Day 60

9:09am – Lights come on in both bedrooms as Big Brother announces it’s time for Yoga. Vesna tells everyone to get up. Vesna leads the Yoga class, which sees them all sitting there saying nothing before BB tells them the Yoga session is over. Hotdogs says it was excellent, the most fun he has had since yesterday. Christie has come to the diary room to give BB her task required confession for the day. She tells BB that she really wants Kate to leave this Sunday. “I don’t like her.” Christie says that both Hotdogs and Vesna aren’t going to go. BB says she should try to resolve her issues with Kate. Christie says she has tried, but refers to Kate as “the type of girl I hate”. After Christie leaves, Big Brother tells the first cleaning group that their shift starts now. We see the cleaners getting into their uniforms, before moving outside where Christie, Dean & Hotdogs are sunbaking. Christie wants Dean to explain what happened between himself and Tim yesterday. Dean wonders where Tim is, and Christie assures him that he is inside and she can see when he is coming. Dean says that Tim didn’t think he did anything wrong. Dean goes onto say that they probably don’t like each other very much at all, but Dean makes a point by saying that he’ll continue to be nice to him. He says he just wanted to get his point across. He also makes the point that he wouldn’t trust Tim as far as he could chuck him. Tim comes out and stands at the outside doors, and Hotdogs cheekily says “I second that.” Tim gathers a beanbag and joins the three sunbaking. Inside, Greg & kate are in the kitchen cleaning. Kate says that she is sorry about the whole Christie thing. She says she was angry and upset that it all came out. Greg says that it’s one of the things that they’ll sit back and have a good laugh about it one day. Kate says that from her point of view it’s not funny though.

12:03pm – Christie is making bread for the first time in her nine week stay in the house. She asks Vesna where the instructions are to make the bread. Vesna asks who her assistant is. She calls out to Tim saying she needs his help. Tim asks if the ingredients are mixed, to which Christie tells him that she has to make three loaves. Tim tells her to get it all mixed and he’ll be in to knead it all. He tells Hotdogs “thats how you assist.” Back in the kitchen, Vesna tells Christie that she has to stop being lazy. She says “Shutup.” She says she is not lazy, she just gets bored easily and needs someone to talk to while she makes it. She then gets into a bad mood by saying “If you think I’m a whinger, go for it” and “really doesn’t bother me Vesna.” Vesna says she wasn’t really calling her anything and wonders why she got so offended. Dean comes to the diary room for his confession. He says he has thoughts of resentment towards Tim. He says that he thinks he is sly and sneaky. He says the whole way Tim tried to ratonalise the things he did doesn’t sit well with him. As soon as Dean leaves the diary room Big Brother tells the cleaners that their shift is over, calls everyone to the couch, and finally Mel to the diary room. Mel takes a glove that BB has given her and returns to the house and has to run it along whatever BB tells her to touch. BB tells Mel to inspect the top of the glass barrier next to the bathroom. Tim says he did that. Mel comes back and says it’s a bit dirty. BB then tells her to wipe her hand on the floor under the fridge. Vesna says she did that. Dave reckons he did it too. Vesna gets worked up, and Dean says “Your an angry woman.” Vesna fires back “It’s because you think I do nothing.” Mel comes back to the diary room and leaves the glove for BB to inspect.

1:57pm – Big Brother announces that the second cleaning group must now start their shift. Mel says she needs to goes outside to get her cleaning instrument. Christie can’t believe they have to clean straight after the other group, saying “What are we going to clean?!”. Dean tells her the house, and then goes onto suggest perhaps outside. The non cleaning group sunbake outside, but Vesna is yelling at the bird to shut it up. Dave suggests she sit back and wonder at the nature. Vesna says she likes it occassionally, but not when the bird just continues to chirp. Cleaning group decide to clean the bedroom first. Christie walks outside and washes down the concrete. Vesna says “Thats it, watch it grow!” Back in the bedroom, Dean tells the others that Christie is washing the concrete. Tim says it’s laziness. Dean suggests getting her to fold all the clothes away. The other boys tell him to go and get her. Dean goes outside and asks her to come inside and give them a hand. She says she wants to hose down first. Dean asks again and she comes in. Dean says “Hosing down the concrete…you lazy f***” Vesna laughs, and Christie responds with a barrage of swearing to Dean who is not happy she has been called lazy. Dean tells her not to get angry. Now in the bedroom, she goes out again to clear her mind. Dean tells the others that she was hosing sand. Back outside, Vesna says “Poor Christie, she hates this.” As the group finish their cleaning, Dean pats Tim on the bum, and Tim says “I prefer my smacks a bit softer than that.”

5:44pm – Kate & Mel are in the sauna talking about Kate & Christie’s friendship. Kate thinks that Christie will remain distant. Kate says she thinks she is 100% right. Kate thinks she held back a lot and probably should have told her exactly what she thought, but Kate decided against it because she thinks Christie couldn’t handle it. Mel says that Christie might feel satisifed by the story she gave. Outside Christie says she is going to ignore Kate. She doesn’t want to get distant from Greg. She asks Rita, also in the spa, if she has talked to Kate. Back in the sauna, Mel wonders if they could become friends again. Kate thinks that Christie has decided there is no point so why bother. They get out of the spa.

8:19pm – BB announces that the bowling alley is open. Rita is excited and gets up from lying on the bed. Vesna doesn’t want to go, she hates bowling. While others enjoy the bowling, Dean, Christie and Vesna have a spa. Dean asks Vesna about the new housemates. Ves says she likes them both. Christie says she isn’t much of a fan of Mel. She says she thinks she is boring. Vesna finally agrees that she isn’t as outgoing as most in here. Christie says she doesn’t think she will ever get to know Mel. She says there is nothing wrong with honesty. Inside, Hotdogs is talking to Mel saying that he thinks they have fitted in really well. Mel says it’s hard to come into a place where friendships are already in place. Christie says that she likes Rita, but doesn’t think anyone can be happy 24/7. She again says she finds Mel boring. Dean says she is like Kate. Christie agrees, saying she doesn’t like Kate, and so she doesn’t want to get to know her. Mel is saying to Dogs that it is ok to be the person who she is. She says she doesn’t like taking her clothes off, and even though she is the only one, she is fine with that. Hotdogs removes an eyelash from her face and she blows a wish.

12:35am – Rita comes to the bathroom to say goodnight to Dean and Dave. She gives them both big hugs. In the bedroom, Mel is saying to Kate that she thinks it’s weird to be classified as a housemate now. Kate says it is a big thing. She says she is going to bed.

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