Day 31

8.48am – Christie and Michelle are up jogging around. Tim is up to water the garden and Rachael wishes him well. Tim scares Christie outside while she jogs around. Big Brother calls Vesna to the diary room – he asks for her to bring the carpet sweeper with her. A few nights ago Vesna mentioned the floor of the diary room needs cleaning, now Big Brother wants her to do it. She gets cracking, tired and annoyed. She sweeps a few times and says the sweeper isn’t working. Back in the bedroom Christie wants to know some gossip. Geneva tells about Glenn and Michelle kissing in bed last night. Dean says they are very gossipy – Christie says it’s only because of being in the house. Christie goes to close the door so no one else hears. Meanwhile Vesna is telling Big Brother the cleaner isn’t working – she needs something with sticky tape on it that rolls. Geneva didn’t think Vesna and Hotdogs would get together. Vesna has told Dean she’s not attracted to him. Hotdogs feels Vesna is using him as her comfort zone, and it’s annoying how she’s always around. Dean finds it funny Hotdogs goes along with Vesna’s suggestions that he do all the cleaning and washing. Vesna is free to leave the diary room now.

11.38am – All housemates to the bedroom. Geneva to the diary room. Geneva says “woo they picked me they picked me, its cos I’m cool”. The housemates find costumes for the task in the bedroom. BB tells them they are not to touch them until notified. BB is giving Geneva an envelope with task instructions. The housemates are on a 24 hour housekeeping task – there is to be chef/waiter pairs. The boys say 100% wager of the budget while the girls mostly say 75%. Glenn has the deciding vote – and they ask if he’s with the boys or the girls. Glenn says he doesn’t want to sit around wondering, so he goes with 100%. Pairing up leads to some confusion – Rachael clearly states she wants to be with Tim, and Vesna hints at going with Hotdogs, but he doesn’t look too keen.


12.46pm – First couple to the diary room. Housemates are all in their costumes for the task. BB is telling the first couple – Geneva and David, what their bell tone is. Their’s sounds like a school bell. Glenn and Michelle’s is a clanging noise. Dean and Kate a bell. Greg Christie a buzzer. Tim, Rachael ringing bells. Vesna, Hotdogs is small bells. All housemates is a fire alarm – this means Big Brother wants them all to cook.

4.37pm – Michelle is telling Christie about her kissing session with Glenn last night. She talks about having their legs over each other. Michelle says it was such a good kiss with him. Slow tounge, sensual. Christie is entranced. Meanwhile Glenn is doing weight training with the twins. Michelle says she kissed Glenn a few times then pulled back because she doesn’t know her feelings. Michelle says she still wants to kiss him today but she doesn’t know why. Greg is now weight training. Christie is now talking about being with Greg – they kissed but it was brief. She says he’s very standoffish with girls and got nervous. Tim is now weight training – badly.

5.35pm – Hotdogs is telling the boys Geneva is in a bad mood with him. They all talk about how she might be his missus. Tim and Rachael’s bell suddenly goes off and they run inside while getting dressed. They start washing their hands while the other housemates cheer them on. Big Brother says he wants spaghetti. Dean is saying “good job good job” while the couple go on to cook. They seem to be coming along without many problems. They take the meal into the diary room to present to Big Brother. “Big Brother your meal is served”.


8.04pm – David is cooking dinner for the housemates while Vesna goes to the diary room. The housemates are coming to dinner. Vesna tells BB she feels she has no place with the girls – they aren’t very good at welcoming, they aren’t warm people. I’m the type of person to watch first, and I can step in, but even if I did it wouldn’t do anything. BB suggests she talk to the other housemates about her feelings. Everyone is around the dinner table now, and no one has served up dinner for Vesna. She asks where her plate is, and wants to know where it is. David serves up a bowl of food for her. He says he asked if everyone was there and they all said yes. Vesna says “yeah thats because I’m invisible in here”. David tells her to lighten up.

8.53pm – Vesna is along in the bedroom when Dean comes in to see how she is feeling. He asks if she misses family, friends and if she’s sick of everyone in the house. She says yeah – everyone is in their own little world and ignoring her. Vesna says normally she is a loud person but in this situation she feels invisible. She uses the diary room before as an example that no one notices she’s gone. Dean says all the plates were dished up by the housemates and everyone had a plate, which is why they didn’t realise. He adds that when it comes to food in the house – it’s like pigs to a troff.

10.00pm – Christie and Geneva are looking for people’s chocolate they rationed out yesterday. Christie steals a timtam from David’s dresser draw and they split it. Christie says you gotta enjoy it slowly, talking with a mouth full of biscuit.


12.20am – Hotdogs is talking to Geneva in the bedroom, and she is annoyed at him. Hotdogs says she has been a bitch to him all day, and wants to sort it out.

Hotdogs: “You have been a bitch to me all day today, and I don’t know what your problem is. Lets just sort it out because if thats the way you want to be I’m fucking happy but I thought we were friends”

Geneva: “Well if I am why not back off a bit, Dogs? Why not back off a bit? And stop shoving it in my face”

Hotdogs: “You have started on me…”

Geneva: “You don’t know that for sure, Dogs, you can’t guarentee that I started it. Cos you been acting pretty weird lately yourself and I’m not the only one that thinks so”

Hotdogs: “Weird? As in when?”

Geneva: “As in the last couple of days. So stop shoving yourself in my face because maybe I need a break, we live together 24/7 and you’ve been acting like… … I said we’ll talk later”

Hotdogs: “Sweet, don’t worry about it then”

Geneva: “Gee, thats really Christie attitude to have”

Rachael screams out “oooh fire in the house tonight!”

1.36am – Hotdogs sits down with Vesna and Vesna asks if he talked to Geneva. Hotdogs says it didn’t happen.

Hotdogs: “I’ve tried to talk to her since yesterday, if she wants to be like that…”

Vesna: “What did she say to you?”

Hotdogs: “She said later so when she’s ready to talk to me she can talk to me”

(Meanwhile some one in the background is screaming loudly)

Vesna: “Does she want more than just friends?”

Hotdogs: “She’s like, tried to kiss me about three times since I’ve been in here, and I’m not interested”

Vesna: “Really?”

Hotdogs: “I don’t find her attractive. … Since you’ve been here it’s been…”

Vesna: “I know it’s me… I know it is”

Hotdogs: “Like tonight she said ‘you’ve been acting weird these last couple of days’ and I knew straight away thats what shes talking about. She’s upset because I spend time with you. And I’m not being rude saying I’m not attracted to her”

Vesna: “No, you can’t be attracted to everybody”

Hotdogs: “I just wanna be friends in here ya know? I don’t need anything in here… I don’t think I need anything in here”

Vesna: “So do you find me attractive?”

Hotdogs: “Yeah, I said that”

Hotdogs smiles

Vesna: “So if I kissed you would you respond?”

Hotdogs: “I don’t know… I’m not going to open myself up and say yes”

Vesna: “Why?”

Hotdogs: “Because you might not want to kiss me”

The both laugh

2.42am – Glenn jumps into Michelle’s bed and says “you were just waiting for me”. She jokingly says no. She says she knows he was watching her. Glenn says “was just checking you out”. Christie meanwhile is asking Greg how he sees her as a __? He says definately a comfot thing and a good friendship thing. Christie says its messing with her head heaps. She doesn’t feel comfortable but wants to tell him its kinda weird. On the other side of the bedroom Glenn and Michelle are having a large pash session with each other. If thats not enough Vesna is jumping into Hotdog’s arms in their bed. Christie and Greg continue the bedroom shenanigans with a pash to rival Glenn and Michelle.

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