Day 37 Uplate

12:00am: Dean is talking in the spa. Dave is also there and Kate is cleaning outside the spa. Dean says that Christie mentioned to him today that he wouldn’t be up. Dean says when his name was announced he said to her “there goes that theory.” Christie told him to ‘just wait’, and her theory ended up being correct. Kate goes inside and Dave asks her to get something. She says she will. We cut to the bedroom. Lights are out. Dogs and Vesna are in bed talking. Vesna says that tomorrow….but they are interrupted by the camera clicks which means they must strike their pose for the task. They are made to strike their pose for about a minute while we are shown everyone doing it. Tim is needed to be woken up. Christie and Greg are in the bathroom, Geneva in the living room near the bathroom, Kate in the kitchen, Rachael at the door to the bedroom, and the boys out in the spa. Greg comes back to the bedroom and Vesna says she predicted that. Greg asks how Tim went. Hotdogs says he was a champion, straight up and he did the pose really well. He then went straight back to sleep according to Hotdogs. Hotdogs and Vesna say that they should easily pass this weeks task. Mike cuts in to talk to Michelle, but we finally get back to the house. Vesna is talking to Christie and Dogs on their bed. They are talking about some pill that Christie should take (something to do with her period), but they decide they will talk about it in the morning. Christie goes to the toilet. After she has gone, Vesna discovers that Christie wet the sheet accidently by flicking her water bottle around while talking to her. Christie re enters, nearly running into Greg, but they both reach their respective beds eventually. Silence in the bedroom. Finally taken back to the spa. Dean is talking about the constrast in the 19 year olds, Geneva and Christie. Dave says that Geneva knows what she wants. Dave says he would be scared if he was in the house at only 18 or 19. Dean says that as the numbers dwindle you really notice it. Dean says Michelle left nice messages. Dave says he was suprised by his, he didn’t think it would be that nice. They start talking about Greg’s sexuality again. Dean says Michelle would be on Rove tonight, then corrects himself saying tomorrow night.

12:23am: Talking about the reward room. Dean says he wouldn’t come out, he would watch movies all day everyday. He says he would come out for a workout. Dave suggests taking the alcohol a bit slower, because everyone complains the second day. Dave says it would be great with 3 people in there (Logans are 2).Deans suggests still being drunk Sunday night for the eviction. Dave says he’s not tired, Dean says he’s getting there. Dave says he likes going in the sauna for 10 minutes then having a shower. Dave says he’s been trying to stay out of the sun. He talks about a job he did on a surf club where he was in the sun for 3 months. Dave talks about a friend of his, or flatmate. His friend would ring him if he wasn’t home by 9.30 to check he was ok.

12:36am: Dave says you wouldn’t want to be the first out. They feel sorry for Angela. Dean says that because he’ll leave first, he needs to gets Dave’s number so he can catch up when he too is evicted. Dave says to go somewhere and just ask for it, and they’ll give it to him. Dave says he is looking forward to checking his messages etc, he says they will be funny. They talk about how Dean should start driving somewhere when Dave gets evicted. It’s very hard to hear them with the water flicking around in the spa. Geneva comes out to talk to the boys. She tells them that the lights are out and everyone is sleeping. Dean says he thinks he’ll pass the sauna and just go to bed. He says he isn’t really tired, but trying to talk himself into it. Geneva says she was tired, but then an interesting conversation with Greg about his work woke her up a bit. Dave says that Greg has a really interesting job and the behind the scenes stuff is damn amazing.

12:48am: The guys are in thr sauna now. They talk about how they like the sauna. Not much else is said, but Dean exits only after two minutes saying he’ll have a shower then sleep. Dave stays in there. Cut between the two feeds, shower and sauna, both with no one saying anything. Dave seems to be trying to pick a pimple. He goes out and has a shower too now. They both hardly say a word cause Dave hasn’t got his mic on yet.

1:04am: The camera sounds and everyone gets straight into the poses. It lasts a minute, and Christie and Geneva crack up. They are both topless. Kate says she can see a cameraman through there. They talk about the last one. Everyone says they did it well. They wonder if the sound wakes them up. Christie says the last one scared the crap out of her. Christie is still laughing about being topless during it. The room settles down again now. Christie says her lips are dry.

1:14am: They are still talking about the topless pose. Geneva says they won’t show that surely. Christie says that Uplate would be on. After an uplate update, we’re back. Geneva and Christie still talking, but you just can’t hear/understand them.

1:30am: Geneva and Christie still whispering. I think they are talking about FNL and it not being out of the question the girls wining and getting into the reward room. Christie says she has to get up for the farm then she’ll have a shower. She promises that she will wake Geneva when she gets back to the farm.

1:44am: Time to wake everyone up again. Tim is so funny getting up, he’s saying “oh oh oh oh” a lot, Rachael starts laughing a lot. This causes Christie to in turn laugh. Lots of “shut ups”. Geneva starts falling over. Finish the task and they all think they have stuffed that one. Hotdogs says they can’t laugh. Rachael says that if Tim was in there bed they would laugh too. Christie, one of the ones laughing, says “your f**** idiots”, then says “only joking”. Room goes silence again, but Christie and Geneva continue to whisper a little bit until they decide to be quiet too. At 1:57am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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