Day 47 Uplate

11.56pm – I join Uplate to hear Big Brother telling Kate to check the position of her microphone – and then Kate herslef exclaiming “I’m not on the pill!”. Bells are rung and the new servants (Glenn, Hotdogs, Geneva, Tim, DAvid) line up. They are going to do a dance. Bell rings again to tell them to start. They clap and slap their theighs in a ho-down rap:

Hotdogs: I’m vesna, I’m vesna, I’m whingy, and moody, and very very demanding

Geneva: I’m christie, I’m pretty, my _________ just shit me (hard to understand)

David: I’m greg, I’m muscly, I really really like sheep

Tim: I’m Dean, and thanks for your help on friday night, couldn’t have done it without you

Glenn: We had it, we lost it, you paid for all our shit, we gave up our items, you pack of fucking twits!.

Very entertaining! The new masters cheer on the rap, and Dean and Geneva give them a handshake and hug for their efforts. Now Hotdogs is talking to Vesna – I think she’s upset about hsi rap just now. He is saying he didn’t mean it seriously. He asks “did you enjoy it?”. Vesna gives him a kiss on the cheek and he says “is that it?”. She kisses him four more times, once on the lips. Housemates are talking over each other but Hotdogs says he doesn’t want another strike. Vesna calls her servant for a towel – she spilt some of her drink on herself. Hotdogs goes to get her one but she exclaims “no no no no!”.

12.06am – Kate and Chrisite are having an argument on the couch. Kate tells Glenn that women are perving on him while he does his chores… they tell him to take his shirt off. They then tell Vesna to close her eyes and in 5 seconds there will be a shirtless 23 year old around. Sure enough she opens her eyes and Glenn walks out of the bedroom not wearing a shirt. They tell him to lower his pants more… then Vesna gets him to unbutton the top button of his pants. Greg says “thats sexual harrassment, Glenn do you feel some sexual harrassment”. Vesna is struggling to see if the button is undone. Christie wants Vesna to shower with her. Kate offers her servant to shower with her and scratch her back. Kate is really drunk and being bossy. Vesna wants Christie’s help – how to drink milk through a Tim Tam. Kate says Glenn can have his shirt back on – doesn’t want him to get a chill. Vesna is enjoying her milked-out Tim Tam. Christie farted but made sure to do it away from the other girls on the couch. The boys, while pushign each other around, accidentally tipped over the washing bucket in the kitchen and there is water everywhere. Vesna laughs and says “ooh noo!”.

12.10am – Kate is now seeking the attention of Dean and Greg. Dean is scared Kate will steal her seat but Greg gets up and she takes that. Greg must be drunk to because now he’s singing to himself and starts doing a dance on the spot. Now he wants to go to bed. Dean says he’s not far behind. Greg sings “all the pussy in the house say ho.. all the penis in the hosue say ho… hooo. All the pissed people in the house say woh”. He is doing jive actions with his hands. Greg asks for a thickshake sometime tomorrow… David says “nooo!”. Vesna tells David to call Greg an A-hole. Kate is chowing down into her food while sitting with Dean. Before the break Mike tells us the alcohol the new masters are drinking was bought by the original masters – ce la ve!

12.20am – Mike tells us Kate said please to Glenn earlier and that is why they were told to do that cheerleading gig earlier. Masters are now in the bedroom, along with David. Dean is commenting to Greg about how great the mattresses are in here. Dean comments Greg has ladies in the house all over him. Back in the lounge Kate and Christie are wrestling over the floor and then start singing with Tim “Its raining men”. They do a little can-can dance. Tim lies down on the ground and Chrisitie and Kate start singing “its raining men” and doing sexy private dances. Ugh! Feed cuts back to boring bedroom because of Big Brother’s crappy rule about copyrighted music. Hrm maybe the bedroom isn’t so boring – David has stripped down to his underpants and is putting on one of the girl’s dresses!!! haha. It’s really tight on him – looks so strange! The boys have a chuckle. Greg tells David to also put the wig on. This is Big Brother: Kate keep your feet on the ground (laughter from the living room). The boys tell David to go into the living room and sing “I am too sexy for this house, too sexy for this house”. Again copyright music so feeds in the living room. Christie is going to bed much to the annoyance of Geneva.

David comes out and sings “I’m too sexy for this house”. All the housemates laugh except for Vesna who screams “thats my dress!!!! It costs me 300 something dollars! thats thousands of cents!”. She goes into the bedroom unimpressed and gets him to take it off. Vesna cools off when she finds the boys went to care to make sure it doesn’t stretch. Vesna says she has heaps of stuff in her suitcase David can wear but not the dress he just had on. Dean is joking to Vesna about screaming “thats my dress!”. Vesna didn’t mean it in a hostile way. Kate tells Glenn to put the dress on… only if he wants to though. Glenn is facing a bit of confliction (it is a word!) and doesn’t know for sure if he has to do it.

