Day 41 Uplate

12:55am: We join the housemates in the bedroom. Like as if Kris Noble was waiting for us to cross, he announces to the house, or more specifically Dean & Hotdogs, that there is to be no jumping from the spa to the pool. In the bedroom, Vesna calls Greg over to feel his boobs. Vesna tries to read Greg’s shirt, she can’t understand it. She reckons the guy on it looks like he is touching his balls. Vesna asks Greg if he would take her to the reward room. He says “Yeh sure, If I could get a root.” Cut to the bathroom where Geneva & Kate are brushing their teeth. They seem to be laughing a lot too. Geneva seems to be putting Mousse or some product like that into the toothpaste tube as a practical joke. Actually it’s shaving cream. Kate says that this is going to be great. She asks Kate if it’s wrong of her to be angry at Hotdogs for something he did earlier. Kate says that she thinks that he can’t understand why you (Geneva) would be so happy for him. Geneva goes onto complain that Hotdogs, as the dishpig, hasn’t done the dishes even after multiple requests. Greg comes into the bathroom and tells them that Hotdogs really hurt himself near the spa. He reckons that half his body landed in the spa, half out. Geneva says that Greg got a lot of colour today. He asks if he’s any hotter. She says no. Greg asks if the girls are going to bed. He wants to try to get everyone to bed soon. Kate says that Rachael really wants to keep everyone up! He asks why, and Kate says ‘to shit everyone.’ Greg can’t believe it. Greg finally realises what Geneva has been doing, and they have to fill him in on the joke. Greg gets his toothbrush and smells it. He reckons it doesn’t smell right. Kate laughs and smells it and says it smells like soap. Greg reckons Glenn did it. He washes it. He gets Glenn’s and does the same to his. Kate says that she reckoned her’s smelt like soap but Geneva thought she was paranoid. He puts Glenn’s toothbrush back, but Kate points out that you can see the soag. Greg disagrees, saying “he won’t see that, he’s too dumb.” Christie enters the room and can’t find her toothbrush. She doesn’t look in the best of moods. Dean enters shortly after and he looks like he is really in a ‘good’ mood. He gets Kate wet and then trys to do the same to Greg. Christie starts blaming Greg that has stolen her toothbrush. He says he swears he didn’t, and when Christie goes outside to confront everyone, Greg asks Geneva if she did something with it. She also swears she didn’t touch it. Cut to Dean is the bedroom who is absolutely naked. BB tells him he’s not wearing his microphone. Another 5K bites the dust. Hotdogs calls Vesna a whorebag, and says he is waiting for Dean. He doesn’t have anything on either except a shirt. Besna says that Hotdogs can go and get f*****. Vesna tells him not to come and sleep with her tonight. Hotdogs, very drunk, says he is going to sleep in the rewards room instead. Hotdogs and Dean go back the reward room. Hotdogs wants to make coffee for them both. Dean grabs some Tim Tam’s and sets up Conan the Barbarian or something on the DVD player. Hotdgos asks him how to make the purculated coffee. Dean says he will show him, and Dogs fires back “Nah I wanna make it.” Dean laughs. Whats funnier is that Dean has a look and doesn’t even know how it works.

