Day 66

10:29am: Most of the boys are in the gym doing weights. BB calls all housemates to the diary room. They all exit the diary room with a personalised paper bag full of needed items for this weeks task which is tap dancing. BB announces to the house that it’s time to tapdance. Back out in the garden, Big Brother has set up special stages for the housemates to tap their new shoes on. They go through the routine numerous times together, and then get each sub group to perform the dance on their own. Dean, Dave and Mel go first. They seem to go quite well. Kate says to Tim that Dean looks a bit silly doing it. Dean has such a happy smile on his face you know it must be put on. BB interrupts them and tells them that the session is over. Vesna ignores BB and starts talking about a step, but all the others slowly start to end the session.

12:39pm: Christie and Rita are preparing lunch for all the housemates. Christie says she misses her friends. She explains that she can tell her friends anything and they won’t feel any less of her. Rita says no one in here thinks of less of her, which Christie agrees with, but Rita goes on to say that it depends how you (Christie) treat other people as well. Christie says “I’m wondering why their is frustration between us Rita.” Rita says that she thinks Christie is a type of person who will say one thing to one person, and something different to another. Christie says she seeks advice and then confronts. Rita says that she thinks Christie never confronts, and just continues to talk behind people’s back. Rita says she knows Christie better than Christie thinks she does. Mel is sitting watching, and says that in here confrontation is different. Mel goes onto say that it’s hard in here because your not meant to get along with everyone BB puts in here. Rita disagrees, saying thats a negative attitude. Mel can’t believe that and screams. Christie says everyone is different. She says she doesn’t like confrontation, but Rita obviously does. Christie says her style is to get advice and sometimes leave it at that. Rita says she should talk about it in a mature manner. Christie says “This is what you do to me Rita, you annoy the absolute shit out of me.” She says she is over it. Rita says she shouldn’t raise her voice, and get protective and immature about it. Mel wonders if raising her voice is immature. Christie says “To Rita it is.” Rita says she was bought up in a different environment to them. She says her morals and standards are different to theirs. Christie goes onto say that she doesn’t know what frustrates her about Rita. Rita suggests they talk about it together. Christie says it’s frustrating that it always has to be “Rita’s way.” Dean has come to the kitchen in the middle of all this. Christie also says that she feels like Rita doesn’t listen. Mel cuts in and says she feels like she is 19. Rita asks Mel to be quiet so Christie and herself can discuss this. Dean returns to the gym where all the boys are and Vesna and recommends they all stay out her because the girls are fighting. Vesna wants to join in, but the guys tell her not to. She doesn’t listen and goes anyway. Dean recounts what he heard to the boys.

12:58pm: Vesna is now also in the kitchen. Kate is in the living area of the room and has heard it all but not spoken. Mel asks why Rita always says to her “When I was your age…” Rita explains she is trying to get Mel to understand her (Rita). She says she is not trying to make her feel below. Mel says she does. She says Christie also is. Rita thinks they are both insecure. Mel gets up very frustrated. As Mel leaves the house for the backyard, Rita calls out that one day Mel will realise that Rita was in fact trying to help her out. She says “And walking away is not a good way to deal with it either.” Vesna says that everyone should be nice to each other. Kate says she does exactly the same as Rita. Mel is back. Rita says that for some reason Mel doesn’t think that she (Rita) likes her. She says she does. Mel says she just doesn’t understand, but Rita interrupts saying “It doesn’t really matter.” Mel says she wants to talk about it, but Rita says they are getting to defensive about it. Mel says “What do you expect when you tell the whole group that you think I’m negative.” Vesna says to stop it. Rita tells Mel to not take it to heart. Kate cuts in, but Rita asks her not to. Rita says to Christie “You know how you think your honest and you say things to people’s faces, I don’t think you do.” She goes onto say “I know a lot of others that might be thinking it, but I’m the only one with the balls to say it.” Vesna says she needs a coffee, she can’t deal with it. Rita says no more. Christie is very silent and looks almost as if she is trying not to cry. Mel & Rita are now in the bathroom. Mel says she is not ready to talk about it yet any further, saying that when it makes sense in her head she’ll talk. Rita says she like Mel and would tell her if she didn’t like her. Rita goes onto say she sees things from a different angle and Mel shouldn’t take it to heart. They hug and makeup, Rita saying she doesn’t want anymore tension. Once out of the bathroom, Christie asks Rita if they can talk. Rita says yes and they go to the bedroom. Christie says she gets frustrated because she feels that her opinion isn’t getting heard. She says she hates being looked as the 19 year old with no experiences. She says that it hurt her when Rita said that she knew a lot about her just before. She asks what she meant by that. Rita tries to explain, saying that she knows that while she might do something one way on the outside, inside Rita thinks Christie has a different view. Christie explains she thought it meant that she had seen a lot more of her (alluding to watching on the outside). She says it cut deep to her. She says she isn’t happy about the way she handled the argument. Rita feels the same way and they make up.

