Day 86 Uplate

12:07am: We join with Greg and Vesna in the bathroom. Vesna is saying how some guys might like larger ladies like herself. They are brushing their teeth, and Greg is doing it quite fast and Vesna tells him to stop doing it so fast as he’ll damage his teeth. He stops doing it fast and takes care. They continue brushing in silence.

12:16am: Vesna says she has told all of Australia now that she is getting up tomorrow, so she can’t back out now? Tim groans a couple of times, and Vesna tells him that these aren’t his last days and he’s not dying of a terminal illness. Tim want silence, but Vesna seems to be in a very cheery mood. Vesna says she is on such a high, she says she is looking forward to vomiting on Sunday. She says she would be scared to go, and scared of people yelling at her ‘slut’ going down the ramp. Greg says goodnight to everyone. Vesna says she isn’t ready to sleep, but Tim then says goodnight to everyone as well. Vesna wonders if they really think Vesna is crazy. Vesna is still very wound up while everyone else seems ready for bed. Mel says she wants to be Shopper Chef next week, even if it’s only for one day. Greg says if he wins and FNL is not rigged again, he’ll let her be shopper chef. Vesna say she hates the pigs, and waking up in the morning. Tim says the pigs got too big. Vesna wonders if a spider could come and bite them during the night. Tim tells a story of a big spider that can suck the blood from you while you are awake. They reckon that Tim is lying. Tim says BB would save her by saying “This…..(pause) is BB, Vesna is dying. Greg stop talking to Mel and help her. They all have a laugh. Tim says there is a spider named Blue Tail. Vesna really thinks he is lying. Vesna wants to know about more spiders, but we’re off to a break.

12:44am: Lights are out in the bedroom, but still talking. Vesna says she misses Dean because he always said “Bloody…” She also misses Glenn saying something as well, but Ves tells Greg that he does it better now. She talks about Hotdogs and pimples. They talk about the boil on Hotdogs bottom. Greg says the puss was huge. Vesna says that every guy in here had a go at her. Greg says that Ves had a go back though. Vesna says she wanted to smack Greg when he persuaded the group to leave the dinner table. Greg can’t believe it. Greg says he apologised though. Vesna wonders if anyone will leave the table this Thursday. Vesna says they are having pizza for lunch tomorrow. Greg is going to help. They are having tuna on the pizza. Ves says it’s very nice.

1:23am: Vesna has taken her top off, and jumped onto Greg’s bed. Tim is still asleep. They wake him up, he stirs for a sec, and rolls over as if nothing has happened. Greg and Vesna are laughing their heads off but really really quiet about it. They try to wake him up numerous times, although it doesn’t really work. They try to work out a practicle joke to play on him so he’ll wake up and see it in the morning, but we are taken to a comm break.

1:38am: Vesna wants Greg’s singlet, so he gives her it to wear, and then he gets up and finds himself another one. He then goes to the toilet.

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