Day 31 Uplate

12:00am: Mike decides he wants some Eggs Benedict, so Big Brother raises an alarm. Glenn and Michelle have one minute to get into uniform and report to the kitchen for duty. The bedroom is an absolute mess though because of a practicle joke from the boys. They have taken all the girls clothes out of the drawers and left them on beds but also put them into other people’s drawers. Anyway, they both arrive in the kitchen. Dean is standing by trying to tell them in a round about way to put the timer on. He keeps asking Greg if he would put the timer on when he does it. Glenn wakes up and puts the timer on. They set to work, because Big Brother has just announced what snack he would like. They have 15 minutes. Greg and Tim watch on, but we cut to the bedroom where Rachael and Dean are having another argument. Geneva is also involved though this time, siding with Rachael I think. They seem to be arguing about the joke the guys played on the girls. Dean is saying he had nothing to do with it. However, he knew about it. The girls think that he should have stopped it though. Dean says that if the girls were in the same position they wouldn’t stop the joke. Geneva finally agrees with Dean, but Rachael doesn’t. Dean says “You’ve got sense (Geneva), you haven’t (Rachael)” Cut back to the kitchen where the guys are struggling to get the food to BB on time. They decide they have run out of time and start to deliver the food to the diary room. Michelle goes to look for something, Glenn finds it, but in doing so, the diary room door closes without them entering. They go in now though. First time we’ve been allowed in the DR ever on Uplate I think, MIchelle says “BB, your dinner is served.” BB asks them to lift up the top again, and it doesn’t look very nice. BB says that is all though. Back to the house after Mike, we’re in the kitchen. Hotdogs is trying to figure out how to cook an item. He thinks he has the routine down pat. Into the bedroom, Dean and Geneva are saying that they are on the same wavelenght. Dean says the funny thing about the jokes played tonight is that he now has to unpack his stuff seeing it’s on his bed. He says he wasn’t going to. Geneva is upset because someone has stolen her tim tam. Dogs says that no one took it. Rachael comes in and says that someone stole hers as well. Wow, argument between dogs and Geneva. Dogs says that Geneva has been giving him attitude all day. He says he thought she was his friend. Geneva says that something is wrong with him and shes not the only person who thinks so. Dogs walks away or something, and Geneva says “geez, thats such a Christie attitude.”

12:33am: Into the bathroom we go. Dave, Greg, Glenn and Tim are devising a joke for the morning. They think they will take there sheets out tomorrow suggesting that someone put something in them, and say “thats gone too far.” They decide they will do it to Hotdogs without telling him. Geneva comes in and asks them if her tits look weird in the top. The guys think she looks good. They talk about Hotdog’s dummy spit. They say it wasn’t all acting. Someone says that he got pissed off about the tim tams because he thinks that Christie is stealing them. Tim raises a good point saying that Hotdogs said that he would give all his tim tams to Kate anyway cause she voted for him for the phone message. They all laugh! Dean comes in and they tell him of the plans. They say they are going to do it to Hotdogs as well and not tell him. Dean says they would have fone it to him if he hadn’t come into the room! They say ‘nah!’. Dean starts telling them about the debate they had earlier.

12:46am: Geneva and Christie lying on a bed. Christie whispers that Dave is pissing her off. She quickly gets up to get her pillows or something. Christie reckons she is missing quite a bit of underwear. The guys say they didn’t take anything out of the room. Rachael says ‘except the tim tam.’ Christie is trying on someone’s bra. Both the girls and the guys are making plays for some reason to perform tomorrow. Christie asks Greg how their play is going. She says that the girls one is rockin. Cut to the bathroom. Dave is saying that he is sick of someone. He says that if he heard her saying something bad about Greg he would be really mad. Perhaps he’s talking about Christie. Kate, also there, is saying “Yeh I know…etc” Dave decides to use a ball he has to touch every panel on one side of the bathroom.