3:06pm: Kate Christie and Mel are lying on the bed. Kate says she felt uncomforable today when Vesna asked Christie “What were you and Greg sleeping in the same bed last night for?” Christie says they didn’t do anything, imagine if they kissed! Kate says she thought it was really weird. Kate says she is not bitching now, she is addressing issues. In the spa are the Logan boys and Dean. Dean says it was funny how the boys were outnumbering the girls 6 to 3, and now the boys are outnumbered. Dave says the boys all get along smoothly, and when the girls get their way they are into each other. Back in the bedroom Christie is confronting Vesna about her comments this morning about sleeping with Greg. Ves says she has said that before. Christie says she is really sensitive today. Ves says she only did it once and didn’t go on and on about it. Christie says she knows it makes him uncomfortable, so Christie also gets uncomfortable. Ves says she isn’t dealing with this very well at all and starts crying. Christie tells her to let it out. Vesna thinks everything is blown out of proportion in this house. She says she hates the farting in the face. Christie offers to stop it. Ves says she really hates it. She goes onto say that when Christie gets around the guys she becomes a little bitch. Christie yells “WHAT?” Ves says she becomes a different person. Christie says that really offends her. Ves says she feels that she isn’t her friend when she does this. Mel says that Ves thinks that when your around the boys she’s not sticking up for Ves, or the girls in general. Kate says all the guys stick together but the girls don’t have a close bond. Both Kate and Ves hate that. Back out at the spa the guys are saying that the biggest argument the boys have had was with Dean and ‘sparrow boy’ (Tim). But Dean goes onto say that they are both civil and talk to each other. Greg agrees saying that they aired their concerns to each other and it hasn’t stopped them both having a good time. In the bedroom, Christie is upset saying so many things have come out today. Ves and Christie share a hug. Mel says “We cry over anything, we’re pathetic!”

8:49pm: Christie says that it shocked her when the Logan’s were up on Monday. Ves says that Dave often grits his teeth in an effort to not say what he really feels. Christie agrees. Ves says they are not as nice as they appear. Christie says they are hot and cold. Dave comes to the diary room. He says he has a few questions to ask BB. He wonders if the girls bought a manual in with them so the boys could read how they work, or whether they have to guess? He says he doesn’t understand the majorty of them. Back to Vesna who thinks they were told to do everything with a smile on their face and don’t complain. Ves says now she thinks about it, it makes her really mad. She reckons their buttons aren’t being pushed, and asks Christie what they can do to push their buttons. Christie says they hate confrontation. Back in the diary room BB asks if he has learnt anything about the girls. Dave says “I think as my brother said, I should just keep my mouth shut.” Dave says he is sure that they had a discussion about how they aren’t being open and always nice etc. He says they don’t deserve his….”are we meant to just sit there and listen to them?”

10:36pm: Housemates are all in bed. Vesna gets up and starts talking to Jesse, the ‘ultimate housemate”. She says Jesse has a nice top on, and asks where s/he purchased it from. She tells it she has to go, and goes to the dancefloor and practices her tap dancing.

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