Day 44

1.22pm – Housemates are released from the bedroom to find Big Brother has set up a mini golf course in the backyard. There is to be a tournament later in the week – and now the housemates must practice. They pair up with their bed partners, and the solo sleepers will be put together. Some housemates including Christie and Tim say they should wager 50%, while the rest say 100%. First pair is Christie and Geneva. Christie does very badly. Next is Hotdogs and Vesna – not the greatest. David almost gets a hole in one. Tim knocks it far but way outside the boundries. Greg doesn’t make the mark. The winners are Geneva, Hotdogs, David, Glenn and Tim. Big Brother tells all housemates they must feed the animals. The housemates are a little confused and wonder what is up. Vesna is having some problems handling the alpaca, but the other housemates give her some tips. Vesna is quite scared of the alpaca. Geneva says the alpaca is spooked by all the people and will go crazy at any moment. It starts jumping up and down and Vesna freaks. Geneva starts complaining and Vesna loses the plot: she screams at Geneva that handling the animals she can’t do – correction she can’t handle the horse (alpaca). Vesna complains she is expected to like everything everyone says – the boys laugh at her. Kate has a sneaky private laugh. All the housemate chuckles make Vesna chuckle.


4.26pm – Housemates are still in the games area. The winners are told they can return to the house. Other housemates are to remain where they are. A wall is now in the bedroom to divide it in two. The winners enter the bedroom and quickly discover their new beds. Tim is the first to figure it out when he looks through the windows on the dividing wall and sees the loser’s matt beds. Big Brother gets the winners to close the blinds so the losers don’t see them. Both winners and losers read the task out loud.

Tim is Greg’s master
Geneva is Christie’s master
Glenn is Kate’s master
Hotdogs is Vesna’s master
David is Dean’s master

Dean says he is glad he isn’t Hotdogs’s servant. Servants must do laundry, shower outside. Masters have constant hot water. Masters must never say please or thankyou or apologise to servants. The blinds are eventually opened and the buzzers are tested.

5.37pm – Masters are doing shopping for themselves. A lot of the products have gone down in price. Hotdogs goes a little mental (looks like a dick). Christie’s buzzer rings… she goes outside to see what Geneva wants. Geneva accidentally pressed the button and says sorry. Back inside the servants are looking glum. Big Brother announces that masters are not allowed to say sorry. The punishment is that servants can no longer use the spa.


7.50pm – Tim tells Greg he wants the toilet seat warmed for when he goes in 10 minutes time. The housemates all laugh but Greg looks pissed. He goes and sits on the toilet (with his pants on of course). Tim says he does not want to have a cold toilet seat. Glenn says Kate takes orders too well. Tim goes to the toilet to check on the status of his toilet seat warming – and returns Greg to the lounge.

8.29pm – This is Big Brother. The nominees are Hotdogs, Vesna and Geneva. Dean is called to the diary room to deduct 3 nominations points. He choses Geneva and returns to the lounge. This is Big Brother there are now 4 people up for eviction – Hotdogs, Vesna, Geneva and …. Dean. Dean puts his hands in the air and smiles. Dean doesn’t reveal who he picked “there’s no need to say”. Geneva looks very sad.

9.13pm – Greg is asking Dean how he feels for nominating himself. He doesn’t seem phased by it (wait until next Sunday). He says he has a feeling he won’t go “sounds cocky and dumb doesn’t it” (why yes it does haha). Later in the spa Geneva is in the spa with Hotdogs. She says she’s having a problem with Vesna… a big problem. She feels very jealous when Hotdogs is with her “you give her so much all the time. It wasn’t until you left when people realised what she was really like”. Hotdogs says he really does like her. Geneva says “so what!? You like me!”. Meanwhile in the bedroom Vesna is telling Christie she can’t tolerate Geneva. Christie can’t stand Kate. Vesna can deal with Kate. Christie can’t stand her bossyness and her ass-sucking-up-ness. In the spa Geneva is bitching about Vesna still “she’s so needy”. Hotdogs says he’s sorry she feels this way. Geneva asks him why he picked. Hotdogs says he hasnt’ picked but Geneva thinks he has – because he didn’t tell Vesna that she’s not the only close person he has in the house. Geneva says she’s sick of talking about it. Hotdogs jokes he’s sick of talking about her… grabs her and they spoon in the spa together.


12.52am – Greg is called to the masters bedroom. Tim says “come”. Tim tells Greg he wants to hear “Advance Australia Fair” sung beautifully before the masters go to sing. He starts singing and the masters join in. Midway Tim tells him to sing more proudly. Back in the servants bedroom the servants are laughing saying they could hear him singing. Vesna says this task is brining out the bitch in her. Dean says she’s acting like a pork chop – they have only been doing the task for half a day. Vesna loses the plot again and says she is being constantly told she is being denied stuff. She is yelling very loudly. Meanwhile the masters are listening in. Hotdogs says she’s cracked faster than he expected. Dean is telling Vesna they are all in it together. Vesna says she just needs to complain and no one understands it. Geneva wants to go into the servants room and help. The other masters tell her not to – they are like Big Brother in this instance. Vesna is saying she just wants to complain and get it over and done with – she doesn’t just have to ‘suck it up’ like everyone keeps saying. Vesna starts yelling at the masters who are peaking through the windows to listen. Dean says for Vesna’s own good things will get worse the more she whinges. Christie says Vesna only does it because she’s frustrated. Vesna says the tougher people get the tougher she will get. She’s not pussyfooting around. No more nice girl she says. Dean laughs and they all have a laugh about it. In the masters bedroom Glenn says he wonders what they will be like tomorrow. Tim says yeah – “its kinda scary”.

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