12:58am: Dave and Geneva’s sound plays, and they hurry to get on their clothes. Reception is lost for 2 seconds. They wash their hands, then BB asks them to make Pancakes. GOLD! BB tells Tim & Rachael to cook at the same time. They can’t believe it, but start to get ready. They wash their hands, and BB asks them to make a hamburger meal. You can hardly hear BB cause Dave talks right over him. They have numbers for each meal, and in the numbered tubs are all the ingredients for each dish. Everyone trying to do everything, it’s mayhem in the kitchen. Go on, get another group in there! Tim seems to be worried with Rachael, haven’t really heard from Dave & Geneva that much as they go about their pancakes. Someone is yelling in the background, and Rachael says Shush! Greg asks if they are going alright. Tim says yeh. Tim is wondering where the recipe book is!

1:10am: Dave & Geneva are ready to go into the diary room with their meal. Dave shows BB it, and explains it. BB says that is all, but Dave asks about the wheeled table they bought the meal on. BB says that they can hand deliver it. Back outside it’s mayhem. Rachael has the plate ready but it has no fries. They realise just in time, and get them out of the oven. Rachael screams that they are cold! She tells Michelle they should have left the oven on. Dean says who cares, just whack them on the plate. They get in there and BB asks them what flavour the milkshake is. Tim says strawberry. They come out of the diary room and into the airlock and they decide to tell everyone that BB said they got it completely right down to the colours of the straws. Kate doesn’t believe them once told. Rachael says the oven is staying on from now on. The house could be burned down tomorrow…Glenn goes to the couch and Michelle lies on him.

1:25am: Hotdogs and Christie are sharing a laugh in the kitchen. Vesna asks Dogs if he wants a coffe. He says yeh, but then offers to make them. Vesna says to Kate that when they get some eggs they should make eggs inside potatoes or something. She tells Kate that she is making cabbage rolls for lunch tomorrow. The housemates start singing various songs. Geneva says she didn’t think they got the pancakes into BB in time. Perhaps it was Michelle who said it. I don’t know. Christie enters the room and sings something she is making up on the spot.

1:36am: Geneva wants to have a nap. Dean comes over for a few minutes, but makes a smell and leaves. Christie also there, goes back to her bed with Greg. They don’t really talk that much, but are watching something on the other side of the room. Christie gets up and finally the camera follows it. It’s a paper aeroplane comp, and Christie grabs both planes and says that she is great, and it’s all about something or other. She throws it twice, both are crap. She goes back to bed and says that Greg is weird tonight. She asks if he has any chocolate left, and asks him to go and get it. Back after Mike, Glenn cuts up something in Hotdogs bed, then hides the evidence over in Tim’s bed I think. They start singing “Smelleycat.”

1:50am: Glenn, Dave and Dean are cutting up paper on a bed. Michelle and Christie are lying on a bed, and Christie starts singing. Out to the kitchen, Rachael is looking for a particular frypan. Kate is washing up. Greg comes out and starts trying to sleep on the couch. He says that they are flicking stuff in the bedroom and won’t shutup and he needs to get up early tomorrow for the animals. Michelle comes out. Hotdogs starts taking off Elvis, so we go to the bedroom where the lights are out. Christie has joined the boys on the bed. She hits Dave with something, and it felt like it might’ve hurt. They are using the paper with rubber bands and shooting them at Christie. Christie chucks one at Dave, and it gets him in the eye. Or so they are making out. They are half laughing so I think it’s a joke. She comes over to have a look, and Dave just scares the crap out of her. The guys reckon that Dave should get a logie for that performance. Dean tries to get Christie but misses. They invite Rachael over to the bed and tell her to run to Shearers bed. Dean gets her great. She screams a lot. BB tells the housemates not to sing commercial music. Hotdogs enters and nearly gets hit. He turns back, then says that it could take an eye out. Dean says to Rachael is such a great voice “come over and we’ll play another game.” Christie is the next to get hit. At 2:08am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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