Day 34 Uplate

12:42am: Hotdogs, Tim and the brothers in the spa. Talking about how much toilet paper each of them use. Tim tells the guys that on Sunday when Gretel crosses to them they should say they can’t speak for fear of getting diseases from not being able to go to the toilet because they have no toilet paper. Hotdogs says he will definately say it. They talk about spliting the toilet paper up completely between each housemates. Hotdogs says he won’t go without when he only goes once every 4 days in here due to the staples. Talk turns to the staples, and Hotdogs complaining that everyone didn’t like it and made people cook other things etc. He says it took him two weeks to get used to it, but he never once for someone to cook anything different. Tim says that after a weekend in a reward room he was very happy to come back to the staples and not drink and eat the fatty stuff. We’re taken to the reward room where they are watching a dvd. Michelle is in bed while Glenn continues to watch. Back out to the spa, where they are talking about ancient animals and land or something. No idea actually. Talking about dingos in the outback or something, and how one of his relatives had a pet dingo. Back into the reward room where the pash fest has begun. Glenn is saying that because she’s a cripple, he might go out and see the others. They start kissing again though. Michelle gets up and put trackies on, and complains that she has put weight on. It seems they are both going to head back to the house. Maybe not though, as Glenn has now decided to open a bottle of wine. Michelle doesn’t want to drink it. Glenn says he’s had 8 beers and half a bottle of champagne and he’s only just starting to get happy. He drinks the glass of wine that Michelle didn’t want, and they go back to the house proper. They head to the bedroom. Glenn gets onto Dean’s bed and starts cuddling with Kate. They talk about the movie they were watching. Michelle reveals she had a spa, but Glenn didn’t join her. Kate doesn’t understand why he didn’t! We are taken back to the spa, where Dave is talking about an earlier BB diary room visit. He says that he was happy to give up hair dye for a toilet roll or something. It might be related to his plumbing job he had to do with the toilet? Glenn comes out and joins the boys. He tells them about the movie he watched, and a particular scene that he watched 4 times. Back in the bedroom, Michelle is saying that she is nervous for Sunday. Dean asks her if she fears the stage, which she does. Vesna is getting bandaged again after an accident earlier in the night. She says to Michelle is a stern voice exactly what happened. It does look nasty.

1:08am: Still out with the boys in the spa. Everyone is suggesting ways that Glenn can work his magic tonight. Tim gives him a stupid tale to tell her, but the guys don’t like it. Glenn has a idea of showing him fully naked, with Michelle fully naked, and him getting a stify and thus, they won’t be able to show it. I think Glenn just mentioned Miriam. They say that was so last year. Into the kitchen we go where they are talking about a nudie run which was performed earlier by Christie and Geneva. Dean comes out and Vesna blames him for hurting Kate’s finger. He says “Damn, I was aiming for you again.” Dean goes straight out to the spa.

1:22am: Girls still in the kitchen eating a bit of pizza. Christie is talking about her love crisis with Greg. Michelle tells them all that Kate kept telling her that she liked Glenn, and she didn’t think that was the case, and now she doesn’t know whats going on with her feelings. She is confused, but it’s happening. Good to see Rachael and Vesna chatting with the girls. Christie says that this is her world now. They tell her that she has to remember that it’s a temp world. The girls say that once they get out there is no element of suprise for anyone they date. Michelle says that she fell i love with Glenn’s honesty and down to earth nature. Kate says that in the beginning that Glenn and her would get together, and she couldn’t say that she knew that there would be something between Michelle and Glenn.

1:37am: Girls still in the kitchen. Michelle has gone though. They are talking about Vesna sounding a bit like Effie every once in a while. Christie complains that her diet is going to start tomorrow. Vesna says she thinks her calves must be growing like no tomorrow. She complains about the food in here, saying that she eats Fish at least twice a day in the outside world. Greg runs into the showers, and Christie immediately starts complaining that she has no idea where there relationship is at. She asks Michelle to recount the conversation again.

1:48am: Michelle is saying goodnight to the bedroom, and Geneva is asking her not to get Glenn to give her a specific job. Kate says she doesn’t want baker, and Dean says he wants to be himself and not have a job. Geneva says that they should get Glenn to go to BB and ask if they can give Rachael more than 1 job (lol!). Dean says he has to be nicer. Kate says he really tried tonight, and that she saw it. He says “It hurt, but I did it.” In the reward room, Michelle asks him who he’s giving the jobs too. Michelle says that Dean doesn’t want any, and Glenn says that that is fair. He says that he himself will take Farmer again. BB tells them both they need a battery change. Michelle was scared they were going to get told off. They get the batteries out of a drawer in the room (clever!). They discuss what to give Rachael, and Glenn says “might give her a rest.” Michelle can’t believe it, and Glenn says “I just wanted to see your reaction.” Glenn decides Rachael can be the housekeeper, and gives Christie her first job of the whole series by being the dish-washing person? Is there even that job?! Glenn wants to stop talking because they are coming up to a good part in the movie. Michelle says she missed the start. Glenn tells her she hasn’t missed anything interesting. Glenn is drinking the wine from the bottle.

2:00am: Boys still the spa. Greg is out, and is showing them his six pack. They are talking about Rachael. Dave says he hasn’t let her win an argument. He says he’ll always put the fire out. Tim says that she hasn’t really said anything to cause a problem for him personally. Hotdogs suggests that she came in knowing who Tim was and thought that she could make him his friend. Hotdogs says that she has come in with very set views on all the housemates. He says that when she challenged Dean, she soon realised that Dean was well liked in the group. Dave reckons she came in here to split the group up as much as possible. Hotdogs says that he reckons that she came in with a plan and executed it, but didn’t stop to think where she was and give herself time to realise that it’s a totally different world in the house. Tim says he has told her that she is at times foolish, especially two days ago. Tim says that she was just starting to get into the group before she went off at Michelle and Dave the other day. Dave agrees. Hotdogs backs her up though for singing to herself earlier in the night. He says she isn’t crazy, she just needs to tell somebody, and she only has herself. Tim says she is going to be as nice as possible to her. Hotdogs says that Tim is the mediator. Tim doesn’t agree with that. They decide to stop talking about it, because they will get ‘too much airtime.’ Classic! They start talking about Dave’s hair colour again. He really can’t stand it. They talk about the proposed cross country challenge for tomorrow.

2:14am: Dean is talking about Nelson and Constance getting evicted. He reckons they didn’t get prizes because they weren’t evicted on a Sunday. He adds to his theory by saying that they keep referring to Angela as the first official evictee. Lights go out in the room. The boys are now in the sauna. They are saying that the chores will show them if he’s changed. They hope he gives the girls everything, but Hotdogs reckons that Michelle and Kate won’t have to do anything. They all exit the sauna and get wet, them come back in. Tim suggests that he should get an earring. He says he’s going to get a haircut on Sunday. Kate goes to the bathroom and Tim is leaning over to see her. Dave gets up and gets Kate to fill the bucket in the sauna up. She agrees.

2:24am: Christie is complaining to Greg cuase he farted when she was on top of him. Meanwhile, she is jumping on the bed. Dean is throwing pillows at her, and knocks over a lamp or something. Dean tries to calm her down a bit, but they continue fighting anyway. They finally call a truce. Dean can’t believe that she’ll be known as Cabbage to the outside world. He says she will definately be called cabbage in his phone. Kate looks like she wants to sleep in Dean’s bed cause Michelle is gone. She is using one of Dave’s pillows, and Dean says that Dave will be mad. Rachael comes over to Dean’s bed too. At 2:33am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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