph!) where the girls have their ribs showing.

8.05pm – Housemates are at the dinner table and Melanie says she really needs to go to the toilet. Tim is annoyed and jokes about the songs he has to sing to cover up the sound of urine going into a toilet. Outside the toilet he sings “farewell to … ” something. He adds in lyrics about not having to listen to Mel pee. Greg goes to the diary room and explains how great it feels being unchained for once. He says to BB in the diary room he didn’t think he had so much of a problem with females in the house – espcially with emotions and feelings. BB asks if Vesna is wearing the pants in this relationship. Greg says yes. Vesna starts screaming for Greg to hurry up. Mel and Tim return and Tim jokes Mel doesn’t think of other people – she is so selfish. The two start wrestling each other on the lounge. Vesna says she feels like a dog waiting outside a shop for it’s owner. In the diary room Greg says he might just stay in the diary room for 10 minutes but BB reminds him he can’t stay in there forever. When he emerges he jokes that he forgot Vesna was there.

10.16pm – Housemates are getting into bed and Vesna says she needs to be naked. Greg straight out says “no!”. She she doesn’t. Vesna stresses about Greg being a million miles away from her. He says he just needs his space. The lights go out and Greg asks Vesna how she falls asleep – does she roll over on him. Greg demonstrates a position he really hates – up close and personal in bed. Vesna asks if he would like her to sleep on the floor. She says that Hotdogs hugged her heaps. Greg said Christie hugged him heaps too. The two start wrestling and laughing in bed, pushing away at each other.

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