Day 36

2.38pm – Glenn and Tim are having a chat around the pool and finds it funny he gave all the chores to the girls in the house. Glenn says the title to give him and Michelle is “friends with benefits”. He says they were just mates keeping each other company. Michelle is in the bedroom packing her bag incase of her eviction. She doesnt’ like it, and neither does Christie. Rachael comes into the bedroom and asks Michelle how the rewards room was. Michelle says it was emotional and weird – she didn’t have any fun. Rachael says that sucks. Outside Tim asks whenever some one goes does Glenn think the relationship will go further? He says no. They liken it to a holiday romance.

4.12pm – Dean is popping pimples and the housemates keep repeating “its time to go”. Hotdogs has Vesna cutting his hair. She says he has pimples in his head. Hotdogs says he’s not washing his hair – and it’s the conditions of the house. Vesna says thats not an excuse they’ve had shampoo for a while now. In the bedroom Tim, Kate and Michelle are smelling lip liner. Michelle says she won’t eat tonight, and leaves. Tim puts lip liner on Kate, which she doesn’t really like. Hotdogs is a little possessive about his hair at the hands of Vesna. Tim is putting liner on Kate’s nose now. Hotdogs asks Vesna who her #1 person is in the house – she asks who is his instead… he says Vesna is miles ahead of everyone else in the house. He wishes she was in the house since week 1.


8.12pm – It’s time to go… Michelle. She says “I told yas”. She gives Kate a hug and a kiss, she seems to leave without saying goodbye to Glenn (could be the editing). Kate goes outside. Hotdogs jokes he knew he wasn’t going because Australia loves him. Outside Kate is crying and Glenn gives her a big intimate hug (he previously said he would try and crack onto Kate if Michelle left). Christie and Geneva comfort Kate with the promise of a bed sleepover: “you can be the rose between two thorns”. Kate goes into the bedroom in a fit of tears saying “this is stupid”. She then goes into the toilet. Christie and Geneva are talking to Hotdogs about his various nominations. Geneva and Christie say Glenn isn’t showing much remorse about Michelle leaving. Hotdogs didn’t even know about it until this week. Glenn comes out all casual and happy and asks them if they want to take a spa – so much for him caring about Michelle.

In the bathroom Kate is explaining her feelings to Greg. She then goes on to bitch about Rachael and how she didn’t want her coming up to her. Greg says Rachael wasn’t dissapointed Michelle was evicted. In the spa Dean says to Glenn nominations will be interesting. Dean asks Glenn if they (him and Michelle) talked about anything on the outside. He says no. Glenn says “I can move onto phase 2 now, I’m a bad bad man”. They both laugh about it. Glenn then says he will wait a couple of days.


9.15pm – Glenn comes to the diary room. He say she feels alright – about the same. It was a bit of a shame to lose her but it will only be a few weeks till we can catch up again. I might not have a close girlfriend in the house I can have a kiss and a cuddle with but there was a bit of chemistry there. It was probably a bit more chemistry I had with any of the other girls. There might be a bit of a chance of chemistry with Kate. That would be the only other one I’d say. Glenn leaves the diary room. Hotdogs has been allocated Michelle’s chore now that she is gone. Once he leaves Hotdogs says Glenn has been manipulated by Dean to do chores. Hotdogs goes into the diary room and says the boys are being Dean’s puppet.

Later Kate is telling the girls she’s a jinx for people to get evicted. David says to Dean he can’t wait for Glenn’s “plan B”. David says it could dig Glenn a deeper hole

10.07pm – Michelle’s goodbye message. If you’re hearing this I’m gone, just before I start I must say I love you all.

Kate – from the moment I met you I felt comfortable, you are such an amazing girl, you’re so bright, probably the smartest girl I’ve ever left. You’re beautiful inside and out.

Glenn – From the first moment I met you I took to you and liked you instantly. You’re such a genuine person and you’re so real and thats why I like you so much and I can’t wait to see you on the outside.

Hotdogs – You are such an actor. In the begining I really took to you and I’m a bit upset that we grew apart but I don’t know why but I look foward to getting to know you on the outside. I think you’re a great guy and we could be great friends.

Rachael – We had our ups and downs but I can tell you this: you are an amazingly strong woman to come against all of us. You stood by yourself and stood against up. Although I didn’t like it – it was a strong thing to do. Over time I would have taken to you.

I love you all and can’t wait to see you on the outside. The housemates all clap for Michelle’s message.


12.09am – Kate is in bed with David and Dean. She asks Dean how he is – fine. Dean says he’d like to make a new record for nominations. Outside Vesna is telling Hotdogs and Tim that Dean controls everything in the house. Vesna tells Hotdogs he follows him around like a puppy. Vesna says she’s only been in there a week and a half, how much talking did she do? Not much. She says she observed everyone and it took 5 days to figure Dean out. In the bedroom Dean is asking Kate if she wants to be cool. She says yes. Dean says the other conversations are pointless. Glenn is moving around after Michelle already. David says he’s got them two (Dean and David) running the house. Then he says Vesna Hotdogs and Tim are talking about her. Outside Vesna is hitting the nail on the head – Hotdogs when he’s around Dean is totally different. Tim says he loves manipulating people in the house – he has a mean streak. Tim says he might come across as this funny guy but he’s totally domineering and doesn’t listen to anyone else. Hotdogs says that just because you two think that it doesn’t mean no one else does too.

1.37am – Kate joins Christie and Geneva in their bed tonight. Glenn comes over and kisses them all on the cheek. Christie says they are the only girls in the house – the geniune three. Vesna is snuggling up to Hotdogs in bed.

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