Days 34 and 35

Day 34

9.09am – The rewards room is now open, only Glenn and Michelle may enter. They both cheer and go in there, leaving the other housemates in the lounge room. Michelle thanks Glenn for choosing her, and he asks her if she feels ackward – she says no. Glenn said he was feeling ackward before about the rewards room. He said it was going to be Dean but Michelle changed his mind. They crack open some champagne.

In the spa Christie and Geneva wonder about “tomfoolery” in the house. Glenn tells Michelle he had a feeling he was going to leave tonight. Michelle has a feeling she’s going to be evicted. Glenn says its not going to happen. Michelle asks what he’d be like – he says sad for a bit, then joking about getting over it. Christie in the spa is annoyed she missed the reward room by so close. She wanted the electric toothbrush in there. Meanwhile Michelle is having a bath while Glenn watches a movie. Geneva and Christie are going over the various happenings in the house – the fight, hotdog’s message etc. Geneva says couples aren’t evicted.

10.44pm – Glenn and Michelle have joined the rest of the house. Michelle says she is stuffed with food and explains to Kate the country feel. Kate jokes its with her farmer boy. Kate asks if they straight away started kissing. Michelle says no they just relaxed and got excited about the room. They chose a movie and just watched it – they didnt’ get to kiss each other… yet. Kate says “the tension must be crazy”. Rachael is in the spa singing the hokey pokey to herself. The housemates in the house hear it and shoosh to listen in. They all smile and look confused. Geneva gives a gesture that Rachael is crazy. Hotdogs says “I know you think she’s crazy but when you have no other conversation with anyone else in the hosue ewhat else do yout hink you’d do?”. Geneva goes on the defensive and says they gave her a chance. Dean says Hotdogs shouldn’t tell everyone his opinion at all. They get into an argument about it, and Dean implies his view is more important because he’s not singing like a crazy person. Meanwhile Rachael is now singing “this house is boring, I want some fun, this is really boring me to death. We’re running out of toothpaste and toilet paper next week I’m happy to go home, packing my bags because this house sucks and everyone really hates me”.


12.58am – Glenn is joining the spa with the rest of the boys. Hotdogs asks him how its going in the reward room. Glenn is showing the boys what happened. He explains he was watching Michelle’s reflection in the TV screen while she had a bath behind him. Meanwhile Michelle is telling the girls she was taking a bath in her g-string. Vesna says she’d never thought Glenn was her type… but she’s found out he’s so easy – so great blah blah blah. The other girls say thats what Michelle is struggling with – she’s never met anyone like that. Michelle says she fell in love with him because he’s geniune blah blah blah. The boys in the spa are doing the usual blokey talk but Glenn says “its not the great love story Australias waiting for”.

4.08am – David and Kate are spooning in bed together. Christie and Greg are finding their positions to spoon in bed. In the rewards room Glenn is in the bath while Michelle goes into the kitchen in a towel to get a drink. Hotdogs asks her if she had another bath – she says yes. “This is Big Brother, Michelle you are not wearing your microphone. Thats a $5000 fine”. Michelle gasps and runs back into the rewards room.

Day 35

1.08pm – David is dying his hair dark, and Vesna is helping him out. Hotdogs comes into the bathroom and Vesna says “since we got married you never say good morning to me”. She said she had to wake up early today because SOMEBODY didn’t get up to bring home the bacon. Outside Dean is sunbathing in a very skimpy outfit while Glenn says he slept well. Michelle is in the living room looking blank. David asks Glenn what they did last night. They explain her fine, and Glenn didn’t know about it. Michelle has 12 fines to date now. Michelle is telling some housemates they were in the bath, pitch black she got out of the bath and forgot her microphone. Outside Glenn is saying “a bloody expensive friend I have”. Michelle is stressing over the $60 000 she’s lost in fines. The boys are telling Glenn to give the boys off chore wise – he is going to assign jobs to the girls only. He says he will give Geneva farmhand job. Glenn is called to the diary room and all other housemates to the lounge. David’s hair is now dark brown.

In the diary room Glenn allocates chores to the housemates. Outside the boys are saying they have a good feeling about the chores this week. Glenn comes out the diary room with a letter. He reads out the chores.

Shopper Chef – Geneva
Baker – Vesna
Kitchenhand – Michelle (the boys all laugh crudely)
Farmhand – Christie
Housekepper – Rachael (the housemates all laugh at her)
Gardener – Kate

The girls all show their distaste for Glenn putting the chores on them.


3.30pm – In the bathroom Michelle is explaining its weird between her and Glenn. Kate wants to know why. Michelle says it might be second throughts or realisation. She doesn’t really like him anymore and she’s ony just realising it. She just wanted it to stay the way it was – she should have never gone in there. It would have stayed good otherwise. Kate says the kitchenhand thing pissed her off and wondered why he did it. They agree it was “all about the boys”.

11.53pm – Michelle is giving Glenn the cold shoulder in the reward room and say she wants to chat. She say today has been weird between them. Glenn doesn’t really seem to notice… or care. He say she doesn’t feel the same. Glenn says they are just a couple of mates just having a good tonight – it was nothing serious. Glenn says to him it was just mucking around still. Michelle says it was to her too but …. yeah. There is an ackward silence and forced laugh

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