Day 54

9.41am – It’s raining in the Big Brother house, and the power is out (apparently). The classmates all go into school, and there are of course, three new students. Today’s lesson is art so Tim and Vesna go to the diary room to get the art supplies. Vesna tells the classmates to dip their hands in the paint and put their hand prints on the wall. The boys all tell her to shut up. Melanie asks Christie if she would spend all day in high school making a new cover for her books etc. Christie says yes. They are painting a Big Brother eye. All classmates are called back to the classroom. BB tells them there has been consistant bad behavior today. He calls Tim to the diary room. Inside BB tells Tim to stay behind today and write a comprehensive 200 word essay (that is comprehensive?) essay about bad language and must read the essay to the rest of the class. Logans are called to the diary room. There are two buckets inside so they put them on their heads and laugh, then hit each other with the buckets. Big Brother tells them their consistant foul language is unacceptable. They must transfer water from bucket to bucket using soup spoons. David says “is that it?” and Big Brother asks “would you like more”. They definately dont.

School is out. The logans are still hitting each other with their buckets. Tim is counting up the words in his blackboard essay. The logans realise how long their task is going to take. Rita comes to the diary room. She says today she is starting to feel like an intruder – yesterday everyone was so excited and now she’s getting mixed messages from Vesna and Christie – possibly finding her intimidating. The logans finally finish their bucket task. Heath and Glenn are in the newly fixed sauna. Heath says the Logans and Dean are weird. Glenn explains he was mates with everyone as a tight nit group – but David was Dean’s sidekick. Tim was… Timmys great. Tim comes in and explains he has to read everyone their essay.

His essay explains how heinous his previous life of swearing was. The essay is full on, with lots of large words – but in it he bags out the Fremantle Dockers and the Liberal party. The housemates look bemused as it is far past their intelligence level. Christie lets out an airy “that was sooo gooood”.


7.20pm – This is Big Brother. All housemates to your bedrooms. Inside they find formal dresses and tuxes for the school dance. Dean automatically looks at his pants and says “these dont fit”. The male housemates must pick up the girls from their bedroom and taken to the formal. Tim’s outfit is bright pink. Most of the outfits are very cheesy. Heath has a red tux. He must chose a girl to go with him – he choses Kate. Greg enters and choses Christie. He says the ladies all look nice. Next is Tim who choses Rita. Hotdogs choses Vesna, he jokes how he wasnt going to take anyone, much to Vesna’s annoyance. Melanie says “why am I the last one to be picked”. David picks Melanie, leaving Dean who must go with Glenn. Dean says “hellooo big booy”.

The HMs have a dance on the disco floor. Hotdogs dances like a total dork. So does Heath. He reminds me of Poita from Full Frontal. Later Big Brother calls the housemates for their class photo. There is the familiar camera noises from the calendar task. They all scream “Big Brother!!!”. It’s the class of BB05.


9.31pm – Housemates are outside playing spin the bottle. How highshool. Heath and Hotdogs are scheming to steal people’s drinks. Christie is pashing David as Heath looks on in amazment. Greg chants “thats my brother”. Dean spins Vesna, but he pashes Christie back again. They pash for 25 seconds. Inside Vesna realises her drink has been stolen. She looks around for it. Inside Tim tells Hotdogs to give her back her drink. Hotdogs says he and Heath are Starskie and Hutch. Later Glenn and Dean are in the spa bitching about Hotdogs – they really hate him when he’s drunk. Dean doesn’t really like the new guy Heath “he’s not my cup of tea”. Glenn agrees – he already has heaps of mates like him. Kate is sitting on Heath’s lap and the other houseamates tell her to pash him.. so she does. Heath says “are you going to kiss me? oh my god”. She plants one on him.

10.11pm – Vesna and Hotdogs have a few pecks in the bathroom. He says he is the king of teasing and Vesna goes “why are you teasting me!?”. He says if she wants more she has to chase him. She They go out into the living room and hug, then have a proper big pash, which lasts a while. Hotdogs tells her to keep practicing and see how it goes tomorrow. Meanwhile Heath is leading Kate around the house, holding hands. They start having a slow dance on the dance floor. He spins her around and she giggles.


10.26pm – David is complaining to Kate about Hotdogs taking people’s drinks, especially after Hotdogs bagged out Christie for stealing Tim Tams. David says its not right and David knows he’s in the wrong. David says he’s a “theiving ###” and threatens to cut off a friendship. Meanwhile Heath is telling Vesna how he likes Hotdogs because he’s true blue. Heath says Dean is up himself and the Logans are pussies. Heath says they are just using Vesna as a stress releiver and Vesna just cops it.

11.27pm – Vesna is contemplating what was said before, she’s not in a good mood. Dean sits down and sarcastically asks Vesna why she is upset. David is standing next to Dean like a pet dog. Vesna says its confusing being in here she’s not used to feeling these emotions. Dean tries to turn it into an argument by asking “is it because of us?”. Vesna says she’s only seen one part of the other housemates while she has barred her soul. She says Dean has no emotion in his body at all. Dean says he has as much emotion as the next person but if he doesn’t get his own way he will just deal with it (liar!!!!!!!!!!!). Vesna asks where is his outlet – where does he put all the garbage in his brain? Dean says he feels he doesnt’ have to share all his emotions onto everyone else. Vesna doesn’t like the lack of compassion in the house – no one consults her about it. Vesna says they are all robots and they’re not real. Dean says “you are so hot and cold its unbelievable”. Vesna says “I’m a feeler”. Dean says “I’m not a babysitter”. Vesna has no idea what Dean is talking about now (netiher do I!). Dean tells Vesna she should more patient with people. Vesna agrees, but she finds Dean very dismissing. Dean says they should both stop joking and they will do it that way. Vesna says ok. Dean says “ok done deal, nice chat”.

Vesna is left alone in the dark on the couch. The other housemates have been watching from the kitchen the entire time.

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