Day 37

8.07am – Tim and Christie are having a chat in the bathroom. She asks whats new with him – any love in his life? No. Christie says she’s a bit the same. Tim says last week he was thinking about Rachael’s fight. He says she’s a good person but sometimes she acts before she talks. She started off so strong and then it was ruined. Christie says Rachael feels she must now bite her tounge because she’s worried if she opens her mouth it will cause conflict. Christie says Rachael really admires Tim.

12.03pm – Kate is outside. This is Big Brother. You are not wearing your microphone. She gasps. That is your first $5000 fine. All the housemates clap and say “you’re one of us now”. They all cheer as she comes into the house. She left her microphone all the way in the bedroom. Tim is called to the diary room with other housemates in the lounge. Tim emerges with task information – each housemate must create a unique look and pose for a calendar for the model task. The housemates all say this task is great. Whenever the housemates hear the sound of a camera shutter they must strike their chosen pose. Dean says they should wage 100% on the task. The girls say they can all do this. They mostly vote 100% on the budget this week. They all paper scissors rock for who does each month. Vesna is January. She comes into the diary room and poses.

January – Vesna (Madonna Vouge)
February – Christie (Bikini Model looking)
March – David (Looks like he’s holding a rope)
April – Tim (FU slacker pose)
May – Hotdogs (Looks like he’s holding an olympic torch)
June – Rachael (Sexy bunny rabbit)
July – Geneva (Hold arms out in wonder)
August – Glenn (Pointing at you)
September – Dean (Rockstar hands in the air)
October – Kate (Arms folded bitchy model)
November – Greg (I’m dead sexy pose! Hand on butt sssszzz sizzle!)
December – All housemates together


3.46pm – Christie takes Rachael out to feed the animals today. In the bedroom Kate is telling Geneva she can’t believe Michelle has gone. Kate says whenever something tragic happens she shuns people out – but in this house she can’t. She feels like a bitch for doing it, after the boys were all giving her hugs and she left the group to be on her own. Christie is in the games area and says hi to the animals. Rachael says she thinks the girls are still upset with her. In the bedroom Geneva says Glenn thinks “its only a few weeks between drinks”. Kate thinks of it as the fun she can’t have with Michelle anymore. Outside Christie and Rachael talk about Kate and how she might like Dave. Rachael doesn’t think it would work. Meanwhile Kate says she doesn’t know where she stands with boys – whether she wants to be friends or more than friends or what. It’s bothering her. Christie and Rachael finish up.

4.51pm – The boys are all doing situps – lots of grunting going on. Inside Rachael asks Vesna if there is any body language between her and the guys. Vesna thinks not but asks if Rachael thinks there is. Rach says Glenn might be looking at her in a new light. Vesna says its uncomfortable and is totally not interested. Rach asks about Hotdogs – Vesna says she doesn’t like Hotdogs on a physical level but on a mental level yes. Rach says she thought she had feelings for Greg but it turned out no. She says Greg is so girly, not like his brother at all. Sunddenly a camera sound goes off and the housemates all pose. A second sound plays which means they can finish, but the HMs aren’t entirely sure about this yet. Rachael leaves the kitchen and Geneva says she doesn’t understand Rachael. Vesna says she does and she’s had a veery tough life. Geneva and Christie are curious. Vesna says “lets put it this way… its beyond your imagination”. Geneva says maybe she’ll stop treating her like shit now. Christie understands and says Rach is just trying to cope in the house.


5.45pm – In the lounge room David says she doesn’t like Rachael and she doesn’t like him. He asks her if they want to talk. She says only if he’s going to be mature. They go into the bedroom. Rachael says she doesnt’ like to take him. She says David has double standards about joking about the other housemates. David starts saying “don’t put words in my mouth”. And then he says “You’re dumb and I’m smart” and blocks the conversation. Rachael turns around to change and David says “see you’re walking away”. I don’t feel like recapping the rest of this conversation because David is being an immature prat. Rachael leaves and Greg says to his brother “David you’re pathetic, you just keep baiting her and its so immature”. David admits that baiting her makes him feel better. Greg tells his brother he’s totally in the wrong doing this. Meanwhile Rachael is doing a little dance in the lounge room. Later, Greg is still telling David he’s out of line – maybe it’s a plumber thing. David says “hopefully she’s gone on saturday”.


8.30pm – This is Big Brother. The nominees are Rachael, Dean, Christie, Geneva. Christie says “yay Geneva” and Geneva says “don’t yay me”. Glenn is called to the diary room and deducts points from Dean. The new nominees are Rachael, Geneva and Christie. Glenn gives a smirk and crudely laughs saying “yeah”. Christie is upset a girl is leaving – “what is with it”. Dean makes fun of her.

9.02pm – Geneva is outside looking upset when Hotdogs comes to comfort her. They are both on the deanbags. Geneva feels Dean and the boys keep voting for her time and again, and there’s nothing she can do to about it. She says it’s not fair the Logans haven’t been up for eviction and it’s impossible for them to be nominated. Either way Geneva is dissapointed and says she thinks she’s jealous with Hotdog’s relationship with Vesna. He says there is no physical relationship there. Geneva says she feels like it was so good and now it’s “hiccupy” again. Geneva says to Hotdogs “I like you today”. Hotdogs says its good that she likes him one day of hte week. They hug for a while.

11.09pm – In the bedroom Christie is telling David to cool off about Rachael. She says David would be different if Dean wasn’t here. Dean gives out some nervous laughs and says thats not true. Christie totally believes it. Dean says he wants a spa so suddenly David wants one too. They leave for the spa. Hotdogs is now telling Vesna her early friendship with him is what saved them. Lights in the bedroom go out. Vesna can’t see but Hotdogs says “pity you can’t talk”. Vesna says she can’t believe him some times. She walks around and stubs her toe – twice. Hotdogs says its karma. Later Hotdogs is talking about how he wants kisses from her. She says that would be more than just friends. Hotdogs jokes that she doesn’t know if he’s joking. Vesna says there is some sincerity there but he covers it up with a joke. Suddenly a camera sound goes off and they all jump into their poses. Some housemates are in the bedroom. Geneva is in the kitchen. Dean and David are posing in the spa together. Greg was in the bathroom and complains he had to pose with toothpaste in his mouth.

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