Day 44 Uplate

12:00am: Kate is in the bathroom. Her bell rings and she must report to her master immediately. Glenn wants a massage. Dave & Tim are on their luxury beds and ask Kate if she is jealous. She says she isn’t really. Tim & Dave get up and pull the blind up to see the slaves room. Greg talks to them through the wall. Tim says to him he’s feeling a little tense. He decides to press his bell, and Greg must report to his master instantly! He asks for how long her would a massage. Tim says 10 minutes, and they begin. Dave lies on his bed and says that the bell holds so much power. Big Big Brother tells Kate that her master is lying on his microphone. Kate takes that to mean she must remove it for him, and she does. After Mike talks to Rachael, we are taken back to the house where Geneva has started giving Dave a foot massage. BB tells Geneva she can’t do that. Dave rings the bell because the cream is still on his foot. Dean comes running. He says he will do it for sure. He goes and gets some gloves to do it! While away, BB picks up that Dave said to Dean ‘sorry’, and therefore after the foot rub, Dean must tell Dave a bedtime story. Everyone cracks up. Soon after, Geneva and Hotdogs call their masters for a massage as well, and everyone is now in the room. Dean finishes the massage after being told to take off the gloves, and sets in for a bedtime story. He begins by saying that there were two twins from Wagga Wagga, one was great and one was a bit crazy. Dave, thinking he is the crazy one, immediately rings the bell and demands a drink. After that, Dean continues the story, which is sounding pretty funny, but Mike pulls us away for a commercial break.

12:26am: Greg is sitting down about to tell Tim a story. However, Tim keeps ringing the bell telling him to straighten the sheets, uncover the microphone, and finally, to bring a chair in so Tim can see him. On his way back, he is also asked where Vesna is. Vesna is in bed, and Dogs decides to get her up. Kate is called into the room to make Glenn laugh, and Christie soon turns up and they start making really funny actions that has Glenn laughing his head off. Tim buts into his story to clarify something, and Dean walks in to talk to Dave before we go to the commercial break.

12:40am: Greg is hopping up and down while finishing off his story. He is saying about how Glenn knows his weakness. He finishes, and Tim then asks him to go and tel the servants that he is the least loved by his family out of the twins. Geneva says that they should get Christie to kiss Kate. Greg leaves and doesn’t shut the door, prompting Geneva to ask “does he live in a tent!” Christie comes to their door and Geneva says “can you please be quiet”. Christie goes back and says that they want them to be loud. BB tels Geneva she said please, and that the servants lights will come on a half hour earlier now. The masters say that when their lights go out they will ask the servants to all be quiet so they can get to sleep.

The next block we don’t actually go to the house. We do, but Mike is talking through it the entire time reading out the rules. What I could gather was that Christie had to come in and sing “Rock A Bye Baby” to the servants. Geneva says please, and BB announces the servants lights will go out another half hour earlier. Dean is next called to recite the spider nursery rhyme.

1:05am: Christie is sucking Geneva’s toe, but is told now to go back to bed. She tells Dave to “f*** off” on her way out. She gets almost back to bed before she is called back to apologise to Dave. She gives a bad apology, so Geneva tells her to do it with feeling. She does well this time, and Geneva tells her that she can go to bed now. Talk turns to the seven deadly sins. They can get 5 of them but are stuck. Hotdogs asks if Greg would know. He then says “we’ll find out” and rings the bell. Dean is also summoned. Vesna knocks and asks Dogs if he wants 8 or 9 of something. He says 9. Dean and Greg don’t get one more, but they still only have 6 of the 7 deadly sins.

1:16am: Vesna is in the kitchen cooking for Hotdogs. Lights are out in the masters bedroom. Vesna is ready to bring the 9 chips into Dogs, but she drowns them in oil first and makes a nice sunshape out of them and puts barbecue sauce in the middle. Dogs isn’t impressed with the oil, and tells her she must place them beside her bed for the duration of the night and not speak another word for the rest of the night. She goes back to her room and tells the others. Dogs hears her and rings his bell. BB also calls her to the diary room as we are taken to the break.

1:28am: Christie is waiting to go to the diary room. We go to the masters bedroom. Everything is quiet, but after a while one of them laugh at what someone said next door. Complaining about them. We cross to the servant room, and Vesna is saying that she doesn’t want to play childish games. Greg mainly, and also Dean, are saying that she must have known what she was getting into when she signed the contract. She says she had seen past series but still just thought it would be different. Greg says he knew that he was a guinea pig, and he can only get angry at himself because he signed on the dotted line. He says it’s not BB’s fault. Christie returns and says that her stuff (makeup?) is gone for good because she forgot to pack it. She says she is going to turn into a fat slob now.

1:42am: Vesna still complaining. Dean having a real go at her now. Dean tells her if she is hating it so much she should leave. She starts having a go at him saying that from the moment she arrived she has been told “nah you don’t need that”. She just wants to complain and leave it like that, she doesn’t need people to say poor Vesna. She just wants to be able to complain. Greg says it would be funny if someone got called to do something now. Dean says it would be so funny on the other side. Everyone in the masters room are listening near the window lol. Glenn calls Kate in, he wants water. Kate says she is loving this task, she is laughing a lot. We cross back to the other room to find Christie talking to Dean, but at 1:52am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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