Day 79

1.26am – Melanie wants Big Brother to run off the fire on the plasma screens. Kate explains she thinks it will be Xmas in July tomorrow, which gets all the housemates talking about candy canes and other Xmas goodies. They sing carols in bed.

11.45am – Housemates are up and preparing some food for lunch. Vesna wants vegetables in her lunch, if some one is going to make it for her. Greg is making bread. Vesna explains what she is planning to cook – a stir fry reincarnation with slices of meat.

Tim and Kate are called to the diary room. Inside they find a whiteboard and envelope. When BB tells them their instructions Tim leans on Kate’s shoulder. They emerge from the diary room and Kate reads the letter from BB: He wants them to make a movie. There are several famous movie lines that need to be included in the Big Brother movie. Greg is quick to say 100% wager on the budget, and Kate agrees. They quickly start planning out the script by writing the required lines on the whiteboard. Vesna ducks out to check on how her meal is coming. While marinating the meat she gets bitten by something and yells out at the bug. She then tries to attack a fly that landed on the meat. “Bloody insects I hate them!”. Tim, sitting right by chuckles at Vesna’s complaints. The store room is now open and Kate hopes there is christmas stuff inside. Kate talks to herself on the way to the store room, saying she doesn’t like Christmas ham but likes turkey. Inside the store room she doesn’t find any Christmas goods, and returns to the house annoyed. “I’ve been a good girl but santa didn’t come”.


5.13pm – Vesna is assistant chef but is doing all the cooking right now while Kate is outside helping the other housemates exercise. Tim is doing weights and is being spotted by Greg. Vesna calls Kate back inside to taste the sauce. Kate says its really good. Tim is now on the punching bag. Melanie says she’s turned into a porker – put on 2 kilos while in the house. Shes going to “do some weights, man”. Back in the house Kate complains to Vesna about how BB didn’t give them any xmas in July goodies. Vesna says Big Brother is mean. Kate is called to the diary room, and she thinks she has a bad microphone battery. In the diary room Big Brother asks her how far away dinner is – 15 minutes. BB asks what they are having. Kate says “marinated beef and a peanut sate sauce”. BB asks her how did she make it – she says she didn’t, the assistant made the sauce. BB asks what role Kate played. Kate jokes she did “diddly shit” and admits she got the assistant to make most of the meal tonight. BB instructs Kate to gather all the housemates in the kitchen, read the shopper/chef duty statement and then inform the housemates all food will be confiscated by Big Brother. Kate can’t beleive it and says she’s going to snap. Finally she tells BB it is Xmas in July today – BB says “Merry Christmas Kate”.


5.55pm – Kate calls everyone inside. Kate reads the duty statement for shopper/chef. The food starts to burn and Kate says “the reason why I’m not rushing to fix it is because all the food is being confiscated by BB”. Vesna is annoyed and says she won’t let the food be taken. Kate eventually grabs the sate. Vesna storms off to the bedorom saying “I hate him, I really hate him”. Greg and Kate lay the food down in the diary room. Meanwhile Vesna, in the lounge room says “what is wrong with him? Are his bones riddled with hate?”. As Greg and Kate leave the diary room, Kate explains that cooking is all Vesna has in the house. Kate explains BB will return the pots. Vesna says “whe don’t want the pots! What are we going to put in them!?”. Kate is optimistic, she says they can still have marinated meat for dinner. Vesna says “I hate him”, and sits on the couch dissapointed.

8.33pm – Housemates are in the lounge room. Vesna complains about the mosquitos. BB announces nominated housemates are Kate, Melanie and Vesna. Melanie jokes three girls – go girls! Tim is looking sombre about his nomination decision to save Greg – at the same time he put Kate up for eviction.


9.21pm – Housemates all come to the diary room and ask Big Brother if they can sing a Christmas carol in exchange for some Xmas goodies. They sing “we wish you a merry Xmas”. Greg puts red cup on his nose as Rudolf and red wine glasses on his head as antlers. When the housemates Big Brother says he will get back to the housemates shortly. The HMs emerge from the diary room and Kate thanks them all for their efforts. Vesna is called back to the diary room. Inside she finds chocolate biscuits and alochol. They all cheer each other Merry Xmas, especially to Christie who wanted to have Christmas in the house.

10.21pm – Housemates are getting into bed. Melanie comments that today went really quick. Outside in the kitchen Greg is thanking Tim for saving him from nomination tonight. Tim says its no problem. Greg says its unfortunate it worked out the way it did (Tim nominated Kate at the same time). Tim says the whole thing is unplesant. The boys eventually come into the bedroom. Tim starts tucking in Kate’s bed, saying it wasn’t made properly this morning. Melanie says Tim needs to tuck in her side as well. Kate then says its too tight and she will roll into Melanie. Vesna is then tucked in by Tim and complains when Tim puts on another blanket – she is too hot as it is. Tim gets into bed and Melanie tells him to continue with his story. Greg starts lying on Tim. Tim explains when he was young his dad would sing him songs at night to get him to sleep. He starts singing along with Greg, much to the delight of the girls who crack up laughing.

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