Day 38

1.44am – Camera attack! All the housemates jump out of their bed. Christie and Geneva are on their bed topless posing. They are having trouble keeping a straight face. Geneva loses her balance on the bed.

8.05am – Boys are up wishing each other good morning. Dean says there was no excuse for laughing at the task last night. In the bedroom Rachael calls that its not fair but if you saw some of their faces you couldn’t help laughing. The other girls agree. Dean says there is no excuse for it… again. Rachael says she doesn’t want to look like she’s causing conflict again. Glenn says it’s unnaceptable. Christie is annoyed that people are only “selective” jokers – they have double standards about who can joke about what.

Greg has the instructions for the next part of the photo task. They must all dress up for their photo shoots. Greg is first and the girls are lathering on the makeup. They rub down his legs as well. Greg does a lot of sexy(?) poses. Vesna looks like an egyptian/indian princess. Kate is a sexy cop. Tim is a punked out rocker. Dean is a shirtless rock star. Glenn is in the farmyard and does a nude shot. His hat is covering up the little shearer.


4.38pm – Work out time. Tim is doing bench weights, still with his wild punk rock hair style. Geneva is trying to prepare for dinner tonight. Dean is to help her. He goes into the house to organise with Geneva. Tim is pushing the weights – his head looks like its going to explode! He does a new personal best. Tim is puffed and exhausted. Geneva is cooking a BBQ and Dean takes over. Rachael comes over and says “big man, eh? cooking a barbie?”. Dean says all men love cooking a barbie. Rachael says she loves taking over cooking but a BBQ is a man’s job. The boys are doing aerobic exercise. Now Dean tastes some of his cooking – BIG NO NO! Only the shopper/chef may taste the food and he’s only the assistant. Big Brother immediately calls Dean to the diary room and he says to bring the meat. Vesna says “oh you’re kidding!”. Geneva is pissed off. The boys outside aren’t happy either.

Big Brother tells Dean only the chef may sample food before the dinner is served. Are you the chef, Dean? No. Big Brother is confiscating the meat. Outside Kate is telling Geneva they will be fine. Geneva is silently furious. Dean emerges and explains what happened. He says “sorry boys but if you have a problem you will have to nominate me again”. The boys go back to exercises as if nothing happened. Rachael joins in with the boys, doing situps. Dean starts showing Rachael different exercises to do and Greg gives her tips.

Later dinner is served. Rachael goes to see Vesna in the bedroom, explaining how hard the workout was. Rachael feels doing anything with the boys is a breakthrough. They say it comes down to doing stuff with David and acting interested in what they do. “Thats how dumb they are”… “males hey?”. Vesna says she’s been doing it for a long time now.


7.12pm – Glenn is in the spa with Kate. Supposedly this is phase two. Kate is talking about how she doesn’t really like the reward room bed. Kate wants to know what happened with Glenn but he says she’ll have to wait until she leaves the hosue. He confirms they were just mates – just keeping each other company for a week – something to do – do hope she finds a good bloke though. Kate says she deserves to be happy. Inside David comments on the lovebirds in the spa. He says they were kissing (lies). Hotdogs says its a joke but it would be funny. Vesna asks why would it be funny? Meanwhile Kate is telling Glenn she’s a bit crazy in this house. He says she can come over for cuddles any time – he will have open arms. Greg joins them by the spa. Suddenly a camera attack! Housemates are all over. Dean in the bathroom has toothpaste on his face and its getting in his eyes when he posts. Christie giggles at him. When it’s over he washes the paste out of his eyes and asks Christie if she laughed. Outside Greg says he’ll be annoyed if they get in trouble fo rlittle laughs.

Later Greg is in the diary room. He says he had a chat with his brother – an argument. David was having a fight with Rachael. Greg has no problem with Rachael. David has always been a short fuse and he has a great bond with Dean. He can do what he wants but it frustrates him because it affects him just as much as him in terms of nomination. Meanwhile in the bedroom Christie is telling David she can’t believe what he said to Rachael: “I can’t wait until you leave”. Christie says it was harsh but he doesn’t think so. Greg is telling Big Brother he doesn’t think David would be fighting so much if Dean wasn’t here. In the bedroom David says he doesn’t need to be treated… that way. Christie says she doesn’t do it to spite him, because she doesn’t want to be walked on. They agree they are just as each other (well… Christie does at least).


8.15pm – Rachael and Tim are in the spa. Rachael doesn’t know what to think anymore. Tim says she could be leaving this Sunday and she should just have fun instead of being paranoid about everyone. Rachael says if she bites her tounge she will be the better person – just think happy thoughts.

9.56pm – The boys joke Kate will be in their dreams tonight when she goes to bed. Kate offers a massage so David and Kate go into the bedroom together. Tim is in the diary room and asks Big Brother for protein suppliments. BB asks if he’s interested in becoming physically bigger. Tim says yes – it’s something to do in the house. BB asks if he has noticed increased muscle tone. Tim doesn’t know but flexes his muscles. He says he’s a bit embarrased by doing it. Tim flexes again and says “yeah I think I’m getting bigger”. Big Brother will get back to Tim about the suppliments.

Meanwhile Kate is giving a facial massage to David in bed. Christei and Rachael are in the sauna. Christie says David is making a move on Kate. The two gossip a little about it. Rachael is telling Christie its hard to read Kate – her technique is to be overly nice. Christie can’t read her either – Christie can’t get along with her in a close friendship way. The massage in the bedroom has ended now. Christie and Rachael are bootlegging their own supply of sugar for the morning. They hide it next to Christie’s bed after hugging each other goodnight. Meanwhile Tim is outside doing weights! Again!

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