12.30am – During the commerical break Kate said please to Glenn again. Big Brother told all servants go to the backyard and comb the sandpit. Hotdogs is finally appreciating being a master – the old servants had to do this three times. Geneva seems to be the only one actually doing the work though – Hotdogs is just watching. Tim is complaining that Kate poured milk powder over the kitchen floor (after they cleaned it just now). Tim is now combing and Geneva says he has pretty toenails (kaay). Hotdog’s bell rings and he says “oh shit”. Glenn is talking about the John Williamson song about beach combers. Hotdogs has gone to the masters bedroom with Geneva to yell at Kate about the kitchen floor. Geneva says “you are a jerk”. Hotdogs isn’t impressed either. Geneva threatens Kate no porridge next week because of this. Dean gets up to see what happened. Kate tells him to call her “woman”. Geneva: “its not even remotely frikken funny”. Tim says its “the new, drunk, agressive Kate… gives away your possesions, calls you a dickhead, chucks milk powder on the floor”. Kate is now lying on Glenn either laughing or crying I can’t tell right now. Oh wait she’s pretending to cry and guilt trip the others but Tim says “you can see she’s laughing”. Geneva sitting on the couch not impressed one little bit.

Kate says there have been other times when they were drunk and she wasn’t. David says “yeah but we didn’t put milk powder on the floor”. Vesna gives Hotdogs tips on cleaning the milk: wet it with a sponge first. Accusations start flying and Kate says they are dickheads: they can’t use the pool because Christie forgot her mic, not because of the masters. Christie is pissed off now! She yells at Kate outlining all the rule breaking the masters have done. Kate screams in Christie’s face “no.. NO!!!!!” and denies it “oh so you got a pimple the end”. Christie says “Kate you are acting like a spoilt bitch… I’m sorry but you are”. Kate explains how she is pissed off about the mic fines and she said she had “her” pool taken away from her. Geneva errupts “YOUR POOL!?!?”. Christie wants to know Kate’s point “yes I forgot my micrphone, if you say people need to monitor, where were you when this happened?”. Kate “was in the fucking shower shaving my legs”. Grr break.

12.44am – Some one went to the diary room to request Kate be locked in the air-lock because she was a danger. Big Brother didn’t lock her in but he did confiscate her alcohol. She also received a fine because she purposely drank a big glass of wine just after BB said “you are not to drink any more alcohol”. What a rebel! Kate is whinging again “oh… because I’m having in the Big Brother house.. he has to take it away from me”. Geneva jokes “you’re too damn sensitive girl”. Kate walks over laughing and trips on the stairs while the other housemates yell “air lock air lock!”. Kate hugs her and he gives her a play bite. She over-reacts and says “thats going to bruise me!!”. She goes into the bedroom giggling at nothing while tripping on clothes on the floor looking for her buzzer. Greg tells her to calm down and go to bed. Then he tells her to get into Vesna’s bed and say to her “too bad I’m in this bed now”. Dean says “goodnight, sweet dreams, take care” and adds her buzzer is back outside. Kate is playing sweet with the boys “ooh… you’re being meeeean”. She doesnt’ want to beleive its outside. Dean says she doesnt’ want to lose it – without it she won’t have any “powah”. Kate tells the boys to “help me and stop being dickheads”. Kate lies down with the boys but they want none of that – they tell her to get up, but she’s not moving now! Kate tells Vesna her mattress needs replaced and her buzzer found. Vesna doesn’t really know why Kate is telling her this “why do I have to be so responsible”.

12.51am – “Big Brother I don’t care” says Kate. Dean and Greg have buzzed their servants to have Kate “removed” from their bed. Kate ends up in Hotdogs’ arms and Kate is doing the sweet girl act again to get him to find her buzzer. He’s carrying her like a baby. He takes her outside saying “we’re going outside… we’re gonna make love all night.. I’ve got a woman”. They don’t quite make it outside… rather Hotdogs dumps Kate onto Glenn on the couch. Glenn finds it funny she has lost her buzzer.

12.57am – Kate is getting into the spa topless! She’s alone right now just relaxing without the restrictions of a bikini top. Dean is trying to get some sleep but the bedroom lights are still on. Vesna is hovering over Greg popping blackheads on his back – ew! Greg wonders if he has blackheads on his ears. Vesna makes enthusiastic noses with every pop. Greg wants a lesson on blackheads – Vesna says “they’re unecessary, they’re just ugly”. She spots one on Dean’s back and leans over to get it out. Dean is is uncomfortable “you don’t know what they are you just squeeze everything”.

