Day 73

7:40am: Mel and Rita are feeding the farm animals. The pigs are getting aggressive and the girls make mention of the fact. Back inside the house, Kate and Tim are at the table. Last night, Kate & Dave removed pieces of the checker game in return for batteries and a tennis ball. Tim says he can’t be angry at Kate just because she was laughing while she removed the pieces. Kate says that she laughs all the time though. Tim says that he can’t be mad at Kate and not at Dave, but he was angry at Kate and not at Dave. He says other factors and issues made him feel like he did. Kate presses him to raise these issues with her. Tim says that he likes her more than she likes him and that gives him frustration, and in situations such as last night he has another emotional saw that gets etched away. He says that if he was outside the house he would be fine but he has to see Kate everyday and so he can’t forget about her. He says he would get rid of it in 3 weeks if they didn’t see each other everyday and when they saw each other in months time it would be so much better and more comfortable. Kate apologises for last night and the checkers incident. Tim again says that he didn’t want to have a public stouch with Kate because the argument wouldn’t have been about the subject at hand, moreso his frustration at his attraction to Kate. Kate takes the dishes to the kitchen. Kate come to the diary room. She says that she knows it’s hard to deal with someone when you like them, but she is frustrated that he says it time and time again and she feels guilty for not liking him in return. She says that everytime he says it to her Kate feels it’s get heavier and heavier, and she doesn’t know if it’s in the hope that she’ll turn around and suddenly have feelings for her or not. She says she doesn’t know how to deal with it and it’s really upsetting her. She feels sorry for running away from him just then. Outside, Vesna wakes up, and Tim says “You’ve missed heaps!” She asks where Kate is, and Tim, pausing for a good few seconds says “She’s….in the diary room.” He then says “I thought we agreed we were going to call her Hate?!”

3:39pm: Housemates are locked in the bedroom. BB tells them they are to pack their bags for an extended stay outside of the house. Cheers from most corners of the room. Rita says she is excited. BB tells them their time is up and everyone must go to the garden immediately. Mel yells out “Where do we go to the toilet?” Rita, Mel and Greg check out the outback loo. BB tells Melanie to come to the diary room. Vesna comes over to the toilet and says “You are fucking joking me?” Mel comes back with instructions on how to find the hidden treasure. Greg is very excited! They start in front of the storeroom with their compass. Dave walks north 5 steps, then west 7 steps. Ves says they should just hunt for it! Next instruction is 20 degrees 4 steps. Then they have to dig. Vesna says perhaps the line of the series “Surely they wouldn’t have buried it this deep. I mean, this is in Afghanistan or something?” Soon after they’ve found a box, but it’s locked and they now must find the key with new instructions. Tim starts out now to find the key. It starts pouring down. They quickly grab all the wood out of the rain. Tim says it was a good idea to get the wood. They start again with the instructions. Rita is digging away in the garden and she says she found it. Claps all round. They open the box to find damper and marshmellows etc.

5:15pm: Rita is reading instructions on how to start a fire. Mel says she wants to go to the toilet but says “Ewwww.” She tells the others to shutup as they laugh at her. Greg says someone should help her go. Kate decides to get her a towel, and Mel has a smile on her face again. Dave staers the fire. Mel gets on the toilet and has the towel over her head. They realise they don’t have toilet paper, and Kate runs off to get it. Back at the fire, Tim and Dave think they need to make the fire bigger. Rita asks Vesna, the chef, if they are going to fry the sausages. Rita says she might fry her own. Vesna yells “Rita we have to do everything together, we just can’t do everything seperate….We can;t do seperate stuff.” She walks away. Rita says it’s the same as people asking for different things for dinner inside. Vesna realy worked up now says “I don’t care, we’re doing everything together and if you don’t like it you can f*ck off.” Rita laughing now says they can do everything together, “It doesn’t matter.” Vesna says she can’t tolerate it, not out here. She says she can’t handle it anymore. BB cuts in to tell Vesna she can’t swear, and as a concequence, they must keep the fire alight until breakfast in the morning. Dave says easy. Greg comes over and gives Vesna a hug. She says she can’t handle it anymore “I want this and I want that!”. Rita yells out that she can hear everything she is saying. Ves says “Rita please….I’m going to have a nervous breakdown…in fact I think I just did.” Rita says she heard Mel before too. Ves says she can’t come over there because she is too angry. Later, she walks back over and says “I’m sorry for yelling at you Rita, I’m just frustrated.” Rita says this time she’s not saying OK. Rita says they don’t understand her. Mel butts in and says that when people want to talk about it to Rita, Rita closes off. Rita defends herself saying she doesn’t. There is about 4 of them who snap back at her “You do.” Rita says “Alright, all gang up on me.” Kate says none of them are meaning to gang up on her.

Vesna comes over and runs her back, and Rita says “Please don’t. I don’t want my back rubbed….but thankyou!” Rita says that they aren’t perfect either. Kate says she thinks it’s Rita’s way or the highway. Rita doesn’t agree. She says she would rather people talk directly. Mel says everytime she trys to talk or give advice to Rita she….Rita interrupts, saying that she has listened to everything Mel has said and she has lost respect for her. Mel says thats fine, be that way. Rita says she does listen to other people but they just don’t understand. Mel says that she should try to understand them. Rita says she does understand her. Mel is worked up, and Kate tells her to walk away. She does, Greg comforts her. Mel says she hates people like that. Back with Rita she says she doesn’t understand why she is upset when she hasn’t said one word against Mel. Rita says she is not stupid. She says to Kate that they don’t realise how wise she is. Back with Mel, who is with Christie, and Mel says she just isn’t going to speak to her anymore.

11:04pm: It’s started raining. They run for cover. Vesna stays in the rain, and Tim tells her to come in. Mel thinks it’s like BB is controlling the weather. Rita agrees. Vesna is still in the rain. Mel and Christie find a quiet place to lie down. Mel says she has already had her cry. Mel says she is cold and freezing. She says she doesn’t want to go to the toilet but it’s feral, and she doesn’t like this task. Christie says she doesn’t like it either but they have to try to find the fun side of it. Mel says she has tried, but she is not mad for camping, referring to her skin routine twice a day. The boys are on their own and start singing “Waltzing Matilda”. Dave says they shouldn’t sing the whole song, and Tim says “Oh ok, how embarassing.” They give a good portion of the song some air time.

1:18am: Time for bed, and Rita says goodnight. Over near the fire, Christie says “I’ve never slept in a bean bag…I mean a sleeping bag.” Greg can’t believe it. Dave says the wind is so still it’s not going to rain. Christie wonders what happens if it rains. Greg shows her how they can put the entire swag over them. She says “This is great. I love this.”

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