Days 41 and 42

Day 41

9.30pm – Housemates are cooking dinner after Friday Night games. They only have staples to win. Geneva wonders what would be the case if she won the task – she’d still have to cook dinner. Meanwhile Hotdogs is being all smirky in the rewards room with Dean. They watch a movie. Geneva wants to know if Hotdogs is going to hear her knocking when she wants the dishes washed (it is his designated chore). Geneva goes up to the door and starts knocking. Hotdogs doesn’t answer on purpose. In the bedroom Vesna says she doesn’t like Geneva. Hotdogs eventually comes out the reward room after a few hours. Most of the housemates are in the bowling alley. Hotdogs grabs Geneva’s bum but she turns around and yells at him to do the washing up. He laughs and says she’s a bad sport. Hotdogs then gets a strike in the bowling alley. Geneva goes into the bedroom and asks what Vesna and Rachael were talking about – they say just about being in the house.

Hotdogs goes into the reward room and says Geneva is being dirty on him. The two brag to each other about how they are in the “rewards” room, and the rest are not.


Rachael and Tim are in the bathroom. Tim says when he kissed you he didn’t think it was Rachael leading him on. She agrees and says from the begining it was just a bit of fun – but in saying that she didn’t think she would kiss anyone. Tim is glad she shared that with him and enjoyed it. Rachael says she would probably like to hear he is loyal to him and doesn’t want to see him with other chicks say if she was evicted. Tim is a little reluctant on this issue. Tim says he has liked Kate since he got here – all the other girls are not his type of girl. To be honest he doesn’t think he’s their kind of guy. Rachael says they can leave it at that.

Later in the spa Hotdogs is really drunk and says he can’t understand how people in the house can be upset at him and Dean. Hotdogs thinks the other housemates are jealous but Geneva is pissed because he’s not cleaning up. Vesna says she’s going into the house. Hotdogs says he loves her. Kate says she’s glad Dean took Hotdogs into the reward room. In the bedroom Vesna tells Rachael whats going on and Rachael says they deserve it (she deserves it more!). They tell Geneva she should go talk to him because she upset him. Geneva doesn’t care and doesn’t think she should talk to him – he’s being a dick. In the reward room the boys are drunk and acting like dickheads. Vesna is telling Geneva she’s not feeling warm towards her – Geneva is overbearing sometimes. Geneva asks Kate if she is moody and overbearing – Kate says yes but you are aware of your moods.

1.10am – The boys in the reward room are making coffees. Geneva is sick of the dirty kitchen – she starts cleaning up until Big Brother stops her. She tells Big Brother to tell Hotdogs to do it. She goes and starts banging on the reward room door.


Later in the night the girls are making up a dance routine on the dancefloor (Rachael, Vesna and Christie). Hotdogs emerges to do the kitchen cleanup. He is still really drunk and is smiling like a dork at the girls. He is clanging the dishes about and not washing then properly. He comes into the bedroom and touches Glenn (in the groin). Glenn says “don’t ever do that to me again – I’m dead serious”. Hotdogs says, drunk “out of all the people in this house I don’t beleive you”. Hotdogs goes silent and Vesna leads him out of the bedroom. Glenn is fuming. In the kitchen Hotdogs says Glenn doesn’t take him seriously. Vesna tries to diffuse the situation but Hotdogs ends up telling her to fuck off and go inside – “don’t talk to me”. Dean comes out and Vesna tells him to give him a hand, and sits down. Hotdogs says everyone is gaining up on him – he tells her to go join the crowd. Hotdogs says he’s giving up talking to Vesna, and she only says bad things about him. Vesna has no idea what he’s talking about – “why are you being like this? Why are you behaving this way?”. Vesna gets upset about the things Hotdogs is saying (he called her a whorebag but they can’t show it on the 7pm show). Vesna gets very upset and says Hotdogs knows nothing about her. She leaves. Dean helps Hotdogs dry up. Dean says they will talk about it tomorrow over breakfast. Hotdogs says “pathetic people in this house act pathetically”.

In the bathroom Vesna is crying and Geneva comes to comfort her. She hugs him. Vesna asks “why is he so selfish?” “Have I ever said anything bad about him? Then he goes and says those bad things to me”. “He embarrases me infront of everyone”.

Glenn goes to the diary room. He says he’s come close to the end of his stay in the house. He was very close to getting physically violent just now. He is feeling angry and didn’t want to act like that in the house. Something out of his contorl has made him act like that and he’s angry at himself too. BB tells him he can spend some time in the diary room if he likes.


Day 42

1.12pm – Hotdogs is in the living room, he gives an apology to Glenn and Glenn says its all cool. In the bedroom Vesna is cleaning the windows. Hotdogs approaches from behind.

Hotdogs: Um, (pauses) uuhhh… (stretches) .. (laughs) what exactly were we going on about last night?

Vesna: You told me I was fake, you told me I was a really bad person and really bad stuff, really bad.

Hotdogs: I thought it was two way street, I didn’t know.

Vesna: In what way?

Hotdogs: I saw you on at me as well

Vesna: If I had to put that on a scale of 1 to 10 – I would put that on a 10. No one has every spoken to me like that. I just find you have a very selfish nature.

Hotdogs: I really am sorry

Vesna: Just don’t to it again. Because if you do, we will be sleeping at opposite sides of the room, because I don’t need that.

Hotdogs: I had a really good night last night and I did not appreciate the fact that people had issues with me enjoying myself.

Vesna: I just see your selfishness is very insecure. You are 27, if you continue to be selfish like this… its not going to be good for you.

Hotdogs goes into the reward room with Dean. Inside Dean asks if everything is all good with Hotdogs. HD says its really fucked with Geneva beacause of the way she was last night. Dean asks what she did last night. Hotdogs says she is only jealous because he was in the rewards room.

4.52pm – Vesna says Geneva should have a talk with Hotdogs. She says she will only do it if he initiates it. She doesn’t know if she will do it just yet. Geneva wonders if Hotdogs has been the reason Vesna and her didn’t get along. Vesna says it was mainly because Geneva was moody. Vesna says whoever wins FNL next week should take Geneva into the rewards room.

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