Day 40

8.30am – Christie and Greg are sharing sweet cuddles when bedroom lights come on – and to wake them up Big Brother springs a camera attack. Most housemates are in the bedroom and Kate is in the shower posing for the task. Later in the morning the boys are pumping testosterone to the max with workouts. Lots of grunting going on. Geneva comments to Kate the boys work pretty hard for their bodies. Kate goes to correct: Men? Geneva says no they are still boys. She goes on to add that the girls always comment that the boys are looking good but the boys never give compliments back. The girls are always giving them tips on how to look good but the boys don’t give the attention back. Christie totally agrees. Christie cannot wait to leave the house so she can get the attention back… it’s playing with her confidence. Kate says everyone is feeling that way in some way. Meanwhile the boys are finishing up on the weights. Kate says she needs to change – she needs to stop being Ms. Prim and proper. She sposes she’s a bit of a tease. Tim is struggling with some weights, and takes a breather.

In the bedroom Vesna is saying to Rachael she is feeling like an outsider still. Rachael agrees and says she has every right to express her opinions like everyone else. She goes on to say Dean hasn’t been doing his share of the cleaning. Vesna says he just prances around and thinks he’s the best. Vesna also says he doesn’t shut up about his girlfriend. Rachael thinks it’d be funny if it didn’t last (she’s not the only one!!!). They say he’s so dominant, insecure and agressive. Vesna says the sooner he leaves the better – she’d be overjoyed.


Later in the afternoon the housemates are having a semi-intellectual conversation (shock horror!). They are talking about the protest on the Sydney Opera House: “No war”. They ask Tim if he had anything to do with it. He says he didn’t but he thinks is a good protest. Kate disagrees saying it was a waste of resources. Tim says the cost of removing paint is negligable when you’re talking about the bigger agenda. Hotdogs doesn’t really know what he’s talking about and says it was stupid and only made people want their 15 minutes of fame. Tim tries to explain the importance of the talk agenda it caused but Hotdogs is a bit too naive to undestand. A bored, cranky and confused Christie says “who cares… okay that was great so what are we having for dinner?”. The boys decide to pick Christie up and throw her in the pool.

Housemates intelligence in a nutshell eh?

Later in the spa the boys are talking about the intruders – Hotdogs says the intruders will be one boy and one girl.


7.17pm – Big Brother announces the launch of the house calendar. The housemates go to the store room to look at the final results of the photo task. Inside is champagne and nibblies. Each of the housemate’s photos are up on the wall. The housemates laugh and cheer – they toast to the photos. Kate says Glenn’s photo is “so aussie”. The housemates say Kate’s is the best – she is so sexy. The housemates go back inside, all excited about the task. Big Brother tells them to change into their calendar costumes. Back in the lounge room they find a special pizza dinner. Greg dances around in his cheerleader looking costume. His groin bulge is bouncing all over the place. Christie burps from the pizza and Kate gives her a look, which sparks a big fight about who is allowed to give a look and when. Christie says she shouldn’t have given her a look. Kate says she shouldn’t be made a victim. In the end Christie is a little confused. Big Brother announces they passed the first part of the task – to make the calendar photos. On the second part of the tasks (the camera attacks) the housemates failed three times. Tim opens an envelope. Inside the letter says they were allowed to fail a max of four times. They have passed the task. Big Brother starts playing music. Geneva screams like a highschooler and the housemates all get onto the dancefloor and dance. Glenn is a really, really bad dancer. Dean also sucks tremendously. Tim is dancing with Rachael. The Logans do a twin “flip” thing.


8.55pm – More dancing. All of the boys are terrible dancers. Meanwhile Vesna, Rachael and Christie are talking about Kate from the sidelines. Rach says Kate wants attention from all of the boys on the dancefloor – she wants to be the boss of everything. Kate is moving with all the girls. Christie says she’s going to make her jealous, she goes to dance with the boys. Geneva is straddling with Tim. Rachael says to Vesna the girls are so bitchy in this house. The dancing continues and later on Rachael gives Tim a big pash on the dance floor. Even later Hotdogs says all the boys have a thing for Kate. Vesna says she has an innocence about her that is attractive. Greg is dancing with Kate. Chrisite wants to put a stop with it, and decides to go talk to Big Brother in the diary room. Vesna and Rachael come too. Christie tells Big Brother she likes Greg and she is really jealous tonight because he’s giving Kate more attention than her. Rachael adds Kate is being hypocritical by saying she doesn’t like the attention – then flirts with the boys. Christie says Kate is really boring and adds nothing to the house. Rachael says she kissed Tim… which is news to the other girls and they all ask her “really!?” excitedly. Rach says she has deeper feelings for him.

1.10am – Kate is in bed with Hotdogs… they are snuggling together. He says he might sleep with her tonight. “Oh Kate you’re so hot”. Hotdogs is really drunk. Vesna is watching from another bed with evil eyes.

2.58am – Kate is leaving David’s bed. David asks Dean if he should go sleep with Kate in her bed… “she’s being very friendly”. Can’t this boy do anything without Dean!? Dean doesn’t seem to care and David adds he wants to get a good night sleep so he’s sleeping with Dean tonight. Hotdogs returns to Vesna and Tim sleeps with Rachael. They pash under the doona!

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