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Day 87 Uplate

2 August 2005

Posted by Tim

11:58pm: Housemates still talking in bed. Mel says she likes doing something a particular way, she likes her scruture. Greg tells Ves not to roll over because he can’t sleep like that (they are chained together). Greg says he used to cuddle with Christie, saying he did it all the time with her. He says it’s difficult to get to sleep with the chain. Bit of silence now, although I think Tim and Mel are talking. Vesna starts laughing as Greg gets annoyed by her constant moving around in the bed. Greg lets one rip and Vesna says it’s terrible. Greg admits it’s a bad one. I think Mel can get a wiff of it from across the room. Greg says its the pizza. Ves says that Greg has most of the bed and it’s irritating her because she has to keep moving closer to him. Vesna makes mention again that Greg never lets her touch her. Greg points out that they have this discussion everynight, and to let it rest. Silence.

12:16am: Vesna needs to go to the toilet, so up gets Greg too, and he uses a longer chain to keep him waiting outside while Vesna uses the toilet. Greg decides to go while he is up as well. Vesna says the task is ridiculous. She says it makes her feel like a prisoner. They settle back down into bed and silence takes over the room once more.

12:30am: Ves and Greg start talking about some food. Vesna explains it in detail. They try to get back to sleep.