Back after Mike does his stuff, and Greg is complaining that Rachael wants to make noise in the bedroom when others want to sleep. He says that everyone agreed on Wednesday that if people were to make noise they should leave the bedroom. Rachael finally says that her and Vesna will leave the room. Rachael gets really wound up and Greg can’t believe that she has started an argument from his comment about how he heard that she wanted to keep everyone up tonight. By the end of it Greg is laughing and Rachael seems satisfied and back to her calm self. She is called to the diary room, but she has no idea why. Kate asks Glenn if he took Christie’s toothbrush and he says “I didn’t touch anyone’s toothbrush.” Vesna says that Kate has a lot of clothes she hasn’t seen. Kate says she has worn almost everything. Vesna tells the guys that they haven’t worked Rachael out yet. She says the more people bite, the more Rachael bites back. Kate recounts the earlier conversation in the bathroom. Dave comes in and says that Rachael just told him that he picks his nose a lot. He says he fired back “You talk a lot…now get back into that airlock.” It gets a laugh. Greg, having lived in the house for 40 nights now, asks the dumbest question I’ve ever heard. “What’s an airlock.” His brother explains it’s the room inbetween the two doors of the diary room. Christie raises her voice and tells everyone that someone has done something with her toothbrush. Glenn owns up and says she put some stuff on three of them, but then says that someone else went along and perfumed them all. Christie says she wants to brush her teeth before bed. Geneva says she should go and ask the guys in the reward room. Greg says she can borrow his. She says she will buy one when she becomes shopper chef (LOL! Christie cooking all meals) Greg and Christie are on the same bed holding hands. Christie reckons someone put it in the toilet, and wonders how people can be so cruel. Another quote of the night from Christie is “someone has framed me.” Rachael comes over and says she has to apologise to Greg for saying that she would throw something at Greg’s head LOL. Rachael isn’t sure if Greg thought that their argument just before was mucking around or for real. They both agree they thought they were mucking around. Greg accepts her apology, and Christie asks for a hug!? Greg says there is no reason for a hug. Greg says thanks to BB! Christie tells Rachael that either Timmy or Glenn stole her toothbrush. Rachael immediately questions “Timmy” and he launches into his self defence saying he would never do that

1:28am: Vesna is telling Geneva that she thought for a long time that Geneva didn’t want her in the house. Vesna says she didn’t talk to anyone because she was trying to suss everyone out. She says that Dogs was the only one who went out of his way to make her welcome. She says that Tim is a bit scary. She tells Geneva that sometimes you click with people and then you don’t, and that you beat yourself up over it. She is obviously talking about her recent argument with the Dogs. OK perhaps I’m wrong because Vesna reveals that the two don’t ‘click’. Geneva says they do, and then says that she didn’t click with Kate in the start. Vesna says it will take time. Geneva reckons they are similar that many of the other housemates. Vesna is unsure, saying they are very different people. She says they have similar family issues (Geneva doesn’t get on with her mum, Vesna doesn’t with her dad). Vesna says that she got the felling from Geneva that she didn’t like her. She says she didn’t like Rachael!

1:45am: Still with Geneva and Vesna. Geneva says that she isn’t needy. Vesna says she is one way with others and another way back to Vesna. Geneva feels that she makes too much out of the talking behind people’s back. She says that in this environment you have to talk about other people in here. Geneva says she was a bitch to Rachael and she wishes she could take it all back. She says she has never said anything bad about Vesna, the only thing she has said about her is that she thought that Vesna didn’t want to get to know her. Vesna says she has been in here for 2 weeks and still the only person in here that will talk to her is Hotdogs.

1:53am: Still there. Geneva is telling Vesna she thought the guys would be different, in that they would be more hot blooded. She says it’s as if they are bored. Vesna tells Christie that she smells nice. Christie says she is really shitty cause she is tired. Geneva and Vesna talk about how good Kate’s hair looks. Vesna and Christie talk about what they should do with Christie’s hair on Sunday. The girls watch Rachael running around the room. Geneva asks Vesna a series of questions about ADD. They come up with the opinion that you aren’t born with it, it’s developed because of the way your bought up, and a sign of bad parenting.

2:07am: Vesna is playing with Christie’s skin on her back. Christie launches into a rendition of “I’m Sandra Dee”. Mike cuts in cause they are singing and we don’t return to the house before another commercial break.

2:19am: Geneva has knocked on the reward room door to tell Hotdogs to do the dishes. Geneva is peeved. Hotsogs can’t believe she is still asking them. They decide to go out and do them now. Dean goes to the toilet, and once out, Hotdogs says for Dean to have a bath and he’ll go out and do them. Dean says ok after a bit, but before Dogs goes, he says to him with a hug that he couldn’t think of anyone better to spend the weekend with. Awwww. He comes back out to the house and falls onto the couch. Geneva goes to the diary room. Dogs goes over to the girls who are doing some exercise on the dance floor. Vesna tells him that she isn’t talking to him for his earlier comment. Rachael says “Your in trouble!” Dogs drops his pants for some reason while the girls carry on with their dance. Dogs drops his pants again right up close to Vesna. They walk away from him, but he keeps talking. The girls go to the bedroom to get heels on. Dogs jumps on some beds, and then says really drunkily “Guys who wants to do the dishes with me.” He tries to pull Tim up, then Rachael, then asks Vesna again. She says no way, ‘you called me a whore.’ Hotdogs quick as a flash says he said ‘who are’. Dogs cracks it a bit and says “If thats the way you want to be it’ll be very easy for Dean and I on Monday”. Harsh. Vesna says she isn’t allowed to talk about that. Dogs falls down again, but says “that was pretty cool but.” He says to Vesna that she can’t be angry with him. She tells him to say sorry. He says sorry. She says back ‘you just want a root.’ He says sorry for everything with the help of Vesna prompting her, but then decides to touch her boob, so he’s back to square one there. She tells him not to touch her ass. He says “It’s so big I can’t help myself.” Vesna says he is digging his grave deeper.

2:31am: The girls are doing the dance routine in the bedroom. They tell Glenn that BB doesn’t want to watch it because he wouldn’t let them in. They also tell him it’s from Carmen Electra’s DVD. Rachael says that Dogs is just chucking the dishes in the water and then putting them in the hack. Greg says ‘he’s a bit drunk isn’t he.’ We see Dogs in the bottom corner of the screen with his jeans down at his ankles letting everything hang out. (Anyone remember the night Hotdogs lost the million dollars?!) Rachael decides to go and tell him to do the dishes properly, but she walks out and runs back into the room saying “he’s naked!” The girls go out and check out his ass. Tim goes to help him out. The Logans both come out and whack his ass with tea towels and towels. Lovely, it’s the one Tim was using to dry the dishes. Tim realises that they have no clean tea towels left now. Dogs lies on his bed for a sec, then gets back up and heads out to the kitchen, but grabs Glenn’s nuts on the way. He gets really pissed off and tells Dogs to never do that again. He says it at least 5 times, and he says he is dead serious. They shake hands, but Glenn has had enough of him. Dogs digs his grave deeper by saying “Oh, did you have your willie touched…” Glenn says “F*** off. I don’t wanna talk to you. F*** off.” Cut to Vesna out in the kitchen who has heard it all. She calls Dogs out to the kitchen, but then goes into the bedroom to get him. Dogs finally realises that he’s really pissed him off, and doesn’t want to leave the room without patching things up. Glenn tells him to go and do the dishes. He finally leaves and we are taken to the reward room where Dean is in the bath.

2:44am: Dean has made his way to the bedroom. He says if he had another 12 beers he would be right. He says they don’t give you enough. Greg says he can’t believe that Dean stayed on the board for soo long in FNL. Dean says goodbye to everyone, opens the door an inch to leave, and we hear Vesna giving Dogs a barrage. She says “you clearly don’t know an f***** thing about me.” Dean goes out to help them wipe up. Everyone heard it in the bedroom. Rachael almost went out to the kitchen, and Dave lays into her saying she just had to stick her nose in. She says when she hears another female upset, she needs to help. Dean having only heard the barrage from Vesna says to Dogs in the kitchen that he doesn’t need to hear that. He says that they are in the rewards room but still doing the dishes. Dogs is fuming, saying he’s going to go in there (bedroom) and tell some people some things. They both agree they will forget about it till tomorrow after breakfast. God work from Dean there. Geneva has come out, and Dogs says with a raised voice “Pathetic people in this house act pathetically.” Dean says the bath was good, but he says he thought that he better help with the dishes cause he says he knew no one out here (house proper) would help him with them. Geneva heads to the bathroom and finally finds Vesna and just hugs her. She starts crying, saying that she never said anything bad about him, and yet he launched into her saying all bad things about her. Geneva says she didn’t really hear it, only that she was starting to get upset. At 2:52am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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