In the living room Tim is offering bananas. Hotdogs remembers he put an apple and orange in the freezer – but dammit they are frozen. The talk moves onto fruit and the taste of it before and after being frozen (zzz). Hotdogs recommends bed – especially since some one might have farm duty tomorrow morning. Tim moves conversation back to how annoyed he is about Kate and the milk powder but “it’s above me discussing it futher”. Tim screams “shit shit fuck fuck” as he burns himself on the coffee machine. He says she can’t see how they can fail on this week’s task because they all worked so hard. Hotdogs said this task was just meant to create friction and it has so he thinks they have passed – next week they will have food and stuff but “if we don’t, who cares, we go to staples. The only reason I like passing, because I win”. Tim agrees “I like the feeling of being full rather than the feeling of eating”. Christie emerges full of smiles. Tim asks if he she’s drunk – no she didn’t have any wine, she’s only tipsy. Glenn takes a coffee out to Kate. David has gone to the diary room and says he can’t believe she’s opened up so much – but not in a good way, an alochol fueled way.

1.10am – Mike Goldman gives a really obvious hint that the intruders will be hot guys.

1.12am – Christie has come out to see Kate who is still topless in the spa, clutching her coffee. Christie is wearing underpants that are way too tight. Christie says “you know I didn’t mean the stuff I said before”. Kate says “I didn’t mean it either”. In the bedroom Glenn and Greg are talking about Simpsons quotes. Glenn then leaves and goes outside to replace Christie. He starts singing songs with Christie so feed change. Vesna is in bed with Dean and Greg. Meanwhile Glenn is keeping Kate company – he is lying on the beanbags by the spa saying “you look good” (she’s still topless). They talk about who is putting TLC into the task. Kate says all the other masters are pussies. And sings “heeey who wants the pussies”. “The fact they are acting like pussies would be apostrify S”. She complains she can’t use the pool now because of Christie not wearing her mic. Kate says Big Brother wants them to fight – She brought up at th family dinner she was sensitive to the mic issue – Vesna and Christie are the worst with mics and are sensitive about being told what to do. It’s her conspiracy theory that Big Brother has worked this for the task, and he purposely took away the pool after Kate announced she was going to use it every night.

Glenn says they are trying to take something away from everybody. Kate says the current masters are “stupid losers” and they weren’t much better when they were servants – they were being babies. We find out from Mike she’s annoyed because no one wanted to join her in the spa. She had asked Glenn to go and ask people one by one so she knew the individual responses.

Back from the break there is a special for red nose day. During which Mike accidentally calls David “Gayvid”. chuckle.

1.25am – Dean, Vesna and Greg still in bed. Glenn comes in and tells them they all are pussies (an order from Kate). Kate comes in and tells him to do it again. Vesna isn’t impressed. “Kate, you are my pussy”. Kate orders Geneva to wipe her legs with the window wiper. Geneva accidentally bumps her head on the bedroom railing, falls the group laughing. Kate orders Glenn to pull the bedroom blinds up so she can watch the servants. Kate tells Glenn to pull faces at the other servants through the window. On the other side Geneva is pretending to be in a canoe paddling past the window. All the servants must acknowledge the faces before Glenn is allowed to stop. Hotdogs isn’t looking so Glenn screams out “Dogs, dogs!”. Kate, standing next to Glenn, buzzes him and says “I need my towel pulled up, I need it pulled up!”. So he does.The blinds go back down and Glenn asks if he can go back ot bed. Kate says “Greg is being a faggot, he’s been ignoring me all night”. Dean is telling Vesna there is nothing more to be squeezed on his back, she calls him a tightass. Kate starts laughing with her drink – she has to spit her drink back into her cup and some of it spurts onto Glenn, much to his disgust. He leaves for his bedroom. Vesna is finally out of the boy’s bed and wants to know where the hell her pillow is. Dean says “not me” – even though he was stealing pillows earlier.

She eventually finds one. Christie says “lights out please”. There’s a technical glitch and one of Big Brother’s announcements comes through the bedroom speakers for a second, much the entertainment of the housemates. Kate is topless talking to the boys, and telling them they have been mean to her all night. Kate gets up and pulls up the bedroom blinds, watching the servants. Kate then calls Greg to go and sleep with Christie. Christie agrees and wants some late night spooning. Greg doesnt’ want to do it (lol!). “This is Big Brother, Christie you may not say thankyou, order the servant to clean the bathrooms immediately”. Christie doesn’t even know when she said thankyou. Kate is trying to get into bed with Dean and Greg now – she’s only wearing a towel.

When we leave Big Brother Mike’s plasma screen is showing Christie topless along with Kate pulling faces and talking to the servants through the bedroom windows. Dreamworld says goodnight at 1.37am.

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