Day 66 Uplate

11:57pm: Kate has just come out to Vesna in the kitchen. Ves says she has been talking to herself. Ves says she can hear a lot of noises about. She says “see” to Kate about a noise but Kate can’t hear it. Kate says something is keeping her up. Kate says she forgot about the bowling alley for a second. Kate yawns. Ves again asks her if she can hear the noise. She says she is deaf tonight or something and can’t hear anything. Ves wonders what time it is. She thinks midnight, which is spot on, but Kate says she’ll go and find out by looking outside. She says it’ll be wet tomorrow for their dancing practice. She comes back inside and says she thinks it’s about 11:30pm. She says she can hear the farmyard, but then she says it sounds like they are near a road. Kate says that she thinks a girl might win BB. Ves says her and Christie were singing a song at the same time and she thought that was strange. Kate gets an eyelash from Ves and Ves wishes. Kate says she thinks Gretel is coming in tomorrow. Ves says she doesn’t know what to think anymore. She says that yesterday she felt weird, the weirdest she had felt while in the house. Kate says today was the first day she has really felt like a cigarette. Kate says she is very excited. Vesna says she has no desire to go to sleep. Kate says she wants to go to sleep so tomorrow will be closer and then she’s going to do her hair and makeup etc. Kate says that she isn’t thinking about eviction much this week, wheras in previous weeks she had been thinking about people she would see when she was evicted etc. She says she is just excited about tomorrow, she has butterflies. Ves says everytime she see’s the class of BB sign, she thinks of Hotdogs. Kate says she wants to finish painting it properly, it annoys her when she looks at it! Ves says poor Christie cause she was crying today. Kate thinks it’s good because everything has been resolved now. Vesna doesn’t know. Ves says she doesn’t know the boys. Ves says last week’s task was pathetic, but this ones is good. She wonders what the girls uniform will be. Kate says nothing pretty, it wouldn’t fit into the dance.

Mike cuts in, and when we go back we have the girls standing and sitting in silence. They decide to go to bed, and thats it for the night!

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