Day 79 Uplate

12:03am: Housemates are in bed but talking. They are talking about an ex housemate, a girl. Kate says she was GI Joe, she could to do 100 push ups. They say she was fit, and 10D breasts (must be Gianna). Kate says the problem was that she knew she was good looking and she paraded it. Kate says Glenn used to pick her up and pretend to do her, but because she was so short, her legs wouldn’t reach the ground. Kate says she was very attractive. Vesna wonders why the guys didn’t latch on if that was the case. Kate says she was too keen. Tim recounts Dave sleeping with her innocently one night and Gianna just latching on from there. Kate says she was smart, but she didn’t finish her degree? She says she worked at a gas company, and she loved animals. Kate says Gianna’s owned a farm animal shelter. Kate laughs as Glenn used to always tell them stories about trying to kill animals! After Mike finishes up, they have moved onto Angela. Kate says she loved gossip and magazines and such. They explain that Angela would organise speed dating nights and make money from that. Vesna wonders why she doesn’t have a relationship. Kate says she was too busy trying to hook up others. Someone says she was probably scared. Kate agrees.

12:24am: Talk has moved onto Geneva or Rachael. They are saying that Geneva was jealous when Rachael entered because she was into girls a bit too, and she thought she was being replaced. Greg says he never heard Geneva talk about her chicks that she had relationships with. Kate says she told Geneva that if she hooked up with a chick in the house it would be really uncomfortable. Greg wonders why Kate would be. Kate says she would be jealous because she saw Geneva as hers, but not ‘in that way.’ Kate tells a story about how she went away for a year, came back, and her best friend had another ‘best friend’ now and Kate instantly hated her. Vesna wonders where Greg was when she came in. Vesna didn’t think anyone got up to say hello. They say Dean just stood there. Tim says Geneva was very mature for her age. Greg agrees. Kate thinks it was because of her upbringing, she lost her mum young and was basically a mum to her sister.

12:36am: Vesna is talking about making punch or something and where they put it. Nothing to do with the BB house. Kate thinks it’s a good idea though! She is talking about a party, it was great in Vesna’s opinion. Vesna says the party was open house, but it was Camberwell, which she describes as a very nice area (it is :) ). Mel likes the Hawthorn area more. Lots of beeps coming from this convo, deleting the suburbs. Vesna tells a story about meeting this guy. Her old boyfriend and Vesna were walking down Chapel Street and a guy walked up to them. The guy wanted to take a photo of Ves with his mobile, and she said fine. They guy asked Ves’s guy, and Ves quickly told him that he wasn’t her boyfriend. He takes the photo and then looks her up and down and he says “I love your bum, can I take a photo of it?” Alright he takes a photo of the bum. He then asks her to say a few words, and she does it. They guy then invites them back to his place. Ves says nah, and then he asks “Do you want to make a movie?” Ves says she didn’t do that stuff, and they basically ran away! Anyway, back to her open house party. Two guys walk in, one she knows….and damn Mike cuts in.

1:03am: Greg is in the toilet. Vesna asks what he is doing, saying “tenderising your meat?” Actually it was Vesna in the toilet. Ves thinks Greg is going to scare her, but I can’t see him anywhere. He finally scares her when he jumps up next to her bed. A bit of a laugh and Greg starts telling a story to Ves about being scared. His mates used to play a game where Greg would go into another room and count to 100 and then come back and the mates try to scare him. He says he was creeping along for 35 minutes trying to find them before realising they were just chilling outside. He says he’s going to give Tim a blowjob and then go to sleep. Vesna says her old boyfriend was on P Plates till March, and she was so embarassed she would take them down. Ves says she went to his 21st party.

1:14am: Mel & Ves talk about some Melbourne streets which Timmy would love, including Brunswick, Smith and Fitzroy streets. Greg reckons Timmy would get into a fight and get bashed up. Vesna says the air con is on in this room. Kate says that when she’s in a relationship in 6 weeks, can they tell her she doesn’t want to be in one. Greg says he is very picky. Ves says she knows what Greg wants. She says she has to be outgoing, attractive, switch on, similar interests. Greg says he doesn’t know what he wants. Greg says he is driven to older people because they have the career side which he wants, but then turns around and says “I’m all about fun.” Greg says he’s been turned off by girls when he introduces her to his mates and she doesn’t pay attention/looks down on them. Mel reckons you can tell a lot about people when girls are a bars. Kate tells Greg he is arrogant. He says that his flatmate has also told him this, but it’s not a huge arrogance, just a tip. The girls agree.

1:31am: Kate wonders if you could do a commerce law course. Mel thinks thats good, but it’s better to just do Law. I think Kate just said that she wants to get a CA or a CPA. Ves says she is just a hairdresser! Kate would love one of her sisters to be a hairdresser. Vesna says she wants to be called a hair stylist, but then says she runs the business. They talk about Gomez, the muppet and how McDonalds gave out them in happy meals at one stage.

1:38am: Greg scares Mel as she comes out of the toilet, but she must’ve had an idea, because it wasn’t good. Housemates settle down to sleep and thats the show.

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