Day 59 Uplate

12:08am: Christie and Greg having a mock phone conversation on Greg’s bed. It’s stopped when Greg farts and Christie is grossed out at the smell. Greg puts some air freshener into the air. Cut into the other room. Rita gives Hotdogs a drink, who is talking to Mel, who she also gives a drink too. Mel asks Rita what she thinks her best feature is. Rita reckons it’s Mel’s eyes. Hotdogs says that he got pulled up by Vesna for perving at Mel’s bum. He complains that Vesna gets mad when he looks at some other girl in the house. He says that she has rules for him, and he says it’s hard. Rita and Mel say that it’s been a long day. Mel says she is stoked that she gets to keep her suitcase. Dogs says he didn’t like it at first, but now he loves it. She says she is gonna take it to the airport and all that. Hotdogs says that he is bound to get a few people ask for his autograph. He says he will sign it with his full name, not Hotdogs. He tells a story about how he practiced one day to do his signature. He says the signature he perfected that day he’s used all his life. He says that he hasn’t told anyone that story in the house. He says that it won’t be aired, but his old friend would laugh if he heard it. Mel asks if the internet is aired 24/7. Rita says she wanted to get a pash out of Shearer. Mel says she isn’t attracted to anyone in the house. She says if people keep asking her she will start scratching people’s eyes out! Mel and Dogs joke that they will fall for each other. Hotdogs says that he has 2 people he is after on the outside. He starts telling the girls about a story where all his mates were at a party and a drop dead gorgeous girl was there and everyone was cracking onto her. He says he didn’t crack onto her, and that left a favourable impression on the girl. He says that they hooked up after a bit of sms’ing and that when they are together it’s like no one else is in a room etc.

Flip to Dave & Vesna. Dave is saying that Ves fiddles with herself a bit. Dave reckons they have heat sensors in the roof. They agree that there are infra red camera’s in the room. Tim is also there. Vesna tells Dave that he stinks. Dave says he knows, and offers to get some spray. Ves wonders if he cares for her. He says that he does when she is calm. Ves says that she isn’t a bad girl, and Dave says that he isn’t bad either. Back in the other room with Mel and Dogs. Mel says she has met someone that she could marry. She says that she also feels though that if she didn’t take this opportunity she feels she’ll become a better, honest person. Dogs recounts that when he was up for eviction in week three he told the house about his father. He says that when he was up for eviction he was so happy to go. He says when he survived he was so excited. He says that someone told him that it doesn’t mean that they like Dogs, rather they hate the other person more. He says he wants to go in a close eviction, he doesn’t want to go with a large percentage. Cut to Dean and Kate who are playing with their hands trying to do weird actions. They both realise that they have troulbe straightening their thumbs. They say they are better! Kate says she is not looking forward to doing the drinks in the morning after Yoga. She complains that she misses out on the shower because she makes the drinks. Dean says he has cold showers everyday now because he knows that he is going to sweat or have chloring on him from the day, so he sleeps in and has a cold shower after everything. Over the other side of the room Christie and Rita are trying to figure out when they are doing farmhand. Christie is getting Rita to do everything for her! Greg says he wants to see her do something herself. Dave says she is good for nothing, and she should do farmhand to prove them wrong. Christie says Rita enjoys farmhand though! Christie goes into her room, concerned that the guys are going to convince Rita that she doesn’t want to do farmhand. She says “their such asswipes.” Greg calls out that she has changed her mind. Christie fires back “I kept her in this house!” She goes to the toilet and says she is proud, then tells Dogs that her box looks hot. She explains that she plucked every hair out today. Christie says she isn’t tired. Mel says she is.

12:39am: Dean is in bed with Christie. Dean tells her to put her blindfold on! Christie says that he is hogging the blanket. He says “Greedy guts, thats all cabbage.” Dena wonders where Tim is, and suggests the diary room. He then comes out with the call of the night, and says “Probably in the toilet.” He repeats it. No one gets it! Christie says she is now tired, and she has to wash tea towels tomorrow. He whispers something to her but I can’t hear it. Christie starts painting her nails! She spills it on her thumb, and they both say that she should go and show Rita. She wipes the polish off the nail to try to get away with the joke of her cutting herself. Dean says that Mel is quiet. He asks what she is thinking about right now. She says sheep. She says sleep is coming her way. Dean says that Sleepers is a good movie! Christie is back in bed after Mike finishes. They say goodnight to each other, and Dean pats her head, and Cabbage tries to do the same but slaps him in the face! Both Christie and Dean say about 4 times each that they are glad to have Mel in the house still, trying to prolong her from sleeping.

At about 2am Dave & Vesna start chatting in bed. Dave asks if she was this figgerty with Dean. Vesna says she can’t get to sleep. Dave says to think of things she can do when she gets out. In typical Vesna fashion, she springs back with “Whats that suppose to mean!?” Dave let a fart out in the middle of all this too. Vesna starts running her hand up and down Dave’s back, before she rolls back over to her side of the bed and calls it a night.

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