Day 43

10.39am – This is Big Brother, Vesna, Kate you have 1 minute to get up and start cleaning all of the interior windows. Kate isn’t impressed. Dean is getting up in the rewards room – he says he had a great dream. In the main bedroom Rachael says she had a dream she was having an argument with Kate – Rachael wants to talk about it later, not infront of the other housemates. Kate is swiping the windows and says sarcastically to Vesna “I can’t wait until our little talk”. Vesna is complaining that she doesn’t do this type of work – she doesn’t clean or do farm work. In the rewards room the boys are eating lunch and Hotdogs is doing his usual gloatish relaxing. Outside David asks Vesna what she would do if Big Brother asked her to clean the outside windows – she said she would leave the house, seriously. She says she doesnt’ clean – especially not windows. Her sister cleans her house. David says “we have a whinger”. Vesna wonders why Big Brother doesn’t hire cleaners (because cleaner cost money). David says Vesna always complains about things – she complains that she doesn’t complain. He says she is the only person in the house who whinges. She tells him to take it back. “You whing about things you can’t have, you whing about things you have to do, why do you think you got farm animals? You have just whinged for the last 10 minutes”. Vesna says she is used to a partiuclar lifestyle – why should she have to like things outside her lifestyle? David says she should just suck it up and deal with it. Vesna says anyone who would know her would says “wow she’s taking it well”.

Later in the bathroom Kate is talking to Tim (Rachael wants to talk to her later). Kate says “yeah see you there” and pulls a raspberry with a thumbsdown. Kate explains she wants to talk about a dream she had – Tim says thats ridiculous. Tim explains after him and Rachael kissed Rachael is taking it too seriously. Kate jokes that TIm should go around kissing people willy-nilly… because people have feelings.


4.03pm – This is Big Brother, farmhand time to feed the animals. Vesna can’t believe she has to go outside in the rain – she thinks BB is doing this on purpose. Hotdogs is being smirk and says to chin up. He goes out with her. Vesna is cranky because she doesn’t know what to do. She whinges at the animals saying “at least you get fed, what do we get? Nothing!”. The tells the animals to move away from her when she’s feeding. Rachael helps her out with the food. Inside Tim says the pigs are getting really big, they can almost stick their heads over the fence. Rachael comes in and Geneva say Rachael looks really really good with makeup on. Kate comes into the bedroom and talks to Rachael.

Rachael says she can’t speak her opinion because she feels Kate is so much more educated than her. Kate says Rachael doesn’t know her education. Rachael says she went to year 12 so thats more education than she had.

Big Brother annouces the farmhand must go back to finish the chores – she hasnt’ walked the alpaca. Vesna is fuming – it’s still raining.

Meanwhile Kate says Rachael just says her opinion and then runs – she doesn’t invite people to talk and thats why she is feeling alienated. Kate says in future they should talk from begining to finish and not make a big deal infront of the other housemates about a “big serious talk”. Kate says she was thinking “oh stuff you” about it. Rachael says thats childish.

Hotdogs is called to the diary room… he is all smiles (for now). Big Brother says threatening behavior is not tolerated in the house. This includes sexual harrassment. Big Brother says his recent behavior was totally unacceptable. Hotdogs says he understands… he is very glum. As a result Big Brother is awarding you a strike. Any housemate with three strikes may face early eviction from the Big Brother house. Hotdogs says he understands.


8.06pm – Its time to go… Rachael. Vesna hugs her. Rachael says “short and sweet, how I like it”. Dean is all laughs. Christie tells her to have some champagne for her. Tim gives her a kiss and says “seeya sweetie”. Hotdogs yawns. Dean seems to be concerned about who will be dish washer now. Christie says her dream about being evicted didn’t come true. Christie finds that Rachael left her some cream under her pillow. “That is so sweet”. Vesna is feeling strange because she didn’t like Rachael at first – then liked her and not having enough time to spend with her before eviction. Geneva agrees. Outside Tim says it’s a wounded animal analogy – she couldnt’ recover. Dean says he stopped taunting her the last few days. Tim explains his talks with her in the reward room – his theories about who she would be friends with were wrong. Dean says “congrats on another week Vesna”. Vesna isn’t really with it and says “oh…. yeah”. Geneva jokes to Vesna “now we need to get rid of you and everything will be normal”. No one laughs and Vesna is very angry. Geneva says she meant it as a joke. Vesna doesn’t agree and says she will think about whether its a joke or not. Hotdogs says they should go outside to listen for screams – they won’t hear many though. Vesna says thats mean.

Christie is explaining to Vesna she felt weird because she was feeling alienated simply for being friends with Rachael. Kate says thats not right. Christie felt sad that no one cared about Rachael. Hotdogs is saying Rachael didn’t have to come into the house like that – but there is so much more to her. Vesna agrees. They both would have liked her to stay. In the sauna David is saying Rachael is the one he wanted to go. Tim is reluctant to have this conversation. Tim starts flexing in the mirror and says “I have never looked in the mirror like this before… I’m such a poser.. I haven’t even gotten any muscle yet”. David says he will get over it. In the kitchen Kate says she is really happy now – she is going to go mad with Geneva and Christie. The two girls give each other a congratulatory kiss for surviving the eviction.


9.49pm – Farewell video from Rachael.

Hi everyone if your’e hearing this message I guess this means I’m out of your hair, so half of you will be celebrating for sure (housemates laughing). Sorry for being such a bitch straight up. Some of you got ot know me, the ones who didn’t, it’s your loss.

Geneva we all know you’re a bit moody but you’re a fabulous girl – try not to feed other people’s leads so much.

Kate I’m going to be honest, I also find you very ignorant and narrow minded about some things. The boys and Kate laugh at Rachael. Kate says “no lets not waste our time”.

Not broadcast on the daily show but at this point David called Rachael a bitch.

Timmy you’ve been fantastic you’ve made me see things from other points of view.

Dean I’m sorry I was such a bitch to you the first day I met you. You’re very intelligent and very funny. Somestimes you gotta remember your jokes can be hurtful. You need to think a little more before you joke. You’re gonna be very successful.

Logans, Greg is a sweetie thats all I can say – geniune, funny, down to earth. I think that you and Christie would be perfect together.

David I gotta be honest I don’t know how to take you – one day you compliment me the other day you bitch about me. You did make my time in the house a bit more fun.

I think you guys have been very loving and forgiving to give me the chance you gave me so far. Have fun. Afterwards the housemates joke about how Kate is ignorant and narrow minded. Kate is laughing nervously. Kate says “she could have said anything but all I could hear was blah blah blah”.

10.28pm – Kate is telling the girls there is nothing between her and David. Christie says the next time she should kiss him, then lie still, and wait for the feeling to percolate in David’s head. Kate says if she wanted to she would. Kate says she never ever makes the first move. Geneva says she has dibs on the intruder. Outside the boys are talking about going to sleep. Talk moves onto pashes. Greg say he’s getting pashes every night. As much as he wants to stop it….. his grumbling becomes unintelligable. Tim tells him to keep it at a level he’s comfortable with. Bedroom door is closed and they go to bed.

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