Day 45

8.48am – Housemates are up and about. Dean is making dinner for his master – David. Kate is outside cooking on the bedroom. Vesna goes to tell her master (Hotdogs) her breakfast is ready. He is still in bed. Vesna is not impressed. Kate drops some food onto the ground and picks up up saying “3 second rule”. “Thats ok my master eats food from the floor all the time”. Later in the bedroom David is being sarcastic and says the servants aren’t looking too happy this morning. Tim says they should do some pushups to cheer them up. Kate is called from her cooking. Glenn has found a hair in his food, and asks her to remove it. She laughs it up and picks out the hair. This is Big Brother, Glenn, masters do not say please, instruct your servant to clean both toilets. Kate screams out “nooooo” and pretends to cry, then laughs. Glenn asks him and says please. This is Big Brother… Kate falls on the floor and screams again “noooo”. Glenn, masters do not say please. Servants will have 2 minutes less water. Kate says she can’t wait to clean the toilet (jokingly). The masters toast to their success over their cooked breakfasts. Tim says “some of us housemates are more successful than others”.

11.25am – Vesna is called over via servant buzzer to Hotdogs. He says at the end of the day he’s a master and she should do what he says (unbelievable!). Vesna says she doesn’t mind serving but she has a headache, can’t go to the toilet and can’t handle it. Hotdogs says he ran around for her when she first entered the house – she’s not going to have that this week and it will be tough. Hotdogs says thats what the other housemates are finding funny. He says he was sincere when he wanted a hug last night. He gives her a hug now too.


1.03pm – Tim is weight lifting while the boys scream “go Timmy”. Christie is telling Geneva she hates how the task is segregating her from Geneva. Vesna is pissing off Christie because she is always down and it doesn’t help the other servants. Geneva takes the moment to bitch about Vesna as well. Christie tells Geneva that Vesna was bitching about Geneva hating her “she talks about you behind her back”. It’s really annoying Christie she doesn’t know who is friends with who in this house anymore. Geneva says she will go and talk to Vesna, and leaves. Tim is going for a personal best on the weights. Greg is spotting him. He manages it. The boys all say “go Tim” and Greg tells him to rest.

Inside in the kitchen Geneva is sitting silently watching Vesna clean… then “do you mind if I talk to you while you do that?”. Geneva asks if the task is making her change her view on people. Vesna says hes and it’s changing her view of Geneva.. but it shouldn’t concern her…. “At the end of the day… it’s so hard for me to say it… I sat here for a whole week and watched everything… I know exactly what goes on in here.. I know who I can and can’t trust… probably nobody. I’m ok with everything.. it’s just me its how I act to it. I have no choice, I’m about to break down.”. Geneva says she tried to talk to her and discuss things – she was the only one. She doesn’t talk stuff behind Vesna’s back unless vice versa. Vesna denies doing that – unless Geneva did it first. “When you act like a bitch I call you a bitch”. Geneva says “you see things that aren’t happening… I’m not out to hurt you I’m not trying to take Hotdogs away from you”. Vesna says whoever is telling her this is completely out of line. “You need to let me go and be angry I can’t hold it in. I dont’ want to cry anymore and I’m sick of it. Why can’t we all have a good time and have fun?”. Vesna says everyone is going to think she’s a bitch. Geneva says no one in the hosue thinks she’s a bitch. Vesna starts crying and Geneva hugs her. They both say they are sorry. Vesna is very upset.


7.02pm – Masters are having a nap before dinner while Chrisite comes to the diary room. “What can I say the last two days have been hell for me. I’ve had a migraine and stomach pains for 3 days. I am physically exhausted. Hate the task. Feel I’m segregated from the group. Feel no one appreciates me. Feel no one thinks I can cook. I feel alot of remorse for myself. I don’t know why but I just… I don’t know why I’m crying now.. I’m just exhausted and it feels generally weird talking to Geneva. Even though I’m her slave she has to invite me to talk to her.. it’s just weird. Meanwhile Hotdogs is up and says he’s quite hungry. Later in the lounge room David says to Christie “a little hard work didn’t hurt anybody”. She says “why don’t you try being a servant”. David says “oh don’t start with me” (what a dickhead!). Vesna says “is everyone pissed off at me?”. Dean says no. She feels everyone is angry at her. Christie has gone to talk to Geneva, and explains how David was a total dick just earlier. She feels she has no one to go to. Geneva gives her a big hug. Christie wants to know when to cook her dinner. Geneva says whenever, and she will have a big chat to Christie later (David has entered the bedroom now). David asks if Christie is ok. Geneva explains she is tired. David dismisses it and says he is tired too.. Tim feels the same (yeah whatever).


12.52am – David is laughing at the servants through the bedroom window. Hotdogs wants a bowl of sultana bran. Geneva tells him to order it. Hotdogs wakes up Vesna with her bell. Greg has also been called. Vesna is looking terrible, and gets Hotdogs a glass of water as he orders. He then orders sultana bran with sugar over the top. She goes to get it. Christie is called to do a dance jig infront of Geneva. In the kitchen David is being a gloater and starts hovering over Vesna as she tries to prepare food. Vesna is complaining about Hotdogs. David goes back into the masters bedroom and starts repeating what Vesna just said, in a sarcastic tone! (What an asshole!!!!). Outside Vesna says “next time you are hungry…” Hotdogs buts in and starts yelling about how he has every right to be doing this and Vesna is trying to guilt trip him. He also adds “I will not say sorry”. Big Brother annouces that Hotdogs you are not allowed to say the word sorry, you must order your servant to clean out the fridge.

Later its lights out in the masters bedroom. Vesna is finally going back to bed, and the lights are still on in the servants bedroom. She is then called back into the masters bedroom… again. Hotdogs says he would like another half bowl of sultana bran and then he would like to have an open forum for 2 minutes on complaining. Christie laughs at Vesna while she gets the cereal. Vesna goes to give him his cereal and goes to leave. Geneva calls her back in saying you have to do the complaint open forum. Vesna must complain for 2 minutes non stop… so she does. Vesnsa says Hotdogs has no consideration for her by ordering food on purpose while she’s trying to sleep. She says she should let him sleep or else she’s going to have a nervous breakdown in the house. The other housemates are watching her as if it’s a comedy routine.

Hotdogs rings her bell and says “continue the complaining for another 3 minutes”. Vesna doesn’t do it and says “go fuck yourself”.. and storms back into the servants bedroom. All the housemates in the masters bedroom run to the windows to watch her. Glenn and Christie laugh while Geneva stays at the window to watch. Vesna cries a lot in her bed. Kate comes over and gives her a hug.

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