Day 80

7.21am – Melanie is up walking the alpacas, and Greg is giving her a hand with feeding them. Melanie has some trouble with the alpaca’s walking rope. She is scared to unhook it’s lead without the alpaca spitting at her. The two go back into the house once all the animals are fed. As they enter the bedroom BB turns on the lights and announces the hot water is now on. Vesna complains BB puts the lights on so bloody early. She says its like a concentration camp. Later the housemates have a morning shower. As soon as Vesna walks into the shower BB annouces the hot water is now off. Vesna screams at the top of her lungs “no!”. She then says a string of complaints, including that Big Brother is crazy. Meanwhile Tim is making the beds as part of his weekly chores. He is making an effort of doing it perfectly. Big Brother annouces it is time to write scene two of their movie for the weekly task. Kate, still in a towel, fetches the whiteboard from the diary room. Tim is finishing up with the beds now and just wants to get the last one done before they begin work on the movie. Kate gives him a hand. Meanwhile Vesna is telling Greg about how she hates Big Brother – he confuses her – he’s nice one minute and mean the next. Greg doesn’t seem to care.


9.53am – Big Brother has supplied a camera and costumes for the task. Greg annouces they have an hour to practice their lines. BB has also typed up the script to make it easier for the housemates. Vesna goes through the costumes and fabric supplied. She likes a lot of whats included. Tim is confused about one of the characters – Steve. Later Melanie is in her costume. BB annouces the housemates must perform lines in an American accent. Scene 1, Take 6 begins. Greg says “lights, camera, and action”. This scene involves Melanie and Kate talking about a woman outside. They over-act at every chance and lay on the thick American accents. Kate sneaks in the “I don’t give a damn”. Steve, played by Tim, sneaks the line “whats a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?”. Greg cuts the scene when everyone is finished. Tim says the girls were so good at memorising their lines – he also says they are good actors (hah!). Greg says it was very funny. Tim is excited at how well the script has come. They go outside and Scene 1, Take 11 takes place. Kate’s character is having a fight with Tim’s character, and he throws Kate’s character’s diary to one side. The scene ends. BB announces “thats a wrap”.


3.33pm – Tim and Kate are outside and she asks if he’s lost weight. Vesna says he is. Kate says he’s put on muscle but he’s so skinny now. Tim says he looked at himself side on in the mirror and realised he is so thin, like paper, compared to the other boys. Tim says you need to accept your body’s limitations. He says he is comfortable with his body – he knows what body fashion is, and it’s 15kg and 3 or so inches bigger than what he is. Kate doesn’t want to be a stick figure. Tim says body fashion changes with time. Kate says if they start putting between 12 and 14 sized women in magazines it could change the trend.

5.09pm – Tim is asking Kate about a possible early dinner. Vesna says they want to go to bed early tonight. Kate says she will get on it. Vesna says she’s afraid they won’t eat tonight, to Tim and Melanie in the bedroom. Vesna says when she cooks she doesn’t talk to anyone – right now Greg is distracting Kate. The two are laughing about Greg knocking his funny bone in his elbow. In the bedroom Melanie is afraid she is being pesimistic because she’s so tired and she has a lack of stimulation in the house. Nothing in the house resembles her life. Vesna tells Tim to tell Kate to hurry up with dinner and “stop pussyfooting around”. Tim leaves them and asks Kate if she wants some assistance. Melanie says if she has to stay another week she doesn’t know what she’d do – she thinks she’d go insane. She wouldn’t be able to survive 3 months in here – “no way!”. Vesna calls Kate into the bedroom. Kate says “how can I assist you?”. Vesna asks what they are having for dinner – tunabake. Vesna says Kate can go now that she knows whats for dinner. She has orange peel in her mouth and Kate comments Vesna’s smile is looking very beautiful: “please send me the number of your dentist”.


6.21pm – Melanie is jogging around the backyard, much to the surprise of Vesna. Vesna dips some bread into Kate’s cooking and eats it. Vesna exclaims “Mel is still running, and I farted”. Big Brother calls Vesna to the diary room. Vesna realises what she has done, gasps and says “I’m so sorry”. Kate says its alright, she says she will just make another one. In the diary room Vesna says “yes I know what I did”. She says she wasn’t thinking in tasting the tomato sauce. BB tells her to collect the sauce and bring it back to the diary room. Vesna says “do you have to do this?”. She goes and collects the sauce, and says she is so sorry “what is wrong with me? what the hell… what is he going to do with it, throw it in the bin isnt he?”.

10.39pm – Tim is sweeping up the kitchen. Kate is now outside doing laps. Greg is lying on a bed, acting sleepy. Vesna comments that Tim left the bin in the bedroom because he was distracted by Kate. Melanie says that relationship will never go anywhere. They want Kate to reciprocate her feelings. Greg says if they are the last two left they could lose themselves in the moment. Vesna says “just like you and I in the moment, Greg”. Greg says Vesna would have to fight Christie. Kate enters the bedroom from her run, and Tim follows. Later Tim is climing into bed. Vesna doesn’t understand how he can sleep with so many clothes on. Greg exclaims Tim is hogging all the sheets in their bed and they have a small fight about it. Tim leans over to talk to Kate and she says “get away”. Tim asks he if she wants a hug, she says yes so Tim leans over and hugs her in bed. There is silence while he hugs her. The hug lasts a good minute or so. Kate says “thankyou” as BB turns the bedroom lights